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July 22 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

On calcium in the blood
"Great to hear you're feeling hale and hearty, especially since you gave up the dreaded statins. (This is a US$250 billion industry). You will recall that I sent you some material on the subject when it first came up.

"I want to add a little bit more to the discussion. Noted cardiologist here in Sydney, Australia is not a fan of statins at all and he believes measuring cholesterol is not the best way to evaluate the risk of plaque build-up in the arteries. He is an advocate of measuring calcium build-up . He says if you have calcium in your arteries you therefore have fat. What happens is that fat builds up in the lining of arteries and then as a response to that fat build up the calcium comes in to try and strengthen the wall of the artery, just in the same way we need calcium in our bones to strengthen our bones we need calcium in the artery if there's fat there to try and strengthen that weak area that's been created by the fat. So, therefore calcium itself is not the problem but calcium is a marker for fat.

"Dr Walker said that there's been now over five major studies, the longest one being over seven years from the Mayo Clinic, in fact, which has shown that people who have a high level of calcium in their arteries, regardless of things like their cholesterol level or blood pressure, have a much higher risk for cardiac events. Check this link."

David Fuller's view Thank you for your kind words.

I congratulate you on your prescience regarding statins. I am also interested to hear about Pulse Wave Analysis, especially as it is not a new technical indicator, and am sure it will be of interest to others within the Collective.

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