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July 01 2010

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (3)

On the Fullermoney hardcopy Archive, starting with a paragraph I posted yesterday
"Unable to throw anything away, I also have a file of Fullermoney letters from their hardcopy days, commencing with the first issue in March 1984. They contain the occasional interesting item which I am tempted to scan and reproduce on the site in PDF version if subscribers like the idea. Or I could scan each issue in its entirety, warts and all. Please let me know if either of these suggestions would be of interest to you."

"David, I think these historic documents should be committed to disc and sent off with the next NASA project to a far flung galaxy to prove that some of the humans down here are not as stupid as they look!

"Seriously there are very few compendia of such insightful observations that they should be part of the public record. And some "blasts from the past" on an ad hoc basis would make for fascinating reading and great memory joggers. Speaking personally I often wonder what happened last week let alone last century!"

David Fuller's view Only if they can be part of a 2-for-1 bargain offer accompanied by the wit and wisdom of Lady Gaga.

Seriously, thanks for the feedback. I have decided that if I release them it should only be in the form of the full PDFs, so that anyone interested can see both the good and bad calls during a career learning curve which I trust will continue until I run out of time.

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