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April 26 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (3)

On the Audios:
"I hope you're having a great family Easter and NOT looking at the screens. After your comments on the silver acceleration I also started watching them yesterday (being also long gold), but rapidly came to the conclusion that the liquidity was so tiny and the spreads so large, that any dealings that day were completely irrelevant.

"As always I enjoy every audio hugely, and really appreciate that you struggle on even when you are recovering from flu etc.. I just want to make a suggestion regarding your not infrequent comments about your voice . Firstly it never bothers US at all if it is scratchy or if you cough! We listen to the content and to your tone, which never fail.

"But since it seems to bother YOU a bit, I have often wondered why your IT department can't supply you with a program for making the audios that includes a pause button, that you can just click on when you need to cough or have a drink of water? Then your listeners would never even know that there had been a pause.

"Just a thought."

David Fuller's view Thank you for this thoughtful email regarding my deplorable vocal shortcomings.

Decades ago, when doing some recording before the website Audio existed, I did have a pause button but it left an irritating click each time it was used. Also, it too easily became a crutch. Nevertheless, I will look into this as the technology will surely have improved, even if the presenter has not.

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