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January 02 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

On the "great panorama of markets"
"Hi David - Another good year reading Fullermoney - so thanks.

"I enjoyed the Jackson Wong report - it was instructive and gave a great panorama of markets "running with global leaders".

"I would find it equally as interesting (or maybe more) to read one along the lines 'sniffing with global Worms'. I would have said Dogs but that name seems to more aptly describe those stocks that remain that way - but 'the worm has turned.....?!'"

David Fuller's view Thanks for the feedback. We will have several more of Jackson's reports in 2013, and although I am not certain that he will opt for the title that you generously suggest, your point is not lost on us.

Eoin's frequent sector and thematic reviews of shares are regular features. Also, we have talked extensively about the significant fundamental and technical changes in Japan (weekly & daily) since mid-November and mainland China (weekly & daily) since the beginning of December. This has included numerous reviews of related sector influences, which continue below. These were certainly the most dramatic yearend changes and are likely to be very important themes for 2013. This is particularly true of China, given its size, regional influence and especially a resurgent China's impact on resources economies from Australia to Brazil, mining shares, recently updated by Eoin on 27th December, and industrial metals which I discussed briefly on 10th December and also review below.

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