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January 07 2011

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day (1)

on the Nasdaq and reviews of technology leaders:
"Thank you for the in-depth refresher course following my question about the Nasdaq 100. All the best for 2011."

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for the inspiring question and you are most welcome. The Nasdaq's outperformance relative to Wall Street has been truly impressive and technology remains a sector capable of inspiring significant investor interest.

I was chatting with my brother over Christmas, who was telling me how he can now save his computer games onto a remote server so that he can access it from anywhere he likes whether college, home or elsewhere. This is a simple but real-time example of cloud computing in action. Companies are using the same technology to allow their employees to work remotely or to hot-desk. Carrying presentations around on a USB key is rapidly becoming a thing of the past because we will simply be able to access our work from anywhere we wish.

For the benefit of potential subscribers let me describe the evolution of how Fullermoney became aware of cloud computing and the shares that appear to be benefitting most from this theme.

In a review of the Nasdaq's better performing companies on October 15th 2009, Check Point Software appeared because it was breaking upwards from a lengthy base. Citrix Systems was also notable for its outperformance.

On March 5th 2010, I clicked through the Nasdaq-100, looking at 20-year charts in an effort to identify shares that were completing long-term bases or were exhibiting significant relative strength. Altera Corp, Citrix Systems, Check Point Software, Juniper Networks, Oracle, Apple and Amazon were all notable outperformers.

On September 6th, I belatedly realized that these companies share a high degree of commonality because they are all involved in next generation data storage, more commonly referred to as cloud computing.

The four-month lock-up for all of these reviews has now expired so they are available in the public archive for anyone to peruse at their leisure. Additional reviews of cloud computing shares dated September 23rd, October 13th and January 6th will be released into the public archive in due course.

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