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November 15 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (1)

More on 'The Last Person':
"Having read this heartening column I thought that I should tell you about a coincidence. The company making this all possible is Datawind and I heard about it for the first time last weekend over a game of golf with one of the investors. Those interested can look it up on the company website but essentially they run servers which convert normal web pages into "images" of web pages which can be sent to their supported devices using a fraction of the bandwidth used for normal web surfing. This cuts out or reduces the data charges to an affordable level and increases speed. So although the Indian Institute of Technology in Rajasthan can take some credit, the technology breakthrough would appear to have originated in Canada."

David Fuller's view You are absolutely right and DataWind has a factory in Hyderabad.

It is still a private company but should be an interesting one to watch when it eventually goes public.

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