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November 18 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (4)

on The Chart Seminar's schedule in 2014

“I'm one of your Fullermoney subscribers and have been meaning to enquire about the Chart Seminar. I wondered:

“1) What are the next dates for your UK seminar(s) please?

“2) Does the course fee include a file of "printed notes" (or similar) for delegates to take home i.e. for post-course reference?

“3) Whilst I've been reasonably well-read in investment, charting theory etc, I wouldn't describe myself as an experienced investor. I am planning to read Eoin's "Crowd Money" book shortly, but I wondered if there are any other course pre-requisites e.g. other books or areas I'm expected to revise beforehand?

“Many thanks,”

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for your interest in The Chart Seminar and for your questions which may be of interest to other subscribers. We plan to conduct two seminars and a strategy session in the UK next year. Please see the piece below for our dates which will be in April and November.

Having been asked over the years what book I would recommend for The Chart Seminar, I wrote Crowd Money to act as the definitive guide. Every delegate will receive a signed copy. While some familiarity with financial markets is an advantage, the most important things to bring with you are your enthusiasm, common sense and intellectual curiosity.

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