Email of the day (2) - On the cause of site teething problems:
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December 02 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2) - On the cause of site teething problems:

“Hi David and Team, Thank you for outlining the background to the teething problems that your new venture is experiencing at present. I appreciate your candour and honesty in describing the difficulties you are facing and I assure you that as a very satisfied subscriber for many years you have my full support. Just take care not to overwork or neglect your health (I was very surprised to get an immediate response to an email sent by me on Monday at 11a.m. Japan time which meant that you were still working at 2 a.m.!)”

David Fuller's view

Thank you so much for this generous and most thoughtful email.  I love being part of this interactive service and have plenty of energy for the new challenge with colleagues I both like and respect.  However, I was very grumpy this morning because I knew subscribers would be concerned and I did not have time for the daily workout in the home gym.

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