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December 02 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (1) More on Material Sciences:

“Hope you managed some outdoor relaxation this weekend as the glowing days of Autumn pass by - as a relief from all that’s going on in your new venture but probably not I guess.

“Sadly, I cannot find any of the material I collected from the lecture - it  was a 3 day event about 10 years ago. Some absolutely fabulous speakers and topics  - including a lecture on the history of hip replacement surgery ( the first ones were made of wood ,believe it or not ! - now they use a ceramic material that has the same molecular structure as bone, so deceives the body’s immune system into thinking that it is bone, which reduces rejection rates enormously).

“I’ll certainly keep you in mind if something similar comes into view . Excellent ‘big picture’ audio on Saturday - looking forward to the new website later today. The beginning of  a new era - I still have a few of your old printed newsletters somewhere !

“Wishing you and the new FT venture All the Best for the future.”

David Fuller's view

Many thanks for you kind words and that was a very interesting history of hip replacement surgery – another step towards our bionic future which our grandchildren will enjoy.  Please let me know when there is another lecture series on Material Sciences.

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