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August 08 2012

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

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on competing Chinese data sets:
“It is not science obviously but just remarkable to see the phenomenal growth in China and the slowdown in export, this together with the following article

“Maybe one day we see the above translated ....

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for these two interesting sets of data. I agree that electricity use is likely to be a less reliable indicator in future as China migrates to a less energy intensive services focused economy. Concurrently, the trend in sales of major consumer goods such as TVs offers a glimmer of the health of the nascent consuming class.

The S&P/Citic 300 Consumer Staples Index remains a clear relative outperformer. In absolute terms, it rebounded impressively from the January low and has held a progression of higher reaction lows since. A sustained move below 5300 would be required to question medium-term scope for additional upside.

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