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January 09 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

Feedback following my request for information on climate change or consistency, in terms of what subscribers are experiencing in their own countries
"Regarding climate change: I live in Johannesburg, a summer rainfall area. I have been measuring the rainfall in my garden since 1986 and see no discernible changes. We tend to have 7 to 8 year cycles of relatively wet years which alternate with 7 to 8 years of relatively dry years. The long term annual average has not changed. Our summers do not seem any hotter although early spring (September/October ) now seems to have some very hot days - mid to high 30's (celsius). These are the months before the rains start. I cannot recall such high spring temperatures 30 years ago. Our winters too seem warmer. Twenty years ago, when travelling to work, the car thermometer would register as low as minus 6 celsius. (Down in the valleys at 6.30 a.m.) Nowadays I haven't seen anything below zero. We also have had no frost in our garden for more than 10 years. It used to be a regular feature every winter.

Interestingly, our summer beach resort, St Francis Bay, has seen a noticeable reduction in the depth of the beach. At high tide there is no beach at all and all the beachfront houses have had to put a barrier of protective rocks in front of them to guard against winter storms. Thirty years ago the beach was wide, even at high tide and there were no barriers.

Plettenberg Bay (200 km away) has seen a similar tale with its Lookout Beach which has mostly been washed away. Rising sea level? Perhaps.

All the best - and I do appreciate your dailies!

David Fuller's view Interesting, and thank you so much, including for the word-perfect email.

And in a note to the Collective of Subscribers, I would have been just as interested if this gentleman had replied that there had been no discernable change, based on his personal observations. In producing yesterday's lead item, to which this subscriber is responding at my editorial request, Fullermoney is only interested in the trends observed, in terms of any climate consistency or change, not the politics. More feedback on this subject would be welcome.

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