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March 25 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

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On Friday's Big Picture Audio
"I very much liked your broadcast on Friday and its emphasis on the five things that will drive the global economy in the future. I agree with placing technology as one of these key elements. In this vein, I came across this article which may be of interest. The table from the OECD is especially notable.

"'A report from the OECD on the internet of things estimates that a family of four will go from having an average of 10 devices connected to the internet now to 25 in 2017 and 50 by 2022. Every single on of those will have a radio - or multiple radios.'"

David Fuller's view Thanks for your thoughts on Friday's Audio, plus the links.

My guess is that some people in the Collective of Subscribers will look at the list of 50 internet devices predicted for a typical family of 4 in 2022, and recoil in mock horror. Additionally, most of us have some smart, intellectual friends who thrive without many IT gadgets, preferring to read books and actually talk to people, rather than hunkering down and tapping the screen of a smart phone.

My point is that many of the new products created for consumers are for our so-called entertainment. That's fine and most of us also like computers and the internet because they make our lives more efficient. However, technological developments for industries, including robotics, are almost entirely for the purposes of efficiency. Their development and utilisation is accelerating. This is increasing the efficiency, productivity and often the profitability of successful multinational corporations. These are the Autonomies which Fullermoney often discusses and

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