CIOs Waiting for Cloud Investments to Pay Off
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September 30 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

CIOs Waiting for Cloud Investments to Pay Off

This article from the Wall Street Journal may be of interest. Here is a section:

Roughly 67% of 1,000 senior technology leaders at U.S. firms across industries said they are still waiting for cloud investments to pay off, KPMG said Thursday in its annual technology survey. Why the wait? Blame insufficient skills among tech teams, added requirements, and a misalignment on expected outcomes, says Barry Brunsman, a principal in KPMG’s CIO Advisory group.

Tech leaders take note. Diane Comer, chief information and technology officer at Kaiser Permanente, said that when the healthcare provider is working on a new initiative, it will price it out and compare an on-premises solution against one in the cloud. “You really do need to not just take it for granted that cloud is where you should head,” she said.

Eoin Treacy's view

Companies boost their valuations by making claims about the size of the total addressable market (TAM) in their corporate presentations. The logic is simple enough. We might only make a couple of hundred million today, but the size of the market is so much larger, that we can grow quickly to capture sizeable market share.

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