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April 18 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

On Sheila Bair's article:
"Sheila Bair's article posted yesterday sent shivers up my spine. Not because I'm a Hedge Fund manager worried that I'll be drawn and quartered by the masses; rather concerned that the masses might work out what is really going on.

"I've never understood why the Fed could get away with lending (taxpayer) money to the Banks at 0.25%, and then allowing the Banks to lend that same money back to the taxpayer at 2-3-4% by buying Government Bonds. It occurs to me that it is grand larceny on a scale never before witnessed.

"When the general public wake up to this reality, we all should be worried, not just Hedge Fund managers.

"With articles like Sheila Bair's reaching the mainstream, I'm afraid this reality might be closer than most are prepared to consider.

"We've all been ostriches; but now we're running out of sand."

David Fuller's view Yes, and I would describe the strategy as: We are mugging you but only so that we can save you and your fellow citizens from a worse fate.

As always, our challenge is to find a way through all this, and less fortunate people have endured plenty of worse hazards in their lives, when the risks were higher and the solutions far fewer, if not non existent.

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