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July 16 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

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On solar power:
"David I have almost 100% solar but have been disappointed in the cost which has been as much as a nice home in the U.S. Of course we have very high consumption considering it the "good life"

"The power source here in Grand Bahama is very expensive and they add insult with big "fuel Charges" And they don't allow Solar competition on a large part of the Island.

"It's a good feeling to look for 'sun up' to get your supply of energy.

"What I see in my system is a crude prototype with speedy innovation at lower and lower cost. I just have to make sure that I live to see it.

"Best to you for your most excellent ongoing publication."

David Fuller's view Thanks for your kind words and especially for the personal insights on solar power.

I recall temporarily disappointing Mrs Fuller in the 1980s when I declined a hard-sell pitch from a solar power rep who said it would "pay for itself in 20 years". I should probably reconsider today because London's electricity rates are about to double again as we subsidise wind farms around country and are about to be ripped off by a utility company demanding huge subsidies and revenue guarantees for new nuclear.

New or reconditioned housing around London increasingly has solar units on the roofs. In line with your summary about "…a crude prototype with speedy innovation at lower cost...", I imagine there is a slower version of Moore's Law taking place in terms of solar power efficiency and costs.

Long may you continue to enjoy the "good life".

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