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January 16 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

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on spread-betting as a way to play Japan without the currency risk
“I was surprised that your comments on how to hedge exposure to the yen when investing in the Japanese stock market that you didn't mention spread betting. Buying the Nikkie is a straight bet on the level of the index and does not involve the yen.

“ IG index quotes the March 2013 (which expires on 1 April) with a 0.2% spread.You would have to roll it 4 times per year to maintain the bet, presumably giving an annual cost slightly under 1%. Are you aware of any spread betting company offering a longer term contract? IG index offers a one year bet on the UK FTSE 100 index."

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for mentioning spread-betting which allows investors a tax efficient, leveraged means to access markets without currency risk and is available to UK and Irish investors residents. David has also mentioned spread-betting as a potential vehicle for accessing Japan in the Subscriber's Audio over the last month.

For leveraged investors futures offer another way to avoid currency risk but they are not as tax advantaged for UK and Irish investors. I believe that if you call IG Index's trading desk they will quote you a longer dated contract if you wish.

My piece yesterday focused on instruments that just about anyone could access and highlighted the fact that the continued weakness of the Yen is likely to exert a considerable influence on the Japanese equity market, particularly in export-led sectors.

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