Accelerating AI Adoption in Bio-Pharma through Collaboration
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August 18 2020

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Accelerating AI Adoption in Bio-Pharma through Collaboration

This whitepaper from Insead may be of interest to subscribers. Here is a section:

In these trying times, we have seen many examples of digital technology and innovation flling in the gap. Among these, telemedicine and chatbots have been very helpful for frst-line triage and early-stage diagnosis. China’s AliHealth and JD Health both expanded their telemedicine services for distant consultation and preliminary diagnostics with physicians to prevent the spread of the virus. They also launched diferent versions of their chatbots (a basic form of AI) to disseminate COVID-19 related medical information, health recommendations as well as Q&As.

In the US, the CDC used Microsoft’s healthcare chatbot service to create a coronavirus symptom checker and Whatsapp (owned by Facebook) launched the WHO Health Alert to share critical information to millions of users worldwide. In India, Facebook also used its helpdesk bot to share news and answer user questions relating to the pandemic.

Closer to home, it was encouraging to see smaller European startups launch similar initiatives, such as the French startup Clevy which is among Early Metrics’ highly rated companies and has created

These speedy developments in response to the pandemic were a testament to the real value brought by these technologies and to the reactivity of young innovative companies. We hope they will inspire future considerations for public healthcare systems to welcome innovation from both tech giants and emerging innovators.

Eoin Treacy's view

Crises force changes in behaviour. I know our family had never used telemedicine before the crisis. However, it was certainly helpful on a least two occasions over the seven months when we had questions that would normally have required a doctor’s visit. The fact the service is included in the price of our health insurance was also a bonus.

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