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January 06 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

On short-term overbought:
"hello david. yesterday you referred to when talking about palladium and platinum to short term indicators being overbought. do you mean daily or more short term like 240 minutes or even 120 minutes? would appreciate clarification on this. personally i tend to look at the daily chart in the main."

David Fuller's view I was referring to the Library's pre-set but also customisable Stochastics, which measure days and reads: 'Stochastic 9,3' in the lower box, left-hand side, as you can see with these daily charts of palladium and platinum. To create your own Stochastics, click on the 'Charting' link in the charcoal menu bar above each graph, then the chevron for the'Analysis menu, select 'Stochastics' and hit 'Apply'. If you do not want Stochastics to appear beneath other graphs that you may wish to view, click on 'Reset to Defaults'.

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