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September 17 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (2- 6)

on additions to the Chart Library
“I can't see a chart in the Library for the Eur/Thai Baht. I'd be grateful if you could put up a chart for this currency pair.”


“Hope you well and looking forward to your book.

“Wonder if you could add some shares to the international list please:

ELR listed in Joburg
Altron--Allied Electronics --likewise --you currently have Allied Technologies it has been taken over by Altron
Coal of Africa --Joburg

“I see RMB Holdings has a big gap--this is when it unbundled RMI--I know we spoke about it once before can't remember how we resolved it”


"Please could you add the following funds to the chart library?

Henderson China Opportunities A Acc
Ecclesiastical Amity International (Citicode FR59)”


“Could you please add the following to the chart library:

“Vanguard Total Stock Market Mutual Fund (VTSMX)
Fidelity Spartan Total Stock Market (FSTMX)
Schwab Total Stock Market (SWTSX)
Fidelity Spartan Treasury Long Term Bond Fund (FLBIX)”

“Thanks in advance

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for these suggestions which have been added to the Chart Library.

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