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July 24 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

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More on Autonomy funds:
"On the question of suitable Autonomy Investment Trusts, the Australian based fund manager Platinum Asset Management offers the "Platinum International Brands Fund" which I believe could be a candidate worth investigating.

"Their website shows that the performance of the International Brands Fund (among others) has been quite promising over the last 10 years.

"Congratulations on your continuing informative and entertaining service which I look forward to each day."

David Fuller's view Thank you for your kind words and for pointing out this fund.

Here is Bloomberg's description page for PLAINTB and if I have the right vehicle, I believe it is an open-ended unit. It has done well over the last ten years and this performance would look stronger in USD, GBP or EUR, rather than firm AUD as shown. I regard it as one for the next upturn in the global economy but the providers of luxury goods shown in the top-10 holdings are currently under pressure due to the global economic downturn.

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