Email of the day - on COVID-19 hysteria
Comment of the Day

September 28 2020

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day - on COVID-19 hysteria

I think your analysis of the current situation regarding Covid is spot on. There is now undoubtedly a degree of hysteria infecting the public psyche, though I have to say here in Northern England people are calm regarding social distancing! A great deal of fuss is made of the daily positive test result while the average daily death toll due to Covid is around the 30 mark. In a population of 65 million I would have thought this was bearable. Increasingly strident restrictions are now being applied to University students. The overall effect on the economy is likely to be dire, not to mention the mental health of the population. Ultimately, there is a limit to what folk will put up with.


I read that the USA has had 6m cases and 200k deaths. 'Generally,' this is put out as 'terrible'. But if the population is 330m, that means cases are 1.82% and deaths (thought to be exaggerated count??) are 0.06%. Nobody wants to catch this thing 'just in case' but your remarks about hysteria seem justified.

Eoin Treacy's view

What we are seeing play out in the response to the pandemic is very similar to the kind of emotional response we see both ahead of a market peak and following a significant decline. Let’s review:

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