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September 27 2010

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (3 & 4)

on Asian REITs
"I can tell you about a Singapore-based REIT investing in India your reader might like, with a yield of 8% and lots of buying by insiders as well. Ascendas India Trust, which even has an ADR, ACNDF, so we dumb and overpaid New Yorkers can buy it too. Of course it is in my model portfolio"


"When reviewing Far East property companies could you consider including Treasury China Trust, listed now in Singapore as, from memory, TCT? Having discovered the company among the holdings of Scottish Value Global Trust (SVG, London), I bought a small holding a few months ago. It was listed in London but because of its severe discount (some 50%) to stated NAV it has relisted in Singapore. It hasn't started performing yet. But that may be because it holds commercial property in Shanghai and Shenzhen...... on the other hand markets can stay irrational for longer than one can remain solvent."

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you both for these suggestions which can now be found in the Chart Library. I performed a search through my email which produced this very interesting report dated April 8th covering the global REIT market and while it concentrates on developed property markets such as the USA, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore, there are some interesting nuggets for those seeking property investments in emerging markets.

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