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January 28 2021

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Big Ideas 2021

Thanks to a subscriber for this report from Ark Invest. Here is an important chart:

Eoin Treacy's view

Here is a link to the full report.

This report is packed full of blue sky thinking and gels with a lot of how I see the path of technological innovation over the next decade. The simple reality is that every innovation in how we communicate has created an industrial revolution. The printing press allowed for the dissemination of information and fostered inquisitiveness. The telegraph made the world smaller and allowed even more communication. The semiconductor created the conditions for instant communication. The internet realised that potential.

Today computers can teach themselves and write code to further improve their efficiency. That means anything that can be digitised can be optimised. The potential for innovation in the healthcare, energy, transportation and automation sectors is significant. These areas will also require significant investment to build out infrastructure and a low interest rate environment facilitates the move. Companies like Tesla would never have made it were it not for its ability to source capital at attractive rates. Therefore, the commitment of central bankers to hold down rates is pivotal to the performance of high growth innovation sectors.

The ARK Innovation ETF remains in a steep but consistent uptrend and firmed today from the upper side of the underlying short-term range.

The Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF also paused this week but steadied today from the upper side of the underlying trading range.

Alphabet is a play on automation and quantum computing. The share steadied today from the upper side of the underlying range.

This article detailing what Wright’s Law is may also be of interest since ARK’s presentation relies heavily on its assumptions. 

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