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August 16 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (1)

on Hong Kong listed Chinese sector and Asian ETFs
“Readers may be interested in some of the ETFs listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchane.These have a China or Pan Asia (ex JANZ) focus and cover consumer, dividend, and healthcare sectors

“The Horizons Emerging Asia Consumer ETF has 40 securities including Hindustan Unilever, Want Want China, Hengan Int'l, Thai Beverage.. Total expense ratio is 0.75%.

“The db X-trackers MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan High Dividend Yield ETF, consists of stocks from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. It comprises securities that have dividend yields at least 30% higher than the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Index and that have a non-negative five-year dividend per share growth rate. TER is 0.65%

“Here's a more complete list. Would be useful to have these in the veritable Chart Library if possible :

3054 Horizons Emerging Asia Consumer ETF
2841 CSI Consumer Staple ETF
3001 CSI Consumer Discretionary ETF
2817 WISE Mainlan Consumption tracker ETF
3056 Horizons S&P Global Consumer ETF
3071 Da Cheng CSI Mainland Consumer ETF
3025 db-X Consumer Discretionary ETF
3057 db-X CSI healthcare ETF
3070 Ping An CSI Dividend ETF
3013 db-x Asia Dividend Yield ETF
3110 Horizon Hang Seng High Dividend ETF
2831 China Real Estate tracker ETF
3056 China Value ETF
2842 CMS CSI Overseas Mainland Enterprises ETF
3075 Horizons Asia ex JANz Industrials ETF
3066 Horizons Asia ex JANZ IT ITF

“Thanks kindly”

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for this educative email contributed in the spirit of Empowerment Through Knowledge and which is sure to be of interest to the Collective. I have added these ETFs to the Chart Library and they can be found via the search

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