AI Mania Propels Nvidia Value by Nearly $220 Billion This Year
Comment of the Day

February 23 2023

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

AI Mania Propels Nvidia Value by Nearly $220 Billion This Year

Nvidia dominates the market for graphics chips designed for complex computing tasks needed to power AI applications, leading analysts and investors to believe that the company will benefit as more people use ChatGPT-like applications. 

“When you have ‘the next big thing’ in tech, it’s natural for investors to scramble to find ways to play the theme,” said Russ Mould, investment director at AJ Bell. “Nvidia’s involvement in the AI space now puts it directly under the spotlight, which means there could be strong demand for the shares.” 

The expectation is driven by the hope that chatbot operators will need more computing power as they respond to the millions of queries received across the web, from deadline-driven students to struggling songwriters. 

Eoin Treacy's view

The buzz around artificial intelligence continues to heat up. I had a chat a couple of evenings ago with a friend who is looking at hiring a pool of analysts. He was clear in his view that much of what he was reading from examples could just as easily have been written by AI. The value of repeating something someone can find on Google is declining while the value of second order thinking and reaching novel conclusions is more valuable as a result. 

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