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February 16 2011

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (1)

on logging in from two destinations simultaneously and taking The Chart Seminar to North America:
"Have the Fullermoney website's security checks for subscriber login been modified, say in the last 2 weeks? The reason I ask this question is that recently when I listen to the daily audio on my cell phone and simultaneously review my stocks in the chart library on my desktop computer I automatically get logged out. I then have to log back in on both my cell phone and desktop computer. Of course when I log in I always check the "Remember Me" box but it doesn't seem to make a difference and this only seems to happen when I am simultaneously logged on. I realize that this is a minor nuisance for the subscribers of Fullermoney but this problem never seemed to happen as regularly as it does now. If the security checks on the website have changed recently do you think that you could modify the new settings to allow a user to have two simultaneous log ins without having to regularly verify their authenticity?

"I would like to conclude with a gracious thank you for your amazing service. Fullermoney has truly changed my life. The spectacular advice that you give to the Collective and the logical (almost Spock-like) analysis is invaluable. Most commentators claim to fame is their sensationalism - yours is your professionalism. Most recently, when I read the two China articles from last Friday's copy, my first inclination was to hit the sell button on my China holdings however you made some excellent, logical, chart based observations that suggested an extended base formation. I realize that further confirmation is required but I can now look at the charts without emotion clouding my judgment.

"On a related note, I am very interested in attending the Chart Seminar. As Eoin will soon be travelling to Sydney and Singapore, are there future plans to conduct the course in Canada (most preferred) or the United States?"

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for your gracious email. At Fullermoney, we view our role as providing guidance and congratulate you on seizing your opportunities.

Our security procedure is designed so that it should not be possible to log in from two separate destinations simultaneously. However, if you prefer to listen to the audio via your phone then perhaps you will be interested in downloading our podcast from iTunes. This is a relatively straightforward procedure. Both our RSS and podcasting instructions can be accessed via this link.

Over the years, a number of subscribers have indicated their interest in attending a North American Chart Seminar. As with our Australian and Singapore seminars, I am happy to travel if there is enough support for the event. I'll be heading to Vancouver on holiday this year, but if we hold a North American seminar it will most likely be in New York and in 2012. If subscribers are interested in attending a New York seminar please email Sarah Barnes (

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