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June 14 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (1)

On the Browning Newsletter:
"I really enjoy the extra reading that comes via links in the subscriber version of fullermoney. Enjoy it because I started out totally uninformed, and well uninformed is dangerous, based on my past (investment) performance.

"One of the less direct sources you regularly link to, and one I really admire, is the Browning newsletter. The last link I saw earlier this month took me to their home page requiring login/subscription. Does this represent a permanent change?"

David Fuller's view I am delighted that you are enjoying the subscription service and we are fortunate in being able to post some good reports. The vast majority of these are supplied by subscribers, who share in the spirit of Empowerment Through Knowledge.

The Browning Newsletter is extremely popular, not least because climate is a fascinating subject; Evelyn Browning-Garriss has been extremely accurate in her forecasts and she clearly does not have a political agenda.

Fullermoney has been extremely fortunate in being able to post the Browning Newsletter and also Ruminations of the Contrary Investor, due to our cordial relationship with Alex Seagle and Len Davenport of Fraser Management Associates.

This is based on respect leading to friendship, and there are no contracts, commissions or profit sharing arrangements. Some Fullermoney subscribers with an active interest in agricultural commodities, either as farmers or traders, have also subscribed to The Browning Newsletter, which enables them to see it ahead of our posting. Fullermoney will continue to post Fraser Management Associates' two publications as long as they are generously provided by the firm.

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