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July 28 2011

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (2)

on a luxury fund:
"Is there a unit trust that invests in luxury brand shares or do we have to create our own portfolio of such shares?"

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for this question which refers to my review of luxury shares yesterday and may be of interest to other subscribers. I found two funds that apply to this sector.

The first is Aberdeen Prestige International listed in France and in Euro. It has a front end load of 2% and a management fee of 1.79%. Here is a link to its factsheet.

The second is the Amundi Luxury & Lifestyle Fund listed in Luxembourg and in US Dollars. Amundi is a subsidiary of SocGen. The fund charges a 2% management fee. Here is a link to its factsheet.

These have both performed in line with the sector and been added to the Chart Library.

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