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March 16 2010

Commentary by David Fuller

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More on shale
"Just on shale gas again- my feeling is array geothermal is ready for commercial introduction as well. This involves finding 'hot shale' to 80 deg C not in a tectonic or faulted area (earthquakes) that can within 3km of surface produce power to a power grid or creating a CHP plant. This is a 'game changer' for parts of Ireland and UK, in particular offshore and the heat quality in BTU is far superior to wind/solar. In the Central North Sea, every old installation where there is 140deg C heat in shale 2 to 3 km below ground should be made into power plants.

"Alberta government not happy with the U.S. shale gas growth but they should have on zero emissions converted every pick up truck and SUV to run on NG to manage the industry better holding back oil- they never listen anyway and we missed the boat not planning this better, as we all knew shale gas was to take off. In one form or another, it is here to stay.

"I think when you look back 2 years ago on Colorado and Wyoming oil shales that Fullermoney may have been the first service to highlight this industry and take an active interest in it. Coal and oil shale will keep US economy relevant for another 200 years, as long as U.S. reinvents itself, allows free fair markets to flourish and a proper legal system is in place.

"Happy trading bought euro this morning; potash has been wonderful on dips so watching NYSE:POT the 12840 area for maybe rocket launch or weakness. Stay well and like all energy prospects- just like in trading, your only as good as your last well."

David Fuller's view Thanks for the interesting points and your apt conclusion.

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