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May 28 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (3)

on charts of fundamental valuations
“ Much appreciate if you can provide these 3 charts for SX5E: IND (B'berg code): weekly charts for the longest available history (20 years?) for :
(1) P/B , (2) P/E , (3) DY

“ Many thanks in advance....and further to my email yesterday, please also give these info :

"(1) chart for the MSCI World Index (for the chart library)
(2) long-term (at least 20 years) weekly-chart for P/E, P/B, DY for each of these indices :-

MSCI World Index

"Thanks again in advance."

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for these suggestions. We do not receive fundamental data as part of our data feed so we cannot display these ratios in the Chart Library. Additionally, Bloomberg does not have 20 years of fundamental data history for the majority of these indices.

The best source of long-term charts of fundamental data for the S&P 500 is Here are charts of the Euro Stoxx 50 (P/E, DY, P/B), MSCI World (P/E, DY, P/B), MSCI Frontier Markets (P/E, DY, P/B) and Shanghai Composite (P/E, DY, P/B). From these charts China's process of valuation contraction appears to be ending and it also has the most attractive valuations in absolute terms.

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