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June 10 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

On a Robotics Fund
"Bonjour, First of all many thanks for your daily work with which I start every week day. Following your Comments and Audios I am quite interested by the theme of robotics and industrial automation and looking for a mutual fund with a global approach to cover it and play the US industrial recovery, the Japanese and German problem of young workforces, the Chinese increasing labor costs...

"Do you, or the Collective, know such a fund if it already exists?"

David Fuller's view Thanks for your interesting question. Someone within the Collective of Subscribers would know if a fund similar to your specifications exists. However, the fund industry has gone through a tough period and will be wary of

There are technology funds, of course, which can certainly perform when in fashion. Nevertheless, I think the more industrialised Autonomies will be among the major benefactors of technological innovation. Eoin's reviews include them and the best time to pick them up, I suggest, is when they are coming into form and the overall chart pattern indicates plenty of unfulfilled upside potential. At least half a dozen of these from different industries would give you fund-type exposure, without the costs.

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