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December 04 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

On beachside property and global warming:
"David, I live 100 metres from the beach near Noosa (Peregian Beach) in Queensland with panoramic views over both ocean and bush. It is 25 metres above the ocean currently and I feel very safe from the effects of Global warming and extreme weather events which are becoming more the norm rather than the exception.

"What amazes me is that most people still prefer direct beach access with its close proximity to current sea levels rather than being safely ensconced well above current levels, enjoying the panorama of the ocean which is most calming.

"I come from a property analyst background and can't fathom the lack of risk mitigation. Am I deluded, thinking too far into the future or are people willing to follow the crowd still till they drop into the ocean? Lemmings and sheep come to mind, but I would be interested in your comments and those of the Collective with regard to this observation? Thank you"

David Fuller's view What a beautiful location and I certainly agree with your assessment. It is mostly Al Gore types who appear worried about 25 metres above the ocean over the medium term.

However, many millions of people living in ocean front properties only marginally above sea level, or in developed flood plains, or in costal city lowlands protected only by sea wall defences, at best, are having to reassess. I am one of them, living in London's South Kensington.

Knowing a little of London's history, I have always been mildly concerned, and have an innate preference for somewhat higher ground, particularly for its generally better views of the countryside. I did not worry about London very much because flood defences were slowly reinforced and more people seemed to be talking about global cooling than warming, up until little over a decade ago.

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