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December 05 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

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On Greenland:
"On subject of global warming. About 500 hundred years ago the early settlers in Greenland were driven out by the increasing cold and prayers were held in Europe to prevent the advance of the dreadful glaciers. But the good Lord must have been listening because from then a warming cycle started and with some ups and downs continues today. But the warming is uneven; Antarctic, which has 9/10's of the worlds ice, with gains and losses, has lost little if any ice.

"The contention that mankind is the major cause of global warming is by no means certain. Germany who is building 20 coal fired power stations does not think so. The danger is we under go economic contortions and reduce our capacity to adapt to the warming."

David Fuller's view Thanks for the history and your thoughts.

I would love it, as we nearly all would, if evidence of global warming turned out to be mild and temporary, and therefore mostly a false alarm.

The bottom line here, I suggest, is that we may not be able to afford to be wrong on the potential risk. We can also be more responsible, smart custodians of our planet, without returning to the dark ages.

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