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March 25 2010

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (6)

more on ammonia as a fuel
"Last week I pointed out the possible use of ammonia to fuel cars. My curiosity prompted me to contact the organization running the website. I received the following reply to the points raised by a fellow subscriber:

"Seems as though you've run across one of those people whose mouth is bigger than their collected knowledge. I love the "tragically uninformed" comment, how ironic.

"NOx is no bigger a problem than with gas or diesel ICEs. Exception may be turbines but we're investigating. There is also some limited data on N2O production in ammonia ICEs. More a curiosity than a greenhouse gas problem, since the N2O can be neutralized in a catalytic converter.

"Ammonia is NOT a poison (no skull and crossbones on tanks as with chlorine). Ammonia is classified as an inhalation hazard, and the handling and safety technology is well developed. Safety track record for NH3 as a widely used fertilizer is excellent. Leaks (usually caused by some other failure, not the NH3 loop) tend to get all the press.

"Also, a leak of NH3 gas will not burn. US DOT lists NH3 as a non-flammable liquid."

"I am not a chemist so would appreciate hearing the other sides response."

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for this follow-up. At Fullermoney, we are agnostics on ammonia as a fuel. I have posted all three emails relating to this topic in the Subscriber's Forum where subscribers can add there additional thoughts if they wish.

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