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January 07 2011

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (2)

on an addition to the Chart Library:
"I would appreciate it if you could add Newton Real Return Fund Class A Income Units to the library.
Sell: 119.18p | Buy: 119.18p | up 0.79p Prices as at 06-01-2011 Thank you."

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for this suggestion which has now been added to the Chart Library. This fund's impressive performance is worthy of mention because it has demonstrated a low beta quality which conservative investors may appreciate. Fullermoney themes such as emerging Asia, commodities and Latin American commodity producing countries, as well as technology and the growth the global middle class all tend to be high beta investments. Reliable dividend paying companies leveraged to global growth have more recently been a focus area for Fullermoney (Search using 'aristocrats' as the keyword) and this fund contains a number of such shares.

The fund has underperformed most Fullermoney themes over the last decade but fell considerably less during the 2008 crash and has since outperformed Wall Street. Judging from this list of its top-10 holdings, the management team does not seem to be blinkered by any particular ideology, but instead demonstrate a willingness to participate in a number of different investment themes while maintaining a relatively conservative set of core holdings.

The uptrend has been characterized by a progression of higher reaction lows which, although interrupted by the 2008 decline, has been reasserted since. A sustained move below 112p would now be required to question medium-term upside potential.

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