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September 13 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

More on Putin's article for the NYT
"In what is heating up to be a zero sum game of Realpolitik, unique and objective forums such as that of the "Fullermoney Collective" really help to give each distinguished silent observer a personal voice at a critical time in our society. I can empathize with readers that feel overwhelmed by the deepening tragedy in Syria and the polarizing sound bites broadcasted by our governments and media from around the world.

"My opinion is that during such an emotionally turbulent and fast changing time, it is very important that we maintain an "open mind" to meaningful solutions that could potentially make a lasting difference on the ground. Russian President, Vladimir Putin's recent publication in the New York Times, notwithstanding his precarious track record, underscores the urgent need for diplomacy and the unintended, yet dangerous risks of the Obama-administration's more aggressive military option. Moreover, the very fact that Putin wrote the article highlights an important change in policy and a relatively encouraging indication that at this early stage Russia is investing much of its prestige on the line in order to persuade the Assad regime to remove its lethal stockpiles of chemical weapons.

"Furthermore, it also reiterates important legacy questions on what a military strike would really achieve and the dangerous risks of entanglement into what some have paralleled to a Vietnam-style war, with plenty of spillover risk across the fragile region. I would recommend taking note of strong opposition voices from the US Senate, such as Alan Grayson [see video link] insisting that the Obama-administration has not yet fully presented a viable case, withholding critical underline intelligence reports, while exhibiting major "flaws" and "dangers" in their military plan to strike and weaken Assad's regime. Grayson clarifies "[this is why] there are only 26 members of the house of representatives who are in favour [of a US-led military strike against Syria] and 251 against". Needless to say, if/once officially realized, would serve as a major blow against Obama's presidency, weeks before domestic policy turns its focus onto other important economic matters such as QE tapering and the beckoning national debt ceiling."

David Fuller's view Thanks for an articulate and sensible email and also the video link. My own, brief additional thoughts are in the item immediately above, so I will just add that Alan Grayson's points are thorough and persuasive

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