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March 23 2010

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (1)

On press articles
"As a longtime subscriber I have noted with some irritation the frequent verbatim quotes from the FT. I assume that most of the Fullermoney subscribers are also subscribers to the FT either in its paper or electronic version. These quotes diminish IMO the value of your service by diluting the input from your personal views which is the value add we are subscribing for.

"Trust you will accept these remarks in the spirit in which they are offered."

David Fuller's view Thank you for your interest in Fullermoney since 1987.

The purpose of research, in my view, is to help us to think. At Fullermoney we aspire to think with perspective by reading widely, discussing various views and possibilities, and not least looking at lots of price charts which keep us in the real world.

Eoin and I share with subscribers, where possible, what we regard to be the more informative and topical articles and reports that we have seen. Some are posted without further comment because they either refresh or enhance views already expressed by us in Comment of the Day and our daily Audios. Others are used as a platform for our own additional thoughts. There is no dilution of our input in posting them, which takes minimal time.

Whether or not you wish to read them is your prerogative. With a global readership base, I make few assumptions regarding what subscribers may or may not have read before visiting our latest additions to the Fullermoney site. I am not aware of many global strategy services which produce both a daily Comment and Audio but after reading and listening, if you feel we are still not providing the "personal views" that you are subscribing for, please be more specific.

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