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September 19 2011

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (1)

on finding lists of interesting shares:
"I love you daily comments. I down load it to my iPhone and listen to in on my 6am run. I find myself running very fast these days - it must be linked to High frequency trading.

"Here is a link to comment of the Day on November 10th 2010.

"All the PDF's that I looked at say Sep 2010. Is that the correct date? Would it be possible to give an updated one for Sep 2011."

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for your kind words and this question which others may also have an interest in. All of the links posted in the reply to your original email of almost a year ago are from prior to your question. For future reference might I suggest using the search engine for the names of shares you have an interest in. Commonality is a central pillar of our analysis so we tend to group shares from similar sectors together in our Commentary.

Starting on August 9th I have performed a large number of reviews of stock market sectors we consider interesting from the perspective of a long-term investor,

The USA on August 9th.
Cloud computing shares on August 11th.
Australian and Canadian shares on August 12th.
Oil shares on August 16th.
Iron-Ore Miners on August 17th.
Battery Manufacturers and Lithium miners on August 18th.
S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats August 23rd.
The constituents of the FTSE-100 August 25th.
The constituents of the S&P100 August 26th.
A consistency characteristics tutorial focusing on gold September 1st.
Diverging chart patterns among global stock market indices on September 2nd.
US stock market leadership and shares making new highs on September 7th.
FTSE and AIM shares making new highs September 8th.
Australian Shares making new highs on September 9th.
Nasdaq shares September 14th.

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