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    Hollywood, Apple Said to Mull Rental Plan, Defying Theaters

    This article by Anousha Sakoui for Bloomberg may be of interest to subscribers. Here is a section: 

    Movie studios are considering whether to ignore the objections of cinema chains and forge ahead with a plan to offer digital rentals of films mere weeks after they appear in theaters, according to people familiar with the matter.

    Some of the biggest proponents, including Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures, are pressing on in talks with Apple Inc. and Comcast Corp. on ways to push ahead with the project even without theater chains, the people said. After months of negotiations, the two sides have been unable to arrive at a mutually beneficial way to create a $30 to $50 premium movie-download product.

    The leading Hollywood studios, except for Walt Disney Co., are eager to introduce a new product to make up for declining sales of DVDs and other home entertainment in the age of Netflix. They have discussed sharing a split of the revenue from premium video on demand, or PVOD, with the cinema chains if they give their blessing to the concept. But the exhibitors have sought a long-term commitment of as much as 10 years for that revenue split, which the studios have rejected, the people said.


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    Email of the day on whether bitcoin is a currency



    Hope you are well. And I hope David is recovering well?

    Just a quick comment on cryptocurrencies.

    I’ve thought about this a lot, and had a small mining setup a few years ago.

    There is a kind of real value in them as they take electricity, cooling, tech knowhow, time and equipment to "mine" them. 

    All those have a value. And it’s a massive community now.

    As bitcoin has evolved, it now costs far more to mine one than 5 years ago due to its formula. The same with other coins.
    In bitcoins case, I see them more of an asset in the cryptocurrency class. 

    I also think everyone should have a bit of one just to find out how they work as they are definitely here to stay in some form. Plus, I feel they will constantly go up like other assets do, bubble or not. 

    More of owning a small amount for fun, not an investment amount though, unless one has time to learn about them more.
    Plus, you can legitimately, buy a lot of stuff with them now, so how do you define a currency?

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    Email of the day on revisionist history

    This article summarizes neatly the blend of politics and revisionist history present in China today, particularly how the Party is trying to introduce a stylized version of Chinese history and culture in order to paper over the "spiritual vacuum" that resulted from the Revolution. Also interesting is the idea that this could give rise to new economic industries and / or cultural products for export (movies, art, tourism, etc.) Most importantly, it hints at the sweeping power and autonomy that Xi Jinping presently enjoys ... well worth the read. 

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    Email of the day on knitting machines

    Thank you for the excellent service and very interesting daily video commentary. Our company, Irelands Eye Knitwear in Dublin operates 15 knitting machines from manufacturer Shima Seiki that you referred to recently. They run 24 hours per day. We are off to Shanghai next month to see latest developments at a large machinery exhibition there. It’s a very interesting time. Many thanks again for an excellent service.

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    Email of the day on necessity is the mother of invention

    You have to give it to the Chinese, they are great advocates of the dictum ‘Where there is a will there is a way’

    How come my ethnic Chinese supervisors never told me of this method to shift concrete when I managed a mine in Malaysia?

    We could have save the company a small fortune. 


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    Gary Cohn's Exit From Team Trump Would Be a Major Blow to Wall Street

    This article by Emily Stewart may be of interest to subscribers. Here is a section: 

    The New York Times reported that Cohn, who is Jewish, was "disgusted" and "deeply upset" by the president's remarks at Trump Tower on Tuesday. Top Trump adviser Steve Bannon also took a swipe at Cohn in a surprising interview with The American Prospect, referring to him as beholden to "Goldman Sachs lobbying."

    Cohn is viewed as a major ally to the business community in the Trump administration and a steadying voice of reason. He is one of the "Big Six" leading the way on tax reform efforts and is also helming the search for the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. Cohn himself is among the top contenders for the spot, alongside current chair Janet Yellen.

    In other words, Cohn dropping Trump would be a big deal.


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