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June 25 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

On 'Big Pharma Is Watching US' (forwarded by Sarah)
"Given some of the content on the website at the moment I thought you might like to forward this to David as he might find it amusing.

"Please pass on my very best regards to him being from a grateful subscriber.

"It is 'self' evident from the commentaries that David is very young at heart, & this is by far the most important indicator of future health & happiness.

"Wishing you all the very best"

David Fuller's view I thank you for this most generous and amusing email.

On the serious subject of 'Big Pharma', I credit it with doing far more good than harm. For evidence, look at the many diseases that have been controlled or eliminated, and look at life expectancy in developed economies. However, 'Big Pharma' also stands for a very big business enterprise, so we have to watch what is being prescribed for our well being, particularly as we become older.

In the UK and also no doubt in many other countries, if you have medical insurance there are plenty of nice and no doubt capable doctors who are happy to see you. They are also likely to prescribe something, and perhaps refer you to another specialist for additional treatments. You can too easily wind up with several doctors and a number of prescriptions, all of which involve tradeoffs in terms of one's health. Many of us know of older people who have unhappily found themselves in this position, to the considerable stress of their relatives.

In my observation and personal experience, there is an inverse ratio between the number of prescriptions one takes, and the personal health which we hope to enjoy. We are all different but I would be careful about long-term medications, unless you are absolutely certain that they are necessary.

Meanwhile, the preventative personal prescription is often best. Eat sensibly, exercise regularly, stay mentally active and try to live a healthily balanced life.

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