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May 2017

Title Release date Read
Big Picture video commentary for May 26th 2017 26-05-2017 22:43 Read
Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee 26-05-2017 22:41 Read
VW's Diesel Defeat Devices Finally Located, Cracked Wide Open 26-05-2017 22:33 Read
Kik App Debuts Digital Currency Amid Bitcoin Boom 26-05-2017 22:31 Read
The Chart Seminar 2017 26-05-2017 01:25 Read
The Quants Run Wall Street Now. 25-05-2017 23:26 Read
The U.S. Intelligence Ship Is Too Leaky to Sail 25-05-2017 23:09 Read
Modi's Idea of India 25-05-2017 23:04 Read
Email of the day 25-05-2017 22:58 Read
The Markets Now 25-05-2017 22:54 Read
Video commentary for May 25th 2017 25-05-2017 21:34 Read
Wall Street continuing to lead 25-05-2017 20:29 Read
OPEC, Allies to Extend Oil Cuts for Nine Months to End Glut 25-05-2017 20:26 Read
Some reflections on Japanese monetary policy 25-05-2017 20:24 Read
Are Cryptocurrencies Becoming a New Asset Class? 25-05-2017 20:21 Read
Email of the day - on the Australian Dollar 25-05-2017 20:18 Read
Video commentary for May 24th 2017 24-05-2017 21:33 Read
The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable 24-05-2017 21:20 Read
Global gold study: Find your 'safe place' 24-05-2017 20:21 Read
China's Markets Get a Double Dose of Caution From Moody's, MSCI 24-05-2017 20:20 Read
Brussels Prepares 'Grand Bargain' to Save Broken EU Project 23-05-2017 23:22 Read
Email of the day 1 23-05-2017 23:16 Read
Email of the day 2 23-05-2017 23:07 Read
The Markets Now 23-05-2017 22:57 Read
Video commentary for May 23rd 2017 23-05-2017 21:55 Read
Global cyberattack 'highly likely' linked to North Korea group 23-05-2017 21:23 Read
Euro Area Warned That Shock-Proof Markets Won't Be Forever 23-05-2017 21:21 Read
Noble Group 'Fighting for Its Life' as S&P Sees Default Risk 23-05-2017 21:20 Read
Trump Flees Washington Knives to Relax Among Sunni Kings 22-05-2017 23:58 Read
Donald Trump's Path-Independent Theory of Mind 22-05-2017 23:53 Read
After Her Election Victory, Theresa May Must Develop an Economic Programme 22-05-2017 23:46 Read
Video commentary for May 22nd 2017 22-05-2017 22:45 Read
RBI Board Members, Rating Agencies To Advise On Resolution Of Large Accounts 22-05-2017 22:41 Read
If you bought $100 of bitcoin 7 years ago, you'd be sitting on $75 million now 22-05-2017 22:36 Read
Macro Morsels on China 22-05-2017 21:49 Read
Video commentary for May 19th 2017 19-05-2017 23:17 Read
CAD Software Firm Autodesk Soars On Quarterly Earnings Beat 19-05-2017 22:57 Read
China successfully mines flammable ice from the South Sea 19-05-2017 22:52 Read
Bullard Sees Weak Data Contradicting FOMC's Rate-Hike Path 19-05-2017 22:47 Read
Macron's Youthful France to Storm Ahead of Ageing Germany 18-05-2017 23:32 Read
Would You Let Trump Run Your Company? 18-05-2017 23:16 Read
Email of the day 18-05-2017 23:13 Read
The Markets Now 18-05-2017 23:11 Read
Video commentary for May 18th 2017 18-05-2017 21:14 Read
Brazil crisis deepens with probe of president, top senator 18-05-2017 21:10 Read
Japan GDP Grows 2.2%, Longest Growth Streak in 11 Years; Asian Stocks Slide 18-05-2017 21:08 Read
Miningball 18-05-2017 21:05 Read
Trump Faces Deepest Crisis of Presidency With Comey Memo 17-05-2017 23:45 Read
Impeachment Talk May be Premature, but it isn't too soon to Discuss the Legal Standards for Removing a President 17-05-2017 23:43 Read
Trump Should Worry: Comey Memo Describes a High Crime 17-05-2017 23:42 Read
The Markets Now 17-05-2017 23:40 Read
Subscriber's Video Commentary May 17th 2017 17-05-2017 23:08 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch 17-05-2017 22:51 Read
There's a Big Technical Reason for Low Volatility in Stocks 17-05-2017 22:39 Read
Glencore: 'Electric vehicle revolution is happening faster than expected' 17-05-2017 22:38 Read
How Theresa May Is Recruiting an Army of Hard Brexit Backers 16-05-2017 23:04 Read
Email of the day 1 16-05-2017 22:46 Read
Email of the day 2 16-05-2017 22:36 Read
Despite Emmanuel Macron's Election, the Eurozone Isn't Out of the Woods 16-05-2017 22:31 Read
The Markets Now 16-05-2017 22:22 Read
Video commentary for May 16th 2017 16-05-2017 20:50 Read
Third Well to Help Meet Demand for Geothermal Heating in Boise, Idaho 16-05-2017 08:08 Read
Inflation, El Nino, and Fishmeal 16-05-2017 08:05 Read
Email of the day on the yield curve spread and Plato: 16-05-2017 08:01 Read
Oil Price Indicators Flash Buy as OPEC Expectations Grow Bigger 15-05-2017 22:09 Read
The End of Petrol and Diesel Cars? All Vehicles Will be Electric by 2025, Says Expert 15-05-2017 21:54 Read
How North Korea Managed to Defy Years of Sanctions 15-05-2017 21:48 Read
The Markets Now 15-05-2017 21:43 Read
Video Commentary May 15th 2017 15-05-2017 20:40 Read
Cyberattack Is Blunted as Governments, Companies Gain Upper Hand 15-05-2017 20:38 Read
Brace for Chaos If U.S Expands Airline Laptop Ban 15-05-2017 19:30 Read
Video commentary for May 12th 2017 12-05-2017 23:14 Read
Amazon Makes Major Push Into Furniture 12-05-2017 21:51 Read
Container shipping: rising tide 12-05-2017 21:27 Read
Stretching Thin 12-05-2017 21:25 Read
Video commentary for May 11th 2017 11-05-2017 20:55 Read
1st Quarter Commentary 11-05-2017 20:23 Read
Email of the day on the Hong Kong Dollar peg 11-05-2017 20:20 Read
NVIDIA GPU Cloud: It's Not What You May Think It Is 11-05-2017 20:16 Read
Flooding hits northeast Arkansas rice hard 11-05-2017 20:14 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: commodity long initiated on softs 11-05-2017 20:12 Read
Trump Train-Crash is Ominous for Hyper-Inflated Asset Markets 10-05-2017 23:15 Read
The Weekly View: En Marche! France Votes "Non" to Frexit 10-05-2017 23:05 Read
The Markets Now 10-05-2017 22:59 Read
Video commentary for May 10th 2017 10-05-2017 21:28 Read
Day One for President Moon Sees Korea Stocks in Retreat With Won 10-05-2017 21:27 Read
China Stocks Still Adored Abroad as Losses Mount for Locals 10-05-2017 21:25 Read
Biotechnology Sector update 10-05-2017 21:22 Read
What Are the Economics of Britain Walking Away From the EU Without a Trade Deal? 09-05-2017 23:58 Read
Dear Mr Juncker, Brexit Isn't a Divorce so the EU can Forget Alimony 09-05-2017 23:49 Read
Volcanic Macron Forces Germany to Come Clean on Its real EU Agenda 09-05-2017 23:40 Read
Email of the day 09-05-2017 23:39 Read
Video commentary for May 9th 2017 09-05-2017 22:02 Read
Buying Spree Brings Attention to Opaque Chinese Company 09-05-2017 21:39 Read
Australia Presses for Nation Building But Forecast Doubts Linger 09-05-2017 21:35 Read
Traders Stake $12 Billion on Dollar Extending Gains Versus Yen 09-05-2017 21:33 Read
Paris Will Be Hoping the 'Macron Effect' Can Strengthen its Planned City Scalp on Back of Brexit 08-05-2017 23:03 Read
French Annoyingly Retain Right to Claim Intellectual Superiority Over Americans 08-05-2017 22:56 Read
The World Is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic 08-05-2017 22:54 Read
Email of the day 08-05-2017 22:50 Read
Video commentary for April 8th 2017 08-05-2017 21:17 Read
Email of the day on the recording glitches 08-05-2017 21:14 Read
Email of the day on Chinese liquidity measures 08-05-2017 21:13 Read
Big Short in Loonie on Concern Over Oil, Trump, Housing 08-05-2017 21:06 Read
London Home Rents Fall for First Time Since December 2009 08-05-2017 21:04 Read
Tech and Talent Must Top the Next Government's Wishlist 05-05-2017 23:31 Read
Email of the day 05-05-2017 23:25 Read
On Target: Martin Spring's Private Newsletter on Global Strategy 05-05-2017 23:22 Read
Video commentary for May 5th 2017 05-05-2017 22:12 Read
Kuroda Confident Can Raise Wages, Prices "Significantly" 05-05-2017 21:20 Read
Avocado prices hit record after bad weather dents supply 05-05-2017 21:18 Read
Can Wal-Mart's Expensive New E-Commerce Operation Compete With Amazon? 05-05-2017 21:14 Read
The EU's Attempt at First World War-Style Reparations Revenge Will Only Make Britain More United 04-05-2017 23:16 Read
Belgian Finance Minister Warns EU: Change or Die 04-05-2017 23:12 Read
Email of the day 1 04-05-2017 23:07 Read
Email of the day 2 04-05-2017 22:37 Read
Video commentary for May 4th 2017 04-05-2017 21:59 Read
Seeking a policy response to the robot takeover 04-05-2017 19:19 Read
EY's Attractiveness Program Africa 04-05-2017 19:16 Read
Fed Sticks to Gradual Rate-Hike Approach Despite Slowdown 04-05-2017 19:14 Read
Davis Threatens to Walk Away From Brexit Talks if U.K. Provoked 03-05-2017 23:17 Read
Britain Must Leapfrog Brussels and Seize the Initiative on Every Front 03-05-2017 23:13 Read
A Look Inside Airbus's Epic Assembly Line (In the USA) 03-05-2017 23:07 Read
Video commentary for May 3rd 2017 2017 03-05-2017 22:34 Read
Fed May Finally Be Ready to Change Course 03-05-2017 22:31 Read
Staff of US multinationals earn over 1.5 times the average wage 03-05-2017 22:30 Read
U.S. SEC approves request to list quadruple-leveraged ETFs 03-05-2017 22:27 Read
One Sign That the Retail Industry Isn't Dead Yet 03-05-2017 22:25 Read
Unsettling Account That Raises Disturbing Questions about Europe's Monetary Union 02-05-2017 22:54 Read
The EU Must Be In No Doubt: Britain Is Prepared To Walk Away Without a Deal 02-05-2017 22:47 Read
A 'Life-Changing' Rally is Shaping up in the Stock Market, Predicts One Fund Manager 02-05-2017 22:42 Read
Video commentary for May 2nd 2017 02-05-2017 21:41 Read
Can the Synchronous Recovery Last? 02-05-2017 21:27 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch May 2nd 2017 02-05-2017 21:21 Read
Two Frances Collide in Battle to Shape Europe's Future 02-05-2017 21:19 Read
Video commentary for May 1st 2017 01-05-2017 21:00 Read
Market Leaders to Benefit from Industry Consolidation 01-05-2017 20:57 Read
New Order: ID>MY>TH>SG>PH 01-05-2017 20:55 Read
The Global Investment Outlook 01-05-2017 20:51 Read

April 2017

Title Release date Read
Video commentary for April 28th 2017 28-04-2017 22:24 Read
Potash Market Rebound in 'Full Force' as Global Demand Improves 28-04-2017 22:04 Read
Email of the day on China's deleveraging 28-04-2017 22:02 Read
MVIS Announces A Significant Methodology Change for the MVGDXJ 28-04-2017 21:58 Read
Britain Needs Fighting Plan B for Trade as EU Turns Screws on Brexit 27-04-2017 14:10 Read
China's New Silk Road: Powerful Borrow and Build Stimulus for Emerging Markets 27-04-2017 13:52 Read
With Education and Technology, Brexit Britain Can Engineer Its Way to Greater Prosperity. 27-04-2017 13:44 Read
Video commentary for April 27th 2017 27-04-2017 12:56 Read
Draghi Sees Solid Recovery While Inflation Concern Remains 27-04-2017 12:55 Read
Copper, lead, zinc prices to stay on the boil 27-04-2017 12:53 Read
Ford Sharpening Sales Pitch as Driverless Car Wager Underwhelms 27-04-2017 12:47 Read
For years, we've been told fat clogs our arteries. Now, scientists say that's all wrong. 27-04-2017 12:44 Read
Video commentary for April 26th 2017 26-04-2017 20:41 Read
Leveraging Platform Synergies to Break Adoption Barriers 26-04-2017 20:37 Read
Arizona trial thrusts autonomous Waymo cars into everyday life 26-04-2017 20:35 Read
Commodities 26-04-2017 20:32 Read
The Biggest Stock Markets Have Not Had Such Diverse Performances Since 2008 25-04-2017 23:17 Read
Video commentary for April 25th 2017 25-04-2017 21:12 Read
Singapore and Japan trip report 25-04-2017 21:09 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market long opened 25-04-2017 21:06 Read
Email of the day on eating insects 25-04-2017 21:04 Read
Inside China's Plans for World Robot Domination 25-04-2017 21:02 Read
France Braces for Runoff Between Nationalism and Globalism 24-04-2017 22:30 Read
Exxon, Shell Join Ivanka Trump to Defend Paris Climate Pact 24-04-2017 22:12 Read
Email of the day 24-04-2017 22:08 Read
Trump Plan Can Cut Taxes, But Only Temporarily 24-04-2017 22:05 Read
Video commentary for April 24th 2017 24-04-2017 21:46 Read
Email of the day on shipping 24-04-2017 21:26 Read
Email of the day on the lack of volatility 24-04-2017 21:04 Read
Talking Money: The positive message in the charts today 24-04-2017 21:02 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market index short stops triggered 24-04-2017 20:59 Read
Musings From the Oil Patch April 18th 2017 24-04-2017 20:57 Read
Gigantic Wind Turbines Signal Era of Subsidy-Free Green Power 21-04-2017 23:50 Read
The EU Brexit Strategy Is to Play for Time 21-04-2017 23:47 Read
Steven Mnuchin Talk of Tax Plan Soon Stirs Markets and Skeptics 21-04-2017 23:43 Read
Britain Led by Theresa May Will Become a European Haven of Order and Calm 20-04-2017 23:59 Read
Why the Market for Fossil Fuels Is All Burnt Out 20-04-2017 23:56 Read
The Nightmare Scenario for Florida Costal Homeowners 20-04-2017 23:50 Read
Theresa May Wins Support from Parliament to Hold Early Election 19-04-2017 22:34 Read
The French Rich Are Considering Exile If Melenchon Wins 19-04-2017 22:30 Read
Markets Start to Ponder the $13 Trillion Gorilla in the Room 19-04-2017 22:23 Read
Email of the day 3 19-04-2017 22:13 Read
Theresa May Snap Election Call Is Right for Brexit Britain 18-04-2017 23:59 Read
Europe Drove Turkey Towards an Autocrat. We Cannot Now Turn Our Backs on His People 18-04-2017 23:57 Read
Trump Congratulates Erdogan on Referendum as Europe Seethes 18-04-2017 23:56 Read
Email of the day 18-04-2017 23:54 Read
Jeff Bezos Shareholder Letter: Do Not Let the World Push You into Becoming a Day 2 Company 13-04-2017 10:21 Read
Europe Risks Nightmare as Anti-Euro Bolshevik Storms France 13-04-2017 10:14 Read
The Swamp Is Rooting for Kushner 13-04-2017 09:59 Read
Trump Got Syria and China Right Last Week. That is a Start 12-04-2017 21:44 Read
A Soaring Trump Dollar Would Risk Global Trade War and China Currency Crisis, Warns Posen 12-04-2017 21:09 Read
Email of the day 12-04-2017 21:01 Read
Squaring Up Leaves Putin No Way to Save Face 11-04-2017 23:38 Read
North Korea State Media Warns of Nuclear Strike if Provoked as U.S. Warships Approach 11-04-2017 23:16 Read
World-Beating Stock Rally Hinges on Corporate India Profits 11-04-2017 23:10 Read
Brexit Liberating if May Seizes the Chances in Asia 10-04-2017 22:32 Read
Why the Government Should be Spending More on Defence 10-04-2017 22:23 Read
Nuclear Fusion Energy News: Infinite Power by 2030 with Nuclear Fusion Reactor? 10-04-2017 22:09 Read
Video commentary for April 7th 2017 07-04-2017 05:45 Read
U.S. Launches Missile Strike on Syria in Response to Gas Attack 07-04-2017 05:44 Read
Winners and losers of the Industrial Internet 07-04-2017 05:42 Read
Europe: Complexity Rules 07-04-2017 05:33 Read
Vanguard has a Growing Dominance but Customer Service Takes a Hit as it receives Epic Inflows of Cash 06-04-2017 16:06 Read
Nicola Sturgeon Out of Touch With Scots Over Brexit as Poll Shows Support for Theresa May Vision 06-04-2017 15:57 Read
There is Nothing Wrong with Britain Playing Mr Nasty: Negotiating Brexit Will Require Tough Talk 06-04-2017 15:52 Read
Video commentary for April 6th 2017 06-04-2017 15:17 Read
The voter apathy that helped Donald Trump win is about to hit France 06-04-2017 15:15 Read
Bezos is selling $1 billion of Amazon stock a year to fund rocket venture 06-04-2017 15:14 Read
Cheap Indian engineers now have no place in Donald Trump's America 06-04-2017 15:02 Read
Speaking engagements 06-04-2017 08:31 Read
Britain Offers to Help to Wean Saudi Economy Off Oil Dependency 05-04-2017 23:34 Read
Email of the day 05-04-2017 23:28 Read
Brexit 1.0: Scientists Find Evidence of Britain Separation from Europe 05-04-2017 23:25 Read
Robots Could Replace Humans Within the Next Few Hundred Years, Astronomer Royal Predicts 05-04-2017 23:18 Read
Video commentary for April 5th 2017 05-04-2017 22:03 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market index shorts increased, stock market short profit taken 05-04-2017 21:45 Read
Global Shipping Fleet Braces for Chaos of $60 Billion Fuel Shock 05-04-2017 19:45 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch April 4th 2017 05-04-2017 19:39 Read
Deutsche Bank Said Near Full Takeup for $8.5 Billion Share Sale 05-04-2017 19:33 Read
Deflation Danger Over for European Central Bank but Fresh Debt Drama Looms 04-04-2017 23:28 Read
The Equity View: Global Investment Themes 04-04-2017 23:07 Read
Video commentary for April 4th 2017 04-04-2017 17:18 Read
What does the evolution of Tesla mean for everyone else? 04-04-2017 16:38 Read
Email of the day on desalination 04-04-2017 16:34 Read
Outside the EU, Britain May be Small but More Perfectly Formed 03-04-2017 23:52 Read
Graphene-Based Sieve Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water. 03-04-2017 23:46 Read
Email of the day 03-04-2017 23:30 Read
The Markets Now 03-04-2017 23:26 Read
Video commentary for April 3rd 2017 03-04-2017 21:50 Read
Email of the day on Japanese equity index composition 03-04-2017 20:59 Read
Europe's Diesel Decay Set to Accelerate in VW Cheating Fallout 03-04-2017 20:55 Read
Email of the day on the Swiss Franc spot rate: 03-04-2017 20:51 Read

March 2017

Title Release date Read
Video commentary for March 31st 2017 31-03-2017 03:40 Read
The Incredible Shrinking Universe of Stocks, The Causes and Consequences of Fewer U.S. Equities 31-03-2017 03:25 Read
The Mad Rush to Undo Online Privacy Rules 31-03-2017 03:22 Read
Empty reservoirs, dry rivers, thirsty cities' and our water reserves are running out 31-03-2017 03:19 Read
Fading Trump Rally Threatened by Rare Contraction of US Credit 30-03-2017 22:28 Read
We Were Right to Join and We Are Right to Leave: Where Did the EU go Wrong? 30-03-2017 22:19 Read
If Theresa May Is Not Prepared to Walk Away from Brexit Talks, How Will She Get a Better Deal Than Cameron? 30-03-2017 22:15 Read
The Markets Now 30-03-2017 22:04 Read
Video commentary for March 30th 2017 30-03-2017 21:59 Read
Euro-Pound Hedging Costs Rise on Brexit Trigger, French Election 30-03-2017 21:05 Read
As Britain Exits, India Gets Single-Market Religion 30-03-2017 21:03 Read
The Great Nevada Lithium Rush to Fuel the New Economy 30-03-2017 21:01 Read
Britain is the Least of European Problems 29-03-2017 23:25 Read
The Markets Now 29-03-2017 23:08 Read
Video commentary for March 29th 2017 29-03-2017 19:42 Read
Britain's Article 50 letter: The full text of the Brexit trigger 29-03-2017 19:41 Read
Email of the day on hydrogen versus electric vehicles 29-03-2017 19:38 Read
Erdogan Races Against the Dollar in Campaign for Unrivaled Power 29-03-2017 19:32 Read
Video commentary for March 28th 2017 28-03-2017 21:53 Read
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast 28-03-2017 21:49 Read
The next move after a weak March could be a useful rally 28-03-2017 21:46 Read
A startup says it can now produce enough for 4 million meatless burgers a month 28-03-2017 21:41 Read
Video commentary for March 27th 2017 27-03-2017 20:07 Read
Decarbonisation 27-03-2017 19:36 Read
Growing International Opportunity for Drug Development 27-03-2017 19:34 Read
Citigroup Canary in the Coal Mine 27-03-2017 19:32 Read
Time for Trump to Learn From Reagan 24-03-2017 23:33 Read
AP Analysis: Trump Young Presidency Perilously Adrift 24-03-2017 23:28 Read
Moodys Warns Scotland Exit Could Leave Country Facing Junk Rating 24-03-2017 23:25 Read
The Markets Now 24-03-2017 23:23 Read
GOP Health-Care Bill: House Republican Leaders Abruptly Pull Their Rewrite of the Health-Care Law 24-03-2017 22:54 Read
Video commentary for March 24th 2017 24-03-2017 21:49 Read
Populism: The Phenomenon 24-03-2017 21:45 Read
Juncker Puts Price on Brexit as Italy Offers Early Trade Talks 24-03-2017 21:42 Read
Email of the day on lengthy bond market top formations 24-03-2017 21:39 Read
Mubarak, Egypt's toppled Pharaoh, is free after final charges dropped 24-03-2017 21:36 Read
American Strategic Decline Is a Myth Donald Trump Continues to Peddle 23-03-2017 23:39 Read
Europe Has Forgotten What It Means for a Nation to Govern Itself. Article 50 Will Remind Them 23-03-2017 23:31 Read
The Markets Now 23-03-2017 23:27 Read
Video commentary for March 23rd 2017 23-03-2017 20:56 Read
Energy Stat: Are Electric and Autonomous Vehicles Heading Down the Road to Peak Oil Demand? 23-03-2017 20:53 Read
Dow's Merck Swipes Immuno-Oncology Share From Heavyweight Rivals 23-03-2017 20:46 Read
Not So Fast on India Stock Rally as UBS Sees Profit Bar Too High 23-03-2017 20:42 Read
Video commentary for March 22nd 2017 22-03-2017 20:48 Read
Email of the day on Chinese liquidity 22-03-2017 20:25 Read
Email of the day on choosing which instrument to short 22-03-2017 20:21 Read
Update for Customers With Bitcoin Stored on Coinbase 22-03-2017 20:19 Read
Nike Sinks After Sales Slowdown Suggests It's Losing Share 22-03-2017 20:18 Read
Big Oil Plan to Buy Into the Shale Boom 21-03-2017 23:50 Read
IEA Warn $1.3 Trillion of Oil and Gas Could be Left Stranded 21-03-2017 23:42 Read
Europe Likes to Huff and Puff, but It Will Agree a Sensible Brexit Deal in the End 21-03-2017 23:38 Read
The Markets Now 21-03-2017 23:32 Read
Video commentary for March 21st 2017 21-03-2017 20:56 Read
Email of the day on trading/investing in volatility 21-03-2017 19:51 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market longs closed and short opened 21-03-2017 19:49 Read
Taiwan Dollar Gains on Apple-Related Stock Inflows: Inside Asia 21-03-2017 19:47 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch March 21st 2017 21-03-2017 19:45 Read
French Election Polls Ahead of First Debate Show Le Pen, Macron Extending Lead 20-03-2017 23:59 Read
Email of the day 1 20-03-2017 23:58 Read
By Refusing Nicola Sturgeon Theresa May is Speaking for the Majority of Scottish People 20-03-2017 23:55 Read
Email of the day 2 20-03-2017 23:46 Read
The Markets Now 20-03-2017 23:36 Read
Video commentary for March 20th 2017 20-03-2017 19:45 Read
American Association of Professional Technical Analysts Conference 2017 20-03-2017 18:12 Read
Google Might Run the Power Grid More Efficiently 20-03-2017 18:08 Read
Porsche Pockets $17,250 Profit on Every Car 20-03-2017 18:02 Read
The US Federal Reserve is Riding a Tiger by Raising Interest Rates 17-03-2017 23:48 Read
The Key Lesson From OmNICShambles is How Urgently the Government Needs a Reboot 17-03-2017 23:03 Read
Narendra Modi Succeeds and the Failure of Liberal Politics in India 17-03-2017 22:54 Read
The Markets Now 17-03-2017 22:52 Read
We Are More Likely to Get a Better Brexit If we Do Not Ask 16-03-2017 23:36 Read
The Real Problem Is We Are All Over-Taxed 16-03-2017 23:33 Read
Email of the day 16-03-2017 23:22 Read
The Markets Now 16-03-2017 23:08 Read
India's Nifty Index Rises to Record as Fed Keeps Rate Outlook 16-03-2017 16:59 Read
Hong Kong Stocks Jump to 2015 High as Fed, China Energize Bulls 16-03-2017 16:57 Read
Upcoming Speaking Engagements 16-03-2017 06:04 Read
Video commentary for March 15th 2017 15-03-2017 20:56 Read
Treasuries Surge After Fed Maintains Forecasts for 2017, 2018 15-03-2017 20:08 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio commodity long increased 15-03-2017 20:06 Read
Round Two still much more to come 15-03-2017 17:50 Read
Credit Reports to Exclude Certain Negative Information, Boosting FICO Scores 15-03-2017 17:35 Read
Zara Owner's Margin Shrinks to Eight-Year Low on Currencies 15-03-2017 17:33 Read
SNP Leftist Vision for Scotland Will End In Tears 14-03-2017 23:38 Read
Nicola Sturgeon Timing: A Cynical Ploy to Take Advantage of Brexit Uncertainty 14-03-2017 23:30 Read
The Markets Now 14-03-2017 23:19 Read
Video commentary for March 14th 2017 14-03-2017 21:03 Read
China H-Shares Advance as Industrial Output Rises, Inflows Climb 14-03-2017 20:40 Read
Email of the day on stretched valuation metrics: 14-03-2017 20:38 Read
Email of the day - on vapes and e-cigarettes 14-03-2017 20:33 Read
Self-Employed? This Government is Determined to Punish You 13-03-2017 23:58 Read
Needed: A Radical Vision That Brings In Lower and Simpler Taxes for All 13-03-2017 23:57 Read
Indian PM Modi Wins Sweeping Victory in Crucial State 13-03-2017 23:52 Read
Rutte, Wilders Swap Jibes in Debate 36 Hours Before Dutch Vote 13-03-2017 23:50 Read
The Markets Now 13-03-2017 23:42 Read
Video commentary for March 13th 2017 13-03-2017 19:37 Read
Modi Win Spurs Jump in Indian Stock Futures, Rupee Forwards 13-03-2017 19:34 Read
Intel to Acquire Mobileye 13-03-2017 19:31 Read
SEC Decision on the proposed Winklevoss bitcoin ETF 13-03-2017 19:28 Read
China Should Deal With North Korea 10-03-2017 23:57 Read
Race to Bottom on Costs May Cause Oil to Choke on Supplies 10-03-2017 23:51 Read
Winklevoss Twins Lose Bid for Bitcoin Trade Fund 10-03-2017 23:47 Read
The Markets Now 10-03-2017 23:43 Read
Video commentary for March 10th 2017 10-03-2017 22:06 Read
New Infrastructure Themes and Top Ideas 10-03-2017 22:04 Read
The Pound 10-03-2017 22:01 Read
Park's Ouster Raises Prospect of Reset With China, Kim Jong Un 10-03-2017 22:00 Read
US Shale Surge Overwhelms Oil Market as OPEC Splits Deepen 09-03-2017 23:55 Read
Green van Beurden of Shell Warns On Looming Peak Oil Demand 09-03-2017 23:47 Read
The Markets Now 09-03-2017 23:20 Read
Video commentary for March 9th 2017 09-03-2017 20:56 Read
A Father of Fracking Seeks to Emulate U.S. Shale Boom in Alaska 09-03-2017 20:39 Read
China Inflation Heads Off in Two Directions 09-03-2017 20:36 Read
Bitcoin May Go Boom: A Guide to This Week's Big SEC Decision 09-03-2017 20:30 Read
Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers See Rainfall Boosting Mid-Crop Harvest 09-03-2017 20:28 Read
How the Euro Could Break Up or Be Saved 08-03-2017 23:58 Read
With Little Room to Manoeuvre, Philip Hammond Delivers a Steady-as-She-Goes Budget 08-03-2017 23:57 Read
Saudis Lose Patience on OPEC Cheating, Lash Out at Irresponsible Anti-Fossil Campaign 08-03-2017 23:50 Read
Women Go On Strike in US to Show Their Economic Clout 08-03-2017 23:43 Read
The Markets Now 08-03-2017 23:34 Read
Video commentary for March 8th 2017 08-03-2017 20:59 Read
Oil Falls to Two-Month Low as Traders Focus on Record Supplies 08-03-2017 20:45 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch March 7th 2017 08-03-2017 20:42 Read
New Research Could Turn Water Into the Fuel of Tomorrow 08-03-2017 20:39 Read
Treasuries Tumble After ADP Employment Tops Highest Estimates 08-03-2017 20:05 Read
Video commentary for March 7th 2017 07-03-2017 21:23 Read
Forget the Border Levy. Here's the Really Big GOP Tax Idea 07-03-2017 21:15 Read
Extend and Pretend 07-03-2017 21:10 Read
Million dollar baby! Infant Reliance Jio set to give peers many sleepless nights 07-03-2017 21:08 Read
Let Us Have a Reforming Budget at Last 06-03-2017 23:58 Read
Email of the day 1: 06-03-2017 23:56 Read
Email of the day 2 06-03-2017 23:55 Read
Permain Shale Boom in Texas Is Devastating for OPEC 06-03-2017 23:54 Read
The Markets Now 06-03-2017 23:53 Read
Video commentary for March 6th 2017 06-03-2017 19:09 Read
Hammond to Offer $674 Million to Boost Innovation in Budget 06-03-2017 18:55 Read
Tempting Turkish Stocks Close In on Record as Valuations Dazzle 06-03-2017 18:52 Read
IBM thinks it's ready to turn quantum computing into an actual business 06-03-2017 18:50 Read
Email of the day on Continuous Professional Development credit at The Chart Seminar: 06-03-2017 18:42 Read
The Rise of the Useless Class 03-03-2017 23:47 Read
Janet Yellen Hints at March Rate Hike and More Later in Friday Speech 03-03-2017 23:44 Read
If Philip Hammond Cannot Deliver a Radical Conservative Budget Now, When Will He ever be Able to? 03-03-2017 23:40 Read
The Markets Now 03-03-2017 23:35 Read
Email of the day 03-03-2017 23:33 Read
Video commentary for March 3rd 2017 03-03-2017 20:09 Read
US Economy: No recession in sight Policy uncertainty enormous 03-03-2017 19:47 Read
NBCUniversal Invests $500 Million in Snap IPO Amid Digital Push 03-03-2017 19:29 Read
Peso Surges After Ross Says Nafta Deal Could Fuel Recovery 03-03-2017 19:26 Read
Dyson Expands in U.K. With New Technology Campus 02-03-2017 23:10 Read
AI Scientists Gather to Plot Doomsday Scenarios and Solutions 02-03-2017 23:06 Read
Theresa May Honourable Brexit Deserves More Chivalrous Treatment 02-03-2017 22:54 Read
The Markets Now 02-03-2017 22:47 Read
Video commentary for March 2nd 2017 02-03-2017 21:32 Read
Meet the weaponized propaganda AI that knows you better than you know yourself 02-03-2017 21:24 Read
Introducing Handle 02-03-2017 21:22 Read
Greece's Latest Drama Imperils Banks' Baby Steps Toward Recovery 02-03-2017 21:17 Read
Viewers Strongly Approve of Trump Speech to Congress 01-03-2017 23:59 Read
Dimon Says U.S. Future Very Bright If Trump Can Enact Reforms 01-03-2017 23:41 Read
No Brexit Deal Is a Scenario U.K. Must Prepare for, Davis Warns 01-03-2017 23:39 Read
Economists May Be Underestimating How Fast the Robots Are Coming 01-03-2017 23:35 Read
The Markets Now 01-03-2017 23:24 Read
Video commentary for March 1st 2017 01-03-2017 21:38 Read
European Stocks Surge on Fed Hike Bets With FTSE 100 at a Record 01-03-2017 21:36 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio stock market longs opened 01-03-2017 21:33 Read
A Patent Decision on Crispr Gene Editing Favors MIT 01-03-2017 21:32 Read
Email of the day on the rollout of 5G 01-03-2017 21:29 Read
Email of the day on a US venue for The Chart Seminar: 01-03-2017 21:28 Read

February 2017

Title Release date Read
These 12 Superbugs Pose the Greatest Threat to Human Health, WHO Says 28-02-2017 23:41 Read
Be Nice to the UK in Brexit Talks, $85 Billion Investor Pleads 28-02-2017 23:37 Read
French Industry Shuts Le Pen Out of Debate on Economic Policy 28-02-2017 23:34 Read
The Markets Now 28-02-2017 23:29 Read
Video commentary for February 28th 2017 28-02-2017 21:32 Read
The World's Most Radical Experiment in Monetary Policy Isn't Working 28-02-2017 21:16 Read
10 mines still making good money if the gold price falls 50% 28-02-2017 21:11 Read
The Seven Deadly Myths of U.S. Defense Spending 28-02-2017 21:07 Read
Warren Buffett's Best Investment 28-02-2017 21:05 Read
Good-Cop, Bad-Cop Diplomacy May Pay Off 27-02-2017 21:19 Read
Trump Singles Out Tunnels in New York as Among the Worst in the Nation 27-02-2017 21:15 Read
Trillions of Dollars Are at Stake When Trump Speaks to Congress 27-02-2017 21:13 Read
The Markets Now 27-02-2017 21:09 Read
Video commentary for February 27th 2017 27-02-2017 20:57 Read
Short-term Overbought Conditions 27-02-2017 20:34 Read
Wal-Mart launches new front in U.S. price war, targets Aldi in grocery aisle 27-02-2017 20:32 Read
Super-smart robots will outnumber humans by FOUR BILLION within three decades, Softbank CEO says 27-02-2017 20:30 Read
It Is Time for Luddites to Relax: Robots Will Not Take Over the World 24-02-2017 23:46 Read
UK Tories Lash Out at EU $63 Billion Brexit Bill 24-02-2017 23:40 Read
Email of the day 24-02-2017 23:38 Read
The Commercial Realities of Brexit 24-02-2017 23:31 Read
The Markets Now 24-02-2017 23:25 Read
Video commentary for February 24th 2017 24-02-2017 23:17 Read
British Airways Poised to Join Long-Haul Narrow-Body Craze 24-02-2017 21:06 Read
Italexit is not a solution for Italy's problems 24-02-2017 21:03 Read
The second stage of disruption 24-02-2017 21:01 Read
Unpayable Debts and an Existential EU Financial Crisis; Are Eurozone Central Banks Still Solvent? 23-02-2017 22:39 Read
We Must Leave the EU Quickly; It is Falling Apart Faster Than I Thought 23-02-2017 22:31 Read
The Markets Now 23-02-2017 22:13 Read
Video commentary for February 23rd 2017 23-02-2017 21:53 Read
Renewed Love for Gold into Early 2017 23-02-2017 21:50 Read
NVidia to fall nearly 20% on increasing competition from AMD, high valuation, analyst says 23-02-2017 21:49 Read
Saudi Arabia $2 Trillion Aramco Vision Runs Into Market Reality 23-02-2017 21:47 Read
NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star 23-02-2017 21:44 Read
Le Pen Wins Over Women Voters Who Feel Left Behind in France 22-02-2017 23:12 Read
Trump Eyes Easing Obama Rules for Sprawling Pipeline Network 22-02-2017 23:07 Read
The Weekly View: Ride the Bull, But Do Not Chase It 22-02-2017 23:03 Read
Video commentary for February 22nd 2017 22-02-2017 22:35 Read
Big Batteries Coming of Age Prompt Bankers to Place Bets 22-02-2017 22:22 Read
The Mark Zuckerberg Manifesto Is a Blueprint for Destroying Journalism 22-02-2017 22:19 Read
Deviations From Covered Interest Rate Parity 22-02-2017 22:17 Read
Fillon Jumps in French Polls as Macron Pays for Campaign Gaffe 21-02-2017 23:41 Read
Brexit Could Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to the UK Tech Industry 21-02-2017 23:36 Read
Email of the day 1 21-02-2017 23:31 Read
Email of the day 2 21-02-2017 23:28 Read
Video commentary for February 21st 2017 21-02-2017 21:25 Read
Musing from the Oil Patch February 21st 2017 21-02-2017 21:14 Read
North Korea lights fire under coking coal price 21-02-2017 21:13 Read
Japan's manufacturing sector hasn't looked this good in years 21-02-2017 21:11 Read
Email of the day on creating Preset Templates 21-02-2017 21:10 Read
Why Britain Should Consider Unilateral Free Trade 20-02-2017 22:35 Read
Things Going Wrong In Donald Trump White House? No Problem, Blame the Media 20-02-2017 22:29 Read
Le Pen Party Says HQ Raided in Parliamentary Aides Case 20-02-2017 22:24 Read
Video commentary for February 20th 2017 20-02-2017 21:03 Read
Mondelez, Kellogg, et al -- Let the Deal Frenzy Begin 20-02-2017 19:50 Read
Email of the day on the cost of gold mining 20-02-2017 19:39 Read
Email of the day on the Dow/Gold ratio scenarios 20-02-2017 19:36 Read
Citigroup Pays Fine to Settle South African Rand Collusion Probe 20-02-2017 19:34 Read
Video commentary for February 17th 2017 17-02-2017 23:53 Read
Beyond The Supercycle How Technology is Reshaping Resources 17-02-2017 23:43 Read
Email of the day on the VIX 17-02-2017 23:41 Read
Biotechnology rotation 17-02-2017 23:40 Read
Hotly Disputed, but No Longer Unthinkable: Could France be Ready for President Le Pen? 16-02-2017 23:33 Read
Tillerson Forced to Stay at Sanatorium in German Village for G-20. 16-02-2017 23:26 Read
Email of the day 1 16-02-2017 23:23 Read
Jim Cramer: You Do Not Want to Be in Retail Stocks 16-02-2017 23:16 Read
Email of the day 2 16-02-2017 23:11 Read
The Markets Now 16-02-2017 23:07 Read
It Does Not Matter Whether the Trump Base Liked His Press Conference 16-02-2017 23:05 Read
U.S. Spy Agencies, FBI Probing Trump Team Russia Calls, Officials Say 15-02-2017 22:50 Read
Richest Investors in the World Still Cautious On Equities Amid Populist Surge 15-02-2017 22:43 Read
What if Britain had never joined the EU in the first place? 15-02-2017 22:40 Read
Email of the day 15-02-2017 22:32 Read
The Markets Now 15-02-2017 22:27 Read
China Steel Mills Hunt for High-Grade Iron Ore to Boost Output 14-02-2017 23:00 Read
Yellen Sees More Rate Hikes Ahead If Economy Stays on Course 14-02-2017 22:47 Read
Yellen Says Reducing the Regulatory Burden is a Legitimate and Important Goal and Bank Stocks Are Rising 14-02-2017 22:41 Read
The Markets Now 14-02-2017 22:23 Read
Email of the day on protectionism representing a headwind for global companies 14-02-2017 17:44 Read
Bottom is in for Uranium; Gold & Silver Off to the Races in 2017 14-02-2017 17:40 Read
It's good to be back 13-02-2017 23:59 Read
Trump Gives Trudeau Assurance on Canada Trade Relationship 13-02-2017 23:56 Read
The Demise of Deadly Diesel 13-02-2017 23:50 Read
Trump: A Two-Year Presidency 13-02-2017 23:49 Read
Does This Government Have Guts Enough to Solve the Housing Crisis? 13-02-2017 23:48 Read
The Markets Now 13-02-2017 23:45 Read
Video commentary for February 13th 2017 13-02-2017 19:18 Read
Email of the day on accelerating trends in the currency markets 13-02-2017 19:15 Read
Silicon will blow lithium batteries out of water, says Adelaide firm 13-02-2017 19:12 Read
Africa's Cities: Opening Doors to the World 13-02-2017 19:10 Read
Video commentary for February 10th 2017 10-02-2017 21:08 Read
A must read: ballast water convention 10-02-2017 20:54 Read
Reckitt Has a $16.6 Billion Way of Fending Off Boredom 10-02-2017 20:47 Read
Copper Jumps Most Since 2013 as Strike Combines With China Boost 10-02-2017 20:45 Read
Backing into World War III 10-02-2017 20:44 Read
Video commentary for February 9th 2017 09-02-2017 20:41 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch February 7th 2017 09-02-2017 19:48 Read
Markets on the cusp ...? 09-02-2017 19:46 Read
Machines Can Replace Millions of Bureaucrats 09-02-2017 19:44 Read
Video commentary for February 8th 2017 08-02-2017 19:27 Read
The Dow/Gold Ratio 08-02-2017 19:07 Read
On Target Japan 08-02-2017 19:05 Read
Email of the day on uranium charts 08-02-2017 18:19 Read
Please note David is away for a few days 07-02-2017 22:01 Read
Video commentary for February 7th 2017 07-02-2017 21:17 Read
BOE's Forbes Says U.K. Economy May Soon Need a Rate Increase 07-02-2017 21:05 Read
Australia's Stock Market Is Decoupling From the World 07-02-2017 21:03 Read
France and Le Pen 07-02-2017 21:00 Read
Video commentary for February 6th 2017 06-02-2017 21:56 Read
How do you play political uncertainty? 06-02-2017 21:35 Read
Why Hollywood As We Know It Is Already Over 06-02-2017 21:30 Read
Email of the day - on nickel's underperformance 06-02-2017 21:27 Read
Video commentary for February 3rd 2017 03-02-2017 22:46 Read
Australia's record-breaking mining exports hint of new sector boom 03-02-2017 21:17 Read
New Nafta Could Settle Canada-U.S. Lumber War, Resolute CEO Says 03-02-2017 21:14 Read
Where is the Dollar weakest? 03-02-2017 21:12 Read
Video commentary for February 2nd 2017 02-02-2017 20:44 Read
Philippines to shut half of mines, mostly nickel, in environmental clampdown 02-02-2017 20:30 Read
Rupee Advances to 8-Week High After Modi Budget 02-02-2017 20:25 Read
The latest "nightmare inducing" Boston Dynamics robots 02-02-2017 20:21 Read

January 2017

Title Release date Read
The City Finally Sees the Light On Brexit 31-01-2017 23:49 Read
French Race Blown Wide Open as Le Pen, Macron Wait in Wings 31-01-2017 23:45 Read
Trump Is Right: Germany Is Running An Illegal Currency Racket 31-01-2017 23:37 Read
The Markets Now 31-01-2017 23:32 Read
Sometimes Dow Peaks Are Followed by More Peaks 30-01-2017 23:59 Read
Buffett Go-To Billionaire Dealmaker Has Wall Street on Edge 30-01-2017 23:57 Read
Email of the day 30-01-2017 23:50 Read
Mexico Unites In Anger Over President Trump Plan for Sanctions 30-01-2017 23:45 Read
The Markets Now 30-01-2017 23:40 Read
Video commentary for January 30th 2017 30-01-2017 16:45 Read
The retreat of the global company 30-01-2017 16:02 Read
Email of the day on leverage and the repercussions of quantitative easing 30-01-2017 16:00 Read
Tesla's Battery Revolution Just Reached Critical Mass 30-01-2017 15:55 Read
US Shale Surge Stalls Weekly Oil Price Gains 27-01-2017 22:55 Read
Trump Greets Prime Minister May as World Leaders Look For Cues 27-01-2017 22:47 Read
The Weekly View: Focussing on Policy, Not Headlines: Investing in the Era of the Tweet News Cycle 27-01-2017 22:44 Read
The Markets Now 27-01-2017 22:37 Read
Mail Online Coverage of the First Meeting of Theresa May and Donald Trump 27-01-2017 22:36 Read
Video commentary for January 27th 2017 27-01-2017 20:01 Read
France's Neighbors Sound Alarm Over Election 'Catastrophe' Risk 27-01-2017 19:52 Read
Latin America Abandons Fuel Subsidies in Shift to Austerity 27-01-2017 19:50 Read
Gold Goes Cold Turkey as Chinese Stop Buying for Year of Rooster 27-01-2017 19:48 Read
Trump Border Tax Threatens Global Dollar Chaos 26-01-2017 23:17 Read
May Says Opposites Attract, Before Trump Meeting Tomorrow 26-01-2017 23:13 Read
UK Remains Fastest Growing Economy in Western World After Expanding 0.6pc In Final Quarter of 2016 26-01-2017 23:11 Read
Thanks to Gina Miller, Parliament is Again Supreme. But Now MPs Must Fear Voter Wrath 26-01-2017 23:01 Read
The Markets Now 26-01-2017 22:56 Read
Video commentary for January 26th 2017 26-01-2017 22:32 Read
Italexit Risk Low, Debt Re-Profiling Better Option: Mediobanca 26-01-2017 22:20 Read
China's Consumers Greet Year of the Rooster with Bling Splurge 26-01-2017 22:18 Read
Blackstone's Fourth-Quarter Profit Rises 86% as Hilton, Holdings Gain 26-01-2017 22:15 Read
Dow Jones Breaks 20,000 For First Time Ever and Global Stocks Hit 19-Month High as Markets Reignite Trump Rally 25-01-2017 23:47 Read
The End of Terrible Wi-Fi ls Near 25-01-2017 23:45 Read
The Markets Now 25-01-2017 23:26 Read
Video commentary for January 25th 2017 25-01-2017 21:45 Read
Canada Faces Era of Pipeline Abundance After Keystone Move 25-01-2017 19:53 Read
Interesting charts January 25th 2017 25-01-2017 19:48 Read
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's AI Acquisition Will Make Science Free for All 25-01-2017 19:47 Read
Fed Debate Over $4.5 Trillion Balance Sheet Looms in 2017 25-01-2017 19:45 Read
Email of the day on steel errata 25-01-2017 19:32 Read
Europe Learns To Like Hard Brexit and a Good British Ally 24-01-2017 23:51 Read
Email of the day 24-01-2017 23:32 Read
The Special Relationship Is Our Only Indispensable Alliance. Theresa May and Donald Trump Must Renew It 24-01-2017 23:22 Read
CBI Boss Says Theresa May Speech Sent Shockwaves Through EU Businesses 24-01-2017 23:13 Read
The Markets Now 24-01-2017 23:09 Read
Video commentary for January 24th 2017 24-01-2017 22:36 Read
Goldman Hails Global Rebound as Currie Sees Commodity Demand 24-01-2017 19:54 Read
Sibanye $2.2bn acquisition of Stillwater passes antitrust conditions 24-01-2017 19:52 Read
Email of the day on Chinese cotton demand 24-01-2017 19:51 Read
Brazil Optimism Pushes Foreign Investment to Six-Year High 24-01-2017 19:50 Read
Video commentary for January 23rd 2017 23-01-2017 21:40 Read
2017 Roundtable, Part 2: Manual for a Mixed-Up Market 23-01-2017 20:06 Read
Email of the day on cannabis and steel 23-01-2017 20:00 Read
Woman dies from antibiotic-resistant bacteria when no antibiotics worked 23-01-2017 19:54 Read
Video commentary for January 20th 2017 20-01-2017 22:43 Read
Donald Trump's Presidency: A Look at His Proposed Policy Shifts 20-01-2017 20:49 Read
These Are the World's Most Innovative Economies 20-01-2017 20:44 Read
The Tech Bubble Year 5+ 20-01-2017 20:41 Read
European Ideological Civil War Laid Bare In Davos 19-01-2017 23:59 Read
Bankers in Davos See Trump Making Wall Street Great Again 19-01-2017 23:53 Read
The Evolution of Theresa May Sets Brexit Britain On Course for a Bright Global Future 19-01-2017 23:51 Read
The Markets Now 19-01-2017 23:45 Read
Video commentary for January 19th 2016 19-01-2017 21:59 Read
FANG was so 2015 19-01-2017 20:50 Read
Bond Guru Who Called Last Bear Market 40 Years Ago Says Go Long 19-01-2017 20:41 Read
Email of the day on Canadian cannabis stocks 19-01-2017 20:39 Read
Dimon Says Euro Zone May Not Survive Without Change in Direction 18-01-2017 23:31 Read
Just Like In the 1980s, Theresa May Faces Chaos From Militant Unions. And Just Like Margaret Thatcher, She Must Not Flinch 18-01-2017 23:24 Read
Email of the day 18-01-2017 23:10 Read
The Markets Now 18-01-2017 23:08 Read
Video commentary for January 18th 2017 18-01-2017 21:42 Read
Behind China's Bond Selloff, a Risky Twist on the Repo Trade 18-01-2017 20:26 Read
Goldman, Citi Beat Estimates as Trading Buoys Wall Street 18-01-2017 20:20 Read
Pot Industry Exhales (a Little) After Trump's Attorney General Pick Testifies 18-01-2017 20:18 Read
Theresa May Brexit Speech: PM reveals UK Will Leave Single Market, Flags Australia Trade Deal 17-01-2017 23:24 Read
Dominic Lawson: Why Our Cautious Chancellor Just Dropped a Brexit Bomb On Berlin 17-01-2017 23:18 Read
Email of the day 1, as I catch up 17-01-2017 23:14 Read
Whisper It, But This Could be a Good Year for Growth 17-01-2017 23:11 Read
Email of the day 2 17-01-2017 23:07 Read
The Markets Now 17-01-2017 23:04 Read
Video commentary for January 17th 2017 17-01-2017 22:06 Read
Stocks Could Post Limited Gains in 2017 as Yields Rise 17-01-2017 21:14 Read
Iron ore price: China imports top 1 billion tonnes for first time 17-01-2017 21:08 Read
Alibaba jumps ahead of Amazon with Maersk tie-up 17-01-2017 21:01 Read
Video commentary for January 16th 2017 16-01-2017 20:43 Read
Brexit Plans Rattle Pound and Stocks as Gold Rises 16-01-2017 19:35 Read
Email of the day on the secular bull market in bonds 16-01-2017 19:32 Read
Email of the day on MOOCs 16-01-2017 19:29 Read
Email of the day on reshoring and automation 16-01-2017 19:27 Read
Davos Wonders If It Is Part of the Problem 13-01-2017 23:51 Read
Email of the day 1 13-01-2017 23:41 Read
Email of the day 2 13-01-2017 23:36 Read
The Markets Now 13-01-2017 23:25 Read
Big Picture Video commentary for January 13th 2017 13-01-2017 23:00 Read
The FTSE-100 13-01-2017 22:26 Read
Last Lifelines Crumble for Many Greek Families as New Conflict With Creditors Looms 13-01-2017 22:19 Read
Interesting charts for January 13th 13-01-2017 22:17 Read
Perils of the Icarus Trade as the World Runs Short of Dollars 12-01-2017 23:42 Read
Dimon Praises Cabinet Picks, Says He Is Optimistic About Trump 12-01-2017 23:33 Read
The Markets Now 12-01-2017 23:29 Read
The Robot Rampage 12-01-2017 01:37 Read
Latest memo from Howard Marks: Expert Opinion 12-01-2017 01:34 Read
Bitcoin Falls 6% After PBOC Shanghai Inspects Trading Platform 12-01-2017 01:31 Read
Video commentary for January 11th 2016 11-01-2017 22:19 Read
World's top uranium producer Kazakhstan to cut output by 10% 11-01-2017 21:27 Read
Samsung Proves Its Business Remains Sound Despite Note 7 Fiasco 11-01-2017 21:25 Read
Down But Far From Out 11-01-2017 21:22 Read
Illumina Introduces the NovaSeq Series a New Architecture Designed to Usher in the $100 Genome 11-01-2017 21:20 Read
U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980 10-01-2017 23:28 Read
The Weekly View: Reducing US Stocks to Bring Balanced Portfolios Closer to Long-Term Targets 10-01-2017 23:27 Read
Email of the day 10-01-2017 23:25 Read
The Markets Now 10-01-2017 23:24 Read
Video commentary for January 10th 2017 10-01-2017 22:35 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch January 10th 2016 10-01-2017 21:33 Read
Coking coal price correction turns into rout 10-01-2017 21:28 Read
Brazil Worries the 'China of South America' Is Eating Its Lunch 10-01-2017 21:14 Read
German Fury Grows Over Inflation Horror-Kurve as Fears of Destructive Boom-Bust Cycle Mount 09-01-2017 23:48 Read
Some 2017 Impressions 09-01-2017 23:41 Read
The Markets Now 09-01-2017 23:29 Read
Video commentary for January 9th 2017 09-01-2017 22:29 Read
Ariad Enters into Definitive Agreement to Be Acquired by Takeda for $5.2 Billion 09-01-2017 21:40 Read
Email of the day on India's demonetisation 09-01-2017 21:37 Read
Email of the day on the risk of a pullback on Wall Street: 09-01-2017 21:35 Read
Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption 09-01-2017 21:33 Read
Our Shell-Shocked Civil Service Is Simply Not UP to the Job On Brexit 06-01-2017 23:59 Read
Element Six Diamond Sculptors Push the Envelope From Lasers to the Quantum Realm 06-01-2017 23:50 Read
The Markets Now 06-01-2017 23:49 Read
Icelandic Volcanic Heat May Be the Perfect Solution to UK Energy Crunch 06-01-2017 23:46 Read
Video commentary for January 6th 2017 06-01-2017 22:20 Read
U.S. Payrolls Rise 156,000 as Wages Increase Most Since 2009 06-01-2017 21:31 Read
Yuan Pares Record Rally as Goldman Says Now's the Time to Sell 06-01-2017 21:29 Read
World's Worst Commodity Radioactive for Investor Portfolios 06-01-2017 21:26 Read
Intel Boss on the Doubling of Computer Power Every Two Years 05-01-2017 23:26 Read
Email of the day 05-01-2017 23:12 Read
President Mark Zuckerberg? It May Not Be as Crazy as It Sounds 05-01-2017 23:07 Read
The Markets Now 05-01-2017 23:00 Read
Video commentary for January 5th 2017 05-01-2017 22:21 Read
America's Roster of Public Companies Is Shrinking Before Our Eyes 05-01-2017 21:12 Read
Bitcoin Suffers Biggest Fall in Two Years Following China Currency Gains 05-01-2017 21:09 Read
Treasuries Soar Most Since Post-Brexit as Market Volatility Hits 05-01-2017 21:04 Read
Email of the day on separate video and audio files 05-01-2017 21:02 Read
Harvard Academic Sees Debt Rout Worse Than 1994 Bond Massacre 04-01-2017 23:58 Read
Sir Tim Barrow Appointed as UK Ambassador to the EU 04-01-2017 23:53 Read
The Markets Now 04-01-2017 23:42 Read
Video commentary for January 4th 2017 04-01-2017 21:10 Read
The Ugly Unethical Underside of Silicon Valley 04-01-2017 20:47 Read
China Said to Consider Options to Back Yuan, Curb Outflows 04-01-2017 20:44 Read
Lithium producers can't expand fast enough to meet demand: An interview with Orocobre CEO Richard Seville 04-01-2017 20:42 Read
Email of the day on long-term iron-ore prices 04-01-2017 20:40 Read
Trump Criticizes House GOP Move to Weaken Ethics Office 03-01-2017 23:59 Read
British Ambassador to the EU Sir Ivan Rogers Unexpectedly Quits Just Weeks After Row Over Leaked Brexit Memo 03-01-2017 23:57 Read
Compulsory Motor Insurance for Lawnmowers, Gold Buggies and Mini Quad Bikes? 03-01-2017 23:52 Read
Try Not to Tell the Markets What to Do 03-01-2017 23:48 Read
The Markets Now 03-01-2017 23:45 Read
Video commentary for January 3rd 2017 03-01-2017 21:18 Read
Email of the day on Friday's big picture long-term video and audio 03-01-2017 21:17 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio both longs and shorts opened 03-01-2017 21:12 Read
Earnings, Not Donald Trump, Are Stocks' Best Friend in 2017 03-01-2017 21:11 Read
China to become net importer of some rare earths 03-01-2017 21:09 Read

2016 Comment of the day archive

December 2016

Title Release date Read
Big Picture video commentary for December 30th 2016 30-12-2016 23:03 Read
Australia ASX 300 Overextensions 30-12-2016 21:11 Read
Euro Jumps 1.6 Percent in Minutes as Algo Orders Surprise Market 30-12-2016 21:04 Read
Solar Panels Now So Cheap Manufacturers Probably Selling at Loss 30-12-2016 21:01 Read
Pharma's Pricing Troubles Will Get Worse in 2017 30-12-2016 20:59 Read
Video commentary for December 29th 2016 29-12-2016 20:27 Read
FTSE-350 Overextensions relative to the 200-day MA 29-12-2016 19:56 Read
Indian Sugar Shortage Deepens as Cane Crop Set to Disappoint 29-12-2016 19:50 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch December 28th 2016 29-12-2016 19:47 Read
Video commentary for December 28th 2016 28-12-2016 22:09 Read
Overextensions relative to the trend mean 28-12-2016 21:30 Read
Interesting charts December 28th 2016 28-12-2016 21:10 Read
Africa's mixed political transitions in the 3 Gs: Gabon, the Gambia, and Ghana 28-12-2016 21:04 Read
The Chaos Theory of Donald Trump: Sowing Confusion Through Tweets 23-12-2016 23:46 Read
Email of the day 1 23-12-2016 22:53 Read
Email of the day 2 23-12-2016 22:46 Read
The Markets Now 23-12-2016 22:37 Read
My personal portfolio 23-12-2016 22:28 Read
Big Picture Video Commentary for December 23rd 2016 23-12-2016 20:52 Read
U.S. shale is now cash flow neutral 23-12-2016 20:09 Read
Gleanings 23-12-2016 20:06 Read
The bizarre business of intentional product failure: planned obsolescence 23-12-2016 20:02 Read
Email of the day on back pain, lifestyle and emotional reserves: 23-12-2016 20:00 Read
Jamie Dimon on Trump, Taxes, and a U.S. Renaissance 22-12-2016 23:47 Read
Donald Trump is Holding a Government Casting Call. He is Seeking The Look 22-12-2016 23:44 Read
Email of the day 1 22-12-2016 23:42 Read
Email of the day 2 22-12-2016 23:38 Read
Email of the day 3 22-12-2016 23:36 Read
The Markets Now 22-12-2016 23:33 Read
Video commentary for December 22nd 2016 22-12-2016 20:58 Read
Jingle bulls, jingle bulls, jingle all the way! 22-12-2016 18:50 Read
Businesses Are Friskier After Trump Victory, BofA's Moynihan Says 22-12-2016 18:26 Read
Apple's Search for Better iPhone Screens Leads to Japan's Rice Fields 22-12-2016 18:24 Read
Email of the day more on back pain 22-12-2016 18:22 Read
Merkel Said to Close Off Banks-for-Cars Brexit Deal Before Talks 21-12-2016 23:41 Read
The Weekly View: US Stocks Are A Bit Stretched, But New Highs Confirm Bull Market 21-12-2016 23:29 Read
The Markets Now 21-12-2016 23:22 Read
Video commentary for December 21st 2016 21-12-2016 21:12 Read
Japan sees start of bull run, focus on Trumponomics and 'America first' policy approach 21-12-2016 20:18 Read
Angela Merkel faces her darkest hour 21-12-2016 20:16 Read
Italy lawmakers approve 20 billion euro plan to prop up banks 21-12-2016 20:14 Read
How One Huge American Retailer Ignored the Internet and Won 21-12-2016 20:11 Read
The US is Crying Out for Donald Trump Economic Tonic 20-12-2016 22:48 Read
European Stranglehold Over the IMF Has Become a Curse 20-12-2016 22:26 Read
The Markets Now 20-12-2016 22:16 Read
Video commentary for December 20th 2016 20-12-2016 20:50 Read
The Emerging Markets Hat Trick: Time to Throw Your Hat In? 20-12-2016 20:05 Read
China Throws Out South China Sea Rule Book 20-12-2016 20:03 Read
Email of the day on back pain, biotech and 'overall' 20-12-2016 19:44 Read
Email of the day on wool prices 20-12-2016 19:42 Read
Glass Half Full at Leaving the EU? Look at the Gains of Truly Free Trade 19-12-2016 23:58 Read
Vlad the Ruthless knows exactly what he is doing, unlike his foes in the West 19-12-2016 23:55 Read
Email of the day 19-12-2016 23:50 Read
The Markets Now 19-12-2016 23:45 Read
Video commentary for December 19th 2016 19-12-2016 21:18 Read
Bond Selloff Shows Risks of China's Efforts to Restrain Credit 19-12-2016 19:52 Read
Welcome to Uberville 19-12-2016 19:46 Read
Email of the day on the Dow / Gold ratio 19-12-2016 19:45 Read
Email of the day - on back pain, recovery and maintenance 19-12-2016 19:44 Read
The Eurogroup Is the Real Villain In Greece Today, Not the IMF 16-12-2016 23:27 Read
Donald Trump Cabinet of Oil Men and Generals Is Just What Is Needed to Get US Out of its Rut 16-12-2016 23:24 Read
The Markets Now 16-12-2016 23:17 Read
Big Pixture Long-Term Video commentary for December 16th 2016 16-12-2016 01:43 Read
Asian Markets 2017 16-12-2016 01:32 Read
U.S.'s ICE Backs U.K. in Battle to Keep Euro Clearing in London 16-12-2016 01:31 Read
Mexico's Trump-Fueled Rout Belies Latin America Markets Bonanza 16-12-2016 01:29 Read
How Trump Courted Sandberg, Cook and Bezos 15-12-2016 22:49 Read
World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That Is Cheaper Than Wind 15-12-2016 22:46 Read
Email of the day 15-12-2016 22:37 Read
The Markets Now 15-12-2016 22:34 Read
Video commentary for December 15th 2016 15-12-2016 21:30 Read
The worst of both worlds 15-12-2016 21:12 Read
China Halts Trading in Key Bond Futures as Panicky Investors Sell Securities 15-12-2016 21:06 Read
Euro-Area Maintains Momentum as Weaker Currency Helps Factories 15-12-2016 21:02 Read
The Chart Seminar 2017 15-12-2016 15:52 Read
Putin Game Is to Neuter and Divide the West, and He Is Succeeding 14-12-2016 23:39 Read
Kissinger at 93 Expounds on Rex Tillerson, One-China and Trump 14-12-2016 23:31 Read
Fed to Step Up the Pace of Interest Rate Rises Next Year 14-12-2016 23:25 Read
The Markets Now 14-12-2016 23:14 Read
Video commentary for December 14th 2016 14-12-2016 22:02 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch December 13th 2016 14-12-2016 21:15 Read
SWIFT confirms new cyber thefts, hacking tactics 14-12-2016 21:13 Read
Namibia's new uranium mine to boost growth, make it worl's third producer 14-12-2016 21:11 Read
Good Idea From Trump Could Work In Australia, Too 13-12-2016 23:47 Read
It Is Not Too Early To Start Planning For the End of the EU 13-12-2016 23:36 Read
The Left Are Being Sore Losers and Democracy Is the Poorer For It 13-12-2016 23:31 Read
The Markets Now 13-12-2016 23:04 Read
Video commentary for December 13th 2016 13-12-2016 21:30 Read
Email of the day on luxury goods companies 13-12-2016 21:14 Read
Investors Can Clean Up With Italy's Biggest Bank 13-12-2016 21:10 Read
Trump Gives New Volatility to Defense Stocks in 140 Characters 13-12-2016 21:08 Read
China Warns Trump Against Using Taiwan for Leverage on Trade 12-12-2016 20:04 Read
Hong Kong's Squeezed Money Market Sends a Sell Signal on Stocks 12-12-2016 20:01 Read
Email of the day on Eurozone governance: 12-12-2016 19:59 Read
Big Pixture Long-Term Video commentary for December 8th 2016 09-12-2016 22:19 Read
Ford leads automakers in patents for 2016 09-12-2016 22:07 Read
South Africa's Sibanye Gold to Buy Stillwater Mining for $2.2 Billion in Latest Platinum Push 09-12-2016 22:03 Read
The Marketscope 09-12-2016 21:59 Read
Video commentary for December 8th 2016 08-12-2016 18:25 Read
Euro Slides With Bonds on ECB Stimulus Signal; U.S. Stocks Mixed 08-12-2016 18:02 Read
Credit Outlook Q4 2016: As Benign Environment Ends, Bank Portfolios Suggest Future Stress 08-12-2016 17:57 Read
In mammoth task, BP sends almost three million barrels of U.S. oil to Asia 08-12-2016 17:53 Read
Browning Newsletter 08-12-2016 17:47 Read
Italy Rebel Economist Hones Plan to Ditch the Euro and Restore the Medici Florin 07-12-2016 23:25 Read
Like the House of Bourbon, the Euro Will Eventually be Broken on the Anvil of Popular Insurrection 07-12-2016 23:18 Read
Email of the day 07-12-2016 23:13 Read
The Markets Now 07-12-2016 23:08 Read
Video commentary for December 7th 2016 07-12-2016 21:00 Read
Chinese-Korean group to build $2 billion lithium batteries plant in Chile 07-12-2016 20:51 Read
Electric Cars May Take an OPEC-Sized Bite From Oil Use 07-12-2016 20:45 Read
Outlook for 2017: Better times ahead 07-12-2016 20:42 Read
The Euro Has Trapped Poor Countries Like Italy In a Failed Experiment. It Must Give Them an Exit, or Collapse 06-12-2016 23:42 Read
The Trump Bump In the Markets Is Powered By a Welcome Cut In Corporate Taxes 06-12-2016 23:33 Read
The Markets Now 06-12-2016 23:21 Read
Video commentary for December 6th 2016 06-12-2016 22:27 Read
"Serenity Now" 06-12-2016 20:35 Read
Email of the day on sell the rumour, buy the news 06-12-2016 20:33 Read
Wall Street as Landlord: Blackstone Going Public with a $10 Billion Bet on Foreclosed Homes 06-12-2016 20:31 Read
Parkinson's May Actually Originate From Microbes in the Gut 06-12-2016 18:48 Read
Stakes Are High In Showdown for British Future Energy Strategy 05-12-2016 23:58 Read
Ailing Banks in Italy Now Have to Wade Through the Referendum Quagmire to Secure a Rescue 05-12-2016 23:55 Read
Email of the day 05-12-2016 23:52 Read
The Markets Now 05-12-2016 23:50 Read
Video commentary for December 5th 2016 05-12-2016 22:27 Read
Euro Gains With Stocks as Italy Vote Absorbed in 'Three Minutes" 05-12-2016 20:47 Read
Information Gaps and Shadow Banking 05-12-2016 20:44 Read
New efficiency record for large perovskite solar cell 05-12-2016 20:42 Read
Singapore must remain open, even as rest of world turns inwards: PM Lee 05-12-2016 20:40 Read
A New Age Beckons for the Special Relationship 02-12-2016 23:52 Read
Leave Voter Patience is Starting to Wear Thin as They Fear Betrayal 02-12-2016 23:47 Read
Trump Turns to Schwarzman, Dimon for White House Jobs Panel 02-12-2016 23:41 Read
Big Picture Video commentary for December 1st 2016 02-12-2016 22:34 Read
China's Central Bank Is Facing a Major New Headache 02-12-2016 22:32 Read
Food bars for astronauts' most important meal of the day 02-12-2016 22:28 Read
As Schultz Steps Down, Next Starbucks CEO Brings Tech Savvy 02-12-2016 22:23 Read
People Power Fails to Stem Lira Rout As Erdogan Calls Turks to Action 02-12-2016 22:21 Read
The Greatest Danger for Italy is the Looming Loss of the ECB Shield 01-12-2016 23:57 Read
Will the French Left Gift Le Pen the Presidency? 01-12-2016 23:50 Read
Email of the day 1 01-12-2016 23:36 Read
Email of the day 2 01-12-2016 23:32 Read
Trump Business Empire Is Not Just an Ethical Disaster 01-12-2016 23:29 Read
Video commentary for December 1st 2016 01-12-2016 21:39 Read
OPEC Meeting Review 01-12-2016 20:00 Read
Jeremy Siegel Why Long-term Investors Should Own Stocks: Bonds are 'Dangerous' 01-12-2016 19:57 Read
Email of the day on technology shares underperforming 01-12-2016 19:52 Read

November 2016

Title Release date Read
OPEC Said Close to Deal on First Oil Supply Cut in Eight Years 30-11-2016 23:36 Read
Mark Carney warns EU faces financial drought if it cuts off UK overnight 30-11-2016 23:32 Read
Email of the day 30-11-2016 23:16 Read
Goldman Says Trump Presidency Will Benefit Stocks in Almost Every Sector 30-11-2016 23:13 Read
Video commentary for November 30th 2016 30-11-2016 16:55 Read
After Brexit and Trump, It's Italy's Turn to Keep Traders Awake 30-11-2016 16:20 Read
Top Ten Market Themes For 2017: Higher growth, higher risk, slightly higher returns 30-11-2016 16:17 Read
A China recovery is coming 30-11-2016 16:15 Read
Italy needs reform and a euro exit is inevitable 29-11-2016 23:52 Read
Email of the day 29-11-2016 23:44 Read
Solar-Panel Roads to Be Built on Four Continents Next Year 29-11-2016 23:39 Read
The Markets Now 29-11-2016 23:35 Read
Video commentary for November 29th 2016 29-11-2016 21:36 Read
Musings From the Oil Patch November 29th 2016 29-11-2016 20:32 Read
How Apple Lost China to Two Unknown Local Smartphone Makers 29-11-2016 20:26 Read
DB Today Global Macro 29-11-2016 20:22 Read
Email of the day on my personal portfolio 29-11-2016 20:21 Read
Email of the day on the audio/video commentaries 29-11-2016 20:17 Read
Video commentary for November 28th 2016 28-11-2016 21:34 Read
Fearing tighter U.S. visa regime, Indian IT firms rush to hire, acquire 28-11-2016 20:36 Read
Holiday Price War Heats Up as Wal-Mart, Target Chase Amazon 28-11-2016 20:29 Read
Email of the day on electric cars and overall pollution 28-11-2016 20:24 Read
Surging Trump Dollar Risks Earthquake For Emerging Markets 25-11-2016 23:29 Read
Saudis Said to Quit Russia Talks as OPEC Deal No Closer 25-11-2016 23:12 Read
Donald Trump and Family Settle in for the Good Times 25-11-2016 22:54 Read
The Markets Now 25-11-2016 22:50 Read
OPEC Last Push for Oil-Cuts Deal Shifts Focus to Iran, Russia 24-11-2016 22:32 Read
Uranium: the Unloved Metal Whose Price Is Poised to go Radioactive 24-11-2016 22:30 Read
The Strategic View: Positioning Portfolios for a Trump Presidency 24-11-2016 22:15 Read
The Markets Now 24-11-2016 22:11 Read
Hammond Fiscal Caution Risks A Hard-Landing 23-11-2016 23:19 Read
Cautious Fed Sees Labor Market Strong Enough for December Hike 23-11-2016 23:12 Read
Oil Supply Crunch to Hit in 2019 as Investment in New Projects Dries Up 23-11-2016 23:07 Read
The Markets Now 23-11-2016 23:01 Read
$100 Billion Chinese-Made City Near Singapore Scares the Hell Out of Everybody 22-11-2016 23:58 Read
As the Autumn Statement Looms, Spreadsheet Phil Can Have it Both Ways, If He Is Careful 22-11-2016 23:24 Read
OPEC Oil Cut Nears as Battered Saudis Bow to Indomitable US Shale 22-11-2016 23:21 Read
The Markets Now 22-11-2016 23:20 Read
Inside a Moneymaking Machine Like No Other 22-11-2016 23:19 Read
North Pole Temperature Rise Gets Scientists In A Sweat 22-11-2016 23:17 Read
May Acknowledges Business Warning Over Brexit Cliff Edge 21-11-2016 23:50 Read
French Thatcherite Upends 2017 Race Pledging to Shrink the State 21-11-2016 23:36 Read
Elon Musk: Tesla Solar Roof Will Likely Cost Less Than a Normal Roof 21-11-2016 23:32 Read
India: The Great Rupee Failure 21-11-2016 23:25 Read
The Markets Now 21-11-2016 23:18 Read
Yellen Steams Ahead On Fed Rate Rise But Concerns Mount On Dollar Shock 18-11-2016 23:53 Read
The Markets Now 18-11-2016 23:31 Read
The Chancellor Must Return to His Roots With a Swashbuckling Autumn Statement 18-11-2016 23:30 Read
Wall Street Looks Like a Winner Under Donald Trump 18-11-2016 23:26 Read
Only 6 days until The Chart Seminar in London 18-11-2016 19:54 Read
Video commentary for November 18th 2016 18-11-2016 19:52 Read
ArcelorMittal announces steel price increases 18-11-2016 04:44 Read
Collision Course 18-11-2016 04:43 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch November 15th 2016 18-11-2016 04:42 Read
Email of the day on Hong Kong listed Chinese shares 18-11-2016 02:39 Read
Populist Tide Puts Angela Merkel on the Defensive 17-11-2016 23:59 Read
Bruised Markets Brace for Third Popular Revolt of 2016 as Italy Rattles Eurozone 17-11-2016 23:56 Read
The Markets Now 17-11-2016 23:53 Read
Video commentary for November 17th 2016 17-11-2016 21:10 Read
Emails of the day on India's new currency notes 17-11-2016 21:03 Read
Reflections on the Trump Presidency, One Week after the Election 17-11-2016 20:59 Read
Is the EV finally coming of age? 17-11-2016 20:57 Read
Email of the day on the video commentaries 17-11-2016 20:54 Read
Global Dollar Shock Threatens Fresh Financial Storm, Warns Watchdog 16-11-2016 23:53 Read
A $900 Billion Oil Treasure Lies Beneath West Texas Desert 16-11-2016 23:36 Read
Email of the day 16-11-2016 23:29 Read
The Markets Now 16-11-2016 23:20 Read
Video commentary for November 16th 2016 16-11-2016 21:08 Read
The dollar, bank leverage and the deviation from covered interest parity 16-11-2016 20:27 Read
China's Yuan Tumbles to Eight-Year Low as Banks Weaken Forecasts 16-11-2016 20:24 Read
Go Figure 16-11-2016 20:17 Read
CNBC Transcript: GE Chairman & CEO Jeff Immelt Speaks with Carl Quintanilla on Squawk Alley 15-11-2016 23:50 Read
Donald Trump said Amazon and Jeff Bezos have a huge antitrust problem. Now they may. 15-11-2016 23:41 Read
Scotland Problem Is It Does Not Have Enough Business 15-11-2016 23:33 Read
The Markets Now 15-11-2016 23:25 Read
Video commentary for November 15th 2016 15-11-2016 21:46 Read
Signs Are Flashing That Bond Rout Has Gone Too Far, Too Fast 15-11-2016 21:05 Read
The post-election rally: five push-backs 15-11-2016 21:01 Read
OPEC, Russia Expand Diplomatic Push to Secure Oil-Cuts Deal 15-11-2016 20:48 Read
Trump Fiscal Policy May Have Lessons for Britain 14-11-2016 23:57 Read
Brexit Vote Has Not Sparked a Tech Exodus 14-11-2016 23:55 Read
My personal portfolio 14-11-2016 23:52 Read
The Markets Now 14-11-2016 23:51 Read
Video commentary for November 14th 2016 14-11-2016 22:20 Read
Trump May Save Banks Billions by Disrupting Global Rules 14-11-2016 20:03 Read
Siemens boosts software business with $4.5 billion deal 14-11-2016 20:01 Read
Email of the day on gold 14-11-2016 19:58 Read
Abe Faces Challenges to Follow Trump With Fiscal Spending Burst 14-11-2016 19:57 Read
It Is All Bullish in the End as Stocks Post Best Week Since 2014 11-11-2016 23:52 Read
Trump Victory Bodes Well for Investors, for Now 11-11-2016 23:43 Read
Email of the day 11-11-2016 23:38 Read
The Markets Now 11-11-2016 23:34 Read
Big Picture Audio Visual November 11th 2016 11-11-2016 21:10 Read
How high are bond prices really? 11-11-2016 20:36 Read
Trump Team Promises To 'Dismantle' Dodd-Frank Bank Regulations 11-11-2016 20:34 Read
Dollar's Trump-Inspired Surge Sets Off Intervention Across Asia 11-11-2016 20:32 Read
Mosquito War: Voters Approve the Release of Genetically Modified Organisms 11-11-2016 20:30 Read
Trump Promises a Fiscal Boom and a Surging Dollar, if He Can Control Himself 10-11-2016 23:27 Read
The man who will likely lead the Navy under Trump means business in the South China Sea 10-11-2016 23:14 Read
The Markets Now 10-11-2016 23:09 Read
Tech Defanged as Stocks From Amazon to Netflix Left Out of Rally 10-11-2016 19:48 Read
Merkel's conservatives warn of Trump effect in Germany 10-11-2016 19:44 Read
Robots and industrialization in developing countries 10-11-2016 19:40 Read
The Chart Seminar 2016 10-11-2016 05:26 Read
Wall Street Rises, Bets on Donald Trump Inflation 09-11-2016 23:59 Read
Trumped America and Brexit Britain are Both Calling the Bluff of the Established Order 09-11-2016 23:54 Read
Hillary Clinton Post Election Speech in Full 09-11-2016 23:39 Read
The Markets Now 09-11-2016 23:35 Read
Investment ramifications of a Trump Presidency 09-11-2016 20:14 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: precious metal positions closed at modest profits 09-11-2016 20:10 Read
The world has just become a more dangerous place 09-11-2016 20:08 Read
India scraps 500 and 1,000 rupee bank notes overnight 09-11-2016 20:06 Read
Supplementary Video commentary in reaction to the US presidential election results. 08-11-2016 23:57 Read
Hillary Clinton has enough electoral Votes to Win the White House in final Fix map 08-11-2016 23:47 Read
The Upside of Russian Interference 08-11-2016 23:43 Read
My personal portfolio 08-11-2016 23:39 Read
Referendums Are Now Part of Our Democracy. If Judges Reverse Them, We Are In a Dangerous Place. 08-11-2016 23:34 Read
The Markets Now 08-11-2016 23:25 Read
Not With A Bang But A Whimper (and other stuff) 08-11-2016 21:03 Read
Voters could legalize marijuana for quarter of all Americans 08-11-2016 21:00 Read
Adobe gets experimental: Photoshopping voices, drawing hacks and VR editing 08-11-2016 20:58 Read
Copper Enters Bull Market as Declining Stocks Ease Glut Concerns 08-11-2016 20:57 Read
Clinton 3 Points Ahead of Trump in Final Bloomberg National Poll 07-11-2016 23:59 Read
The High Court Article 50 Ruling Highlights the Gulf Between the Country and the Elete 07-11-2016 23:56 Read
The Markets Now 07-11-2016 23:49 Read
Tesco Bank Halts Web Trades as Money Taken From 20,000 Accounts 07-11-2016 19:26 Read
China Ousts Finance Minister Lou Jiwei as Xi Jinping Turns to Allies in Surprise Reshuffle 07-11-2016 19:25 Read
What drove the October ferrous rally? 07-11-2016 19:23 Read
Interesting charts November 7th 2016 07-11-2016 19:21 Read
Big Picture Audio Visual November 4th 2016 04-11-2016 23:30 Read
Payrolls in U.S. Rise 161,000 in October as Wages Accelerate 04-11-2016 18:46 Read
Email of the day on residential healthcare properties 04-11-2016 18:45 Read
China Tangshan City Halts Steel Production on Smog 04-11-2016 18:43 Read
Brexit Is Nothing Like the Rise of Donald Trump, Whatever He Might Think 03-11-2016 23:38 Read
Email of the day 03-11-2016 23:33 Read
Europhile Treasury Accused of Acting as Fifth Column in Government Over Brexit Warning 03-11-2016 23:29 Read
Top Money Manager: We Avoid Tesla Because of Elon Musk 03-11-2016 23:24 Read
The Markets Now 03-11-2016 23:14 Read
California Proposition 61, Drug Price Standards 03-11-2016 20:21 Read
The U.S. dollar is a crowded consensus 03-11-2016 20:18 Read
Facebook Projects Greater Costs, Slowdown in Ad Sales Growth 03-11-2016 20:11 Read
The 2016 Harold Wincott Memorial Lecture 03-11-2016 20:08 Read
Energy Giant Shell Says Oil Demand Could Peak in Just Five Years 02-11-2016 23:56 Read
The Weekly View: How Much Risk Should You Take? 02-11-2016 23:50 Read
The Markets Now 02-11-2016 23:47 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch November 1st 2016 02-11-2016 20:23 Read
The World's $49 Trillion Infrastructure Problem May Not Get Solved Anytime Soon 02-11-2016 20:19 Read
Aussie dollar's surge may signal good times for global economy 02-11-2016 20:16 Read
Election Polls Tighten but Turnout is the Real Key to Clinton Versus Trump 01-11-2016 23:51 Read
Shell Back in the Black as BG Takeover Boosts Production 01-11-2016 23:40 Read
Buy Gold No Matter Who Wins the Election, HSBC Says 01-11-2016 23:30 Read
The Markets Now 01-11-2016 23:18 Read
Trick or Tantrum? 01-11-2016 20:10 Read
Renzi Looks to Ends of Earth for Referendum Votes to Save Job 01-11-2016 20:05 Read
Email of the day on nickel 01-11-2016 20:02 Read
Time for an Upgrade 01-11-2016 19:59 Read

October 2016

Title Release date Read
Carney to Stay at BOE Until June 2019 to Help Navigate Brexit 31-10-2016 23:59 Read
After Descent to Hell, Miners Emerge Blinking Into Daylight 31-10-2016 23:50 Read
Capital Flight from China Flashes Warning as Property Boom Deflates 31-10-2016 23:49 Read
China's Factory to the World Mulls the Unthinkable: Price Hikes 31-10-2016 19:01 Read
Gordhan Wins Reprieve as S. African Prosecutors Drop Charges 31-10-2016 18:59 Read
Rio Gives Away Giant Iron Ore Field Once Worth Fighting For 31-10-2016 18:57 Read
The Bank of Japan's Moment of Truth Decision Day Guide 31-10-2016 18:54 Read
Big Picture Audio Visual October 28th 2016 28-10-2016 22:42 Read
Tocqueville Gold Strategy Third Quarter 2016 Investor Letter 28-10-2016 20:10 Read
Chip Makers Cut Deals as Cars Get Smarter 28-10-2016 19:51 Read
Iron Ore Surges Amid Coal's Record Rally, Lifting Miners' Shares 28-10-2016 19:49 Read
Swedish Krona Plunges as Riksbank Signals More Easing to Come 27-10-2016 19:53 Read
Selling Sweeps Global Government Bonds; U.S. 10-Year Yield Above 1.8% 27-10-2016 19:49 Read
OPEC May Need Help to End the Global Glut of Oil 27-10-2016 19:44 Read
Jeremy Grantham Says Presidential Cycle Investing Is Dead 26-10-2016 23:59 Read
Email of the day 26-10-2016 23:50 Read
The Eurozone is Turning Into a Poverty Machine 26-10-2016 23:49 Read
Sir Howard Davies: Heathrow Is the Only Choice For Airport Expansion 26-10-2016 23:43 Read
Tesla Earnings: The Moment of Truth 26-10-2016 20:00 Read
Email of the day on virtual reality and augmented reality 26-10-2016 19:56 Read
Aetna CEO Says Young People Pick Weekend Beer Over Obamacare 26-10-2016 19:53 Read
Metals Jump on Economic Optimism as Rand Strengthens With Miners 25-10-2016 23:58 Read
Fixing American Infrastructure 25-10-2016 22:25 Read
Email of the day 25-10-2016 22:20 Read
Mobius Says Gold Will Gain in 2017 as Fed Goes Slow on Hikes 25-10-2016 22:18 Read
My personal portfolio 25-10-2016 22:06 Read
Ignoring the Debt Problem 25-10-2016 21:28 Read
Email of the day on revisions to data 25-10-2016 21:25 Read
'Siri, catch market cheats': Wall Street watchdogs turn to A.I. 25-10-2016 21:24 Read
Pimco Sees Legs on Brazil's Rally as the Real Hits a 2016 High 25-10-2016 21:22 Read
Our Roads Could Hold the Secret To Sucking Carbon Out Of Natural Gas 24-10-2016 23:38 Read
Sweden Holds Out Olive Branch to Brexit Britain 24-10-2016 23:29 Read
Email of the day 24-10-2016 23:26 Read
Inflation: Ticking Time Bomb for Next Year 24-10-2016 23:21 Read
Mobius Says India Small Caps May Gain More Amid Modi Plans 24-10-2016 23:16 Read
DDOS Attack Map: What Websites & Areas Are Affected? 24-10-2016 19:25 Read
Review of Bank relative performance 24-10-2016 19:22 Read
Most Crowded Trade in Bonds Is a Powder Keg Ready to Blow 24-10-2016 18:59 Read
The Only Thing on Autopilot at Tesla Is the Hype Machine 21-10-2016 22:42 Read
EU Is In No State to Snub or Bully Britain 21-10-2016 22:31 Read
Why Corporate America Debt Is a Major Risk 21-10-2016 22:28 Read
Scientists Just Showed What It Truly Means When a Huge Antarctic Glacier is Unstable 21-10-2016 22:24 Read
Big Picture Audio Visual October 21st 2016 21-10-2016 20:56 Read
MIT EmTech Conference 21-10-2016 20:54 Read
Concentrated Investing 21-10-2016 20:50 Read
Euro Falls to Lowest Since March as Draghi Eases Nerves on QE 21-10-2016 20:48 Read
Fed Risks Repeating Lehman Blunder as US Recession Storm Gathers 20-10-2016 23:51 Read
May in Brussels to Tell EU There Is No Turning Back From Brexit 20-10-2016 23:39 Read
WikiHillary for President 20-10-2016 23:33 Read
Australian Seaweed Found to Eliminate More Than 99% of Cow Burp Methane 20-10-2016 23:30 Read
Fund Managers Hike Commodity and EM Exposure to Three-Year High but Raise Cash Levels 19-10-2016 23:58 Read
Why It Is Time for a New Campaign for Brexit 19-10-2016 23:50 Read
Want to Know Why Central Bankers Can Not Solve World Problems? Read a Book 19-10-2016 23:45 Read
Central Banks Have Lost the Plot, QE is Sending the World Over a Cliff 18-10-2016 23:46 Read
Investor Cash Levels Jump Toward Levels Not Seen Since 9/11 18-10-2016 23:39 Read
The Weekly View: We Favor Stocks and Corporate Bonds 18-10-2016 23:32 Read
Euro House of Cards to Collapse, Warns ECB Prophet 17-10-2016 23:24 Read
Where to Invest $10,000 Right Now 17-10-2016 23:20 Read
Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer Says Fiscal Policy Could Help Fight Low Growth 17-10-2016 23:11 Read
What OPEC Oil U-Turn Missed: Peak Demand Keeps Getting Closer 17-10-2016 23:06 Read
Big Picture Audio Visual October 14th 2016 14-10-2016 23:44 Read
Is the Deepwater Dead? 14-10-2016 23:35 Read
Your money market fund has changed 14-10-2016 23:12 Read
Email of the day on South Africa 14-10-2016 23:10 Read
Google and 3D Printing Buildings 14-10-2016 21:13 Read
Hydrogen Heating a Step Closer as Government Adviser Backs UK Trials 13-10-2016 23:13 Read
The Markets Now Presentations 13-10-2016 22:55 Read
On Target: the Private Newsletter on Global Strategy from Martin Spring 13-10-2016 22:52 Read
Brad Katsuyama Q&A: I Do Not Think We Would Have Survived If It Was Just Hype 13-10-2016 22:47 Read
I have seen the future and his name is Kevin 13-10-2016 20:40 Read
Email of the day on medical innovation 13-10-2016 20:37 Read
Email of the day on the influence of mega-caps on the performance of the S&P 500: 13-10-2016 20:35 Read
If Europe Insists On a Hard Brexit, So Be It. 12-10-2016 23:58 Read
Soaring Gilt Yields are a Bigger Problem than the Pound Slide 12-10-2016 23:47 Read
Four Ways the UK Can Take Advantage of a Weaker Pound 12-10-2016 23:45 Read
Email of the day 12-10-2016 23:42 Read
The Markets Now 12-10-2016 23:37 Read
Dollar Advances for a Third Day Versus Euro Before Fed Minutes 12-10-2016 20:40 Read
Baidu is bringing AI chatbots to healthcare 12-10-2016 20:30 Read
Email of the day on Brexit and Fanuc 12-10-2016 20:26 Read
Thailand King Critical, What happens if he dies? 12-10-2016 20:23 Read
UK Economic Interests Are Not the Same as Those of Self-interested Business Leaders 11-10-2016 22:50 Read
Email of the day 1 11-10-2016 22:45 Read
The Markets Now 11-10-2016 22:33 Read
Email of the day 2 11-10-2016 22:24 Read
Email of the day 3 11-10-2016 22:22 Read
A $7 Trillion Moment of Truth in Markets is Just Three Days Away 11-10-2016 20:36 Read
S. Africa's Gordhan to Be Charged; Rand Plunges Most Since June 11-10-2016 20:31 Read
Email of the day on South Korea 11-10-2016 20:28 Read
Illumina Dives as Quarterly Revenue Falls Short of Forecast 11-10-2016 20:26 Read
Exmed Conference 2016 10-10-2016 07:01 Read
Email of the day on blockchain and healthcare 10-10-2016 06:59 Read
A Wave of Tech Consolidation Will Drive the Next Leg of the Bull Market 07-10-2016 23:34 Read
Emails of the day 1 & 2 07-10-2016 23:16 Read
Free to Frack, Now We Are Cooking With Gas 07-10-2016 23:12 Read
The Markets Now 07-10-2016 23:06 Read
Big Picture Audio Visual October 7th 2016 07-10-2016 21:01 Read
Remarks at the 40th Annual Central Banking Seminar 07-10-2016 18:34 Read
Email of the day 'plucky' trades 07-10-2016 18:31 Read
Follow Your Nose 07-10-2016 18:29 Read
Wal-Mart's next move against Amazon: More warehouses, faster shipping 07-10-2016 18:26 Read
Blockchain: In Search of a business Case 07-10-2016 17:59 Read
On Merkel Brexit Warning 06-10-2016 23:11 Read
The Markets Now 06-10-2016 23:05 Read
The Real Identities of so called Tyler Durden and Zero Hedge Have Been Revealed 06-10-2016 23:03 Read
Saudi Arabian Engine of Future Growth Is Running Out of Gas 06-10-2016 23:00 Read
Investors Covet Gold Miners Once More in Search for Yield 06-10-2016 20:12 Read
The Overlords of Finance 06-10-2016 20:09 Read
BHP Billiton: Oil a benefit not a drag 06-10-2016 20:01 Read
The IMF Must Stop Playing Political Games and Get Back to its Roots 05-10-2016 23:47 Read
Alaska Oil Reserves May Have Grown 80% on Giant Discovery 05-10-2016 23:44 Read
Hurricane Matthew Is a $15 Billion Threat Headed to Florida 05-10-2016 23:37 Read
The Markets Now 05-10-2016 23:27 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch October 4th 2016 05-10-2016 20:47 Read
Email of the day on the differences between moving average calculations 05-10-2016 20:43 Read
All eyes on the spending cap 05-10-2016 20:41 Read
Interesting charts October 5th 2016 05-10-2016 20:39 Read
U.K. Stock Gauges Hit Simultaneous Highs 1st Time Since '99 04-10-2016 21:24 Read
Australia Stands Pat on Rates as Commodity Rebound Gathers Pace 04-10-2016 21:21 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio commodity longs increased 04-10-2016 21:17 Read
Emails of the day on the audio and video format for last week's big picture long-term audio: 04-10-2016 21:13 Read
Email of the day on the possible nationalisation of Deutsche Bank 04-10-2016 21:11 Read
London Investment Week Webinar 04-10-2016 20:11 Read
Nearly 80% of data in Chinese clinical trials have been fabricated 03-10-2016 20:35 Read
Adobe Expertly Balances Growth and Profitability 03-10-2016 20:33 Read
Donald Trump Is Handing a Windfall to Mexican Immigrant Families 03-10-2016 20:15 Read
Shale Oil Firms Hedge 2017 Prices in 'Droves' After OPEC 03-10-2016 20:13 Read

September 2016

Title Release date Read
Subscriber's Audio and Video Commentary 30-09-2016 23:59 Read
Secret Alpine Gold Vaults Are the New Swiss Bank Accounts 30-09-2016 23:35 Read
Liam Fox Is Right: Our Future Is Global 30-09-2016 23:25 Read
Email in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday: 30-09-2016 23:17 Read
The Markets Now 30-09-2016 23:14 Read
Ultra-Easy Money: Digging the Hole Deeper? 30-09-2016 20:58 Read
Extreme pollution forces China to shut down hundreds of coal, steel operations 30-09-2016 20:50 Read
"One Belt, One Road"- An Economic Roadmap 30-09-2016 20:45 Read
In U-Turn, Saudis Choose Higher Prices Over Free Oil Markets 29-09-2016 23:17 Read
The Era of Robots: Thousands of Builders to Lose Jobs as Machines Take Over, Says Construction Boss. 29-09-2016 23:12 Read
Goodbye EU, Goodbye Austerity Britain 29-09-2016 23:07 Read
The Markets Now 29-09-2016 23:02 Read
American Exposure to the European Financial Crisis 29-09-2016 21:28 Read
Beyond Algiers 29-09-2016 21:14 Read
D-Wave Systems previews 2000-qubit quantum processor 29-09-2016 21:10 Read
OPEC Agrees to First Oil Output Cut in Eight Years 28-09-2016 23:55 Read
Mad Economic Plans of the Labour Party Would Ruin Britain 28-09-2016 23:49 Read
Erdogan Adviser Says Turkey Should Consider Buying Deutsche Bank 28-09-2016 23:44 Read
The UK is the Seventh Most Competitive Economy in the World 28-09-2016 23:41 Read
Questor Share Tip: Buy [This Share], Owned by Four Top Managers With Skin in the Game 28-09-2016 23:38 Read
The Markets Now 28-09-2016 23:29 Read
France unlikely to achieve 2017 deficit target: fiscal watchdog 28-09-2016 21:14 Read
Stunning coking coal rally wreaks havoc in steel, iron ore 28-09-2016 21:10 Read
China's Ambitious Plan to Make the Yuan the World's Go-To Currency 28-09-2016 21:07 Read
How Clinton Beat Trump in Their First Debate, By the Numbers 27-09-2016 23:49 Read
The Deutsche Bank Crisis Could Take Angela Merkel and the Euro Down 27-09-2016 23:43 Read
Email of the day 27-09-2016 23:36 Read
Brexit Can Make UK Highly Attractive, Says Axel Springer Chief 27-09-2016 23:34 Read
The Markets Now 27-09-2016 23:29 Read
Denver Gold Forum Highlights Trends Reinforce Focus on 'Walk Before Run' Strategies 27-09-2016 20:51 Read
Iger's Legacy at Stake in Possible Disney Deal for Twitter 27-09-2016 20:45 Read
Twilight of the Central Bankers 27-09-2016 20:42 Read
Trump, Clinton Deadlocked in Bloomberg Poll Before Key Debate 26-09-2016 23:55 Read
Schaeuble Urges Lawmakers to Go Tough on Draghi, Bild Reports 26-09-2016 23:52 Read
Email of the day 1 26-09-2016 23:48 Read
Get Brexit Right, and I Will be a Tory Again 26-09-2016 23:46 Read
Email of the day 2 26-09-2016 23:44 Read
Brexit Will Complete the Economic Revolution of Margaret Thatcher 26-09-2016 23:42 Read
The Markets Now 26-09-2016 23:37 Read
Email of the day on zero down mortgages 26-09-2016 20:18 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch September 20th 2016 26-09-2016 20:13 Read
Guide to the 2016 Elections 26-09-2016 20:10 Read
UK Liberation From the EU Demands a Global Financial Investment Zone 23-09-2016 23:59 Read
Email of the day 1 23-09-2016 23:56 Read
Hollande to Be Ousted in First Round of 2017 Vote, Poll Shows 23-09-2016 23:50 Read
Email of the day 2 23-09-2016 23:46 Read
Britain Has the Edge Over EU Nations in Trade Talks, Says Civitas 23-09-2016 23:42 Read
Fitch Reveals the $2Trillion Black Hole In China Economy That Heralds A Lost Decade 23-09-2016 23:38 Read
The Markets Now 23-09-2016 23:26 Read
UN Fears Third Leg of Global Financial Crisis With Prospect of Epic Debt Defaults 22-09-2016 23:58 Read
Email of the day 22-09-2016 23:54 Read
America Is Not the Greatest Country on Earth. It is No. 28 22-09-2016 23:50 Read
The Markets Now 22-09-2016 23:41 Read
My personal portfolio 22-09-2016 23:03 Read
Email of the day on Japan's stimulus program 22-09-2016 18:57 Read
EU Banks May Need Rescue Funds Equaling Twice ECB Capital 22-09-2016 18:55 Read
Email of the day on the Dollar Index 22-09-2016 18:52 Read
California's legal marijuana market is on the verge of exploding 22-09-2016 18:51 Read
Yellen Rebuffs Pressure to Hike as Fed Gives Economy Room to Run 21-09-2016 23:55 Read
Email of the day 1 21-09-2016 23:51 Read
Email of the day 2 21-09-2016 23:38 Read
Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think 21-09-2016 23:28 Read
The Markets Now 21-09-2016 23:25 Read
Banks Emerge as Winners From BOJ With Bonds, Yen Erasing Losses 21-09-2016 20:53 Read
Self-driving vehicles in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and the United States 21-09-2016 20:51 Read
Gold Seen Entering Long-Term Bull Cycle as Asset Bubbles Pop 21-09-2016 20:49 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market short closed and profits taken in commodity longs 21-09-2016 20:47 Read
How Women Won a Leading Role in China Venture Capital Industry 20-09-2016 23:51 Read
Theresa May has Called a Wall Street Summit to Reassure US Banking Giants in the Aftermath of Brexit 20-09-2016 23:34 Read
Email of the day 20-09-2016 23:25 Read
The Markets Now 20-09-2016 23:21 Read
Banks Are Now Too Scared to Even Make Money 20-09-2016 20:35 Read
Tesla Wins Massive Contract to Help Power the California Grid 20-09-2016 20:30 Read
Performance and valuations of junior gold companies 20-09-2016 20:28 Read
The Andalusian 2016 World Cup 20-09-2016 16:57 Read
Earnings Miracle Needed to Get S&P 500 Values Out of Clouds 19-09-2016 23:49 Read
The EU Still Has Not Understood That it is a Totalitarian Institution 19-09-2016 23:43 Read
Email of the day 1 19-09-2016 23:36 Read
Email of the day 2 19-09-2016 23:32 Read
The Markets Now 19-09-2016 23:28 Read
Long-Term Asset Return Study An Ever Changnig World 19-09-2016 21:11 Read
Taiwan Stocks Jump Most in a Year as Apple Suppliers Lead Surge 19-09-2016 21:09 Read
SunEdison's TerraForm Units Both Say They're Seeking Buyers 19-09-2016 21:07 Read
How the sugar industry bought out scientists for decades, and how to stop it from happening again 16-09-2016 21:05 Read
Delivering Alpha Conference Notes 2016: Singer, Dalio, Chanos, Miller & More 16-09-2016 21:03 Read
Deutsche Bank to fight $14 billion demand from U.S. authorities 16-09-2016 21:00 Read
Essence of Decision 16-09-2016 20:58 Read
Bond Yields Are Surging Despite Deflation, and that is Dangerous 15-09-2016 23:59 Read
Are Risks Increasing or Decreasing for Stock Markets? 15-09-2016 23:54 Read
Hinkley Point C: Prioritising the Politically Sexy Over the Economically Rational is a Waste of Money 15-09-2016 23:42 Read
My personal portfolio 15-09-2016 23:35 Read
The Markets Now 15-09-2016 23:30 Read
U.S. Stocks Rise on Apple Rally as Oil Advances; Bonds Mixed 15-09-2016 21:15 Read
Biotechnology update 15-09-2016 21:12 Read
Obama Lifts Myanmar Sanctions as Suu Kyi Visits White House 15-09-2016 21:09 Read
Sir James Dyson Exclusive: I Would Trigger Brexit Now, and Negotiate Trade Deals Over Time 14-09-2016 23:21 Read
Civil Service Fills 80% of Key Brexit Jobs, Says Heywood 14-09-2016 23:16 Read
Why Did the UK Enter the EU in the First Place? 14-09-2016 23:10 Read
The Markets Now 14-09-2016 23:03 Read
There's a $300 Billion Exodus From Money Markets Ahead 14-09-2016 21:17 Read
Gloom Descends on Luxury-Goods Industry 14-09-2016 21:15 Read
Copper Rises Most in 3 Months on Signs of Better Chinese Growth 14-09-2016 21:12 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio Lean Hogs stop triggered 14-09-2016 21:10 Read
Mario Draghi of the ECB Has Run Out of Magic as Deflation Closes in 13-09-2016 22:58 Read
Bond Markets Hit Another Ukrainian Chicken Moment 13-09-2016 22:49 Read
Draghi: EU Must Redistribute Wealth and Strengthen Borders to Save the Union 13-09-2016 22:38 Read
Gold Sags in Longest Slump Since June as Demand Ebbs on Dollar 13-09-2016 22:00 Read
Dairy Farmers Think Almond Milk Is Bogus But Americans Love It 13-09-2016 21:58 Read
Libor's Reaching Point of Pain for Companies With Big Debt Loads 13-09-2016 21:55 Read
Bugs on Screen 13-09-2016 21:53 Read
Six Reasons Why Post-Brexit Britain Can be Like Others That Thrive Outside the Single Market 12-09-2016 23:48 Read
Parliament Calls for Carbon Capture to Revive British Industry and Slash Climate Costs 12-09-2016 23:41 Read
An Allocation Only a Mother Could Love 12-09-2016 23:36 Read
What Samsung's Disastrous Galaxy Note 7 Recall Means for Apple 12-09-2016 20:53 Read
Thailand 12-09-2016 20:50 Read
N.Z.â's Key Says Don't Break Out Champagne for Parity Party Yet 12-09-2016 20:49 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: commodity long increased 12-09-2016 20:46 Read
Global Economics and Strategy Day 09-09-2016 20:58 Read
Turning Points 09-09-2016 20:48 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market short opened 09-09-2016 20:46 Read
Gold Investors Brace for Lower Prices on Interest-Rate Outlook 09-09-2016 20:45 Read
US Recession Jitters Stoke Fears of Impotent Fed and Fiscal Paralysis 08-09-2016 23:28 Read
EU Retreat From US Trade Deal Leaves the Field to Britain 08-09-2016 23:21 Read
The Weekly View: The Danger of Looking Back: Lessons From Lost Decades 08-09-2016 23:11 Read
Draghi Dialing Down the Drama May Mark Wane of Monetary Activism 08-09-2016 20:39 Read
Duterte Outbursts Taking Toll as Philippine Stock Losses Mount 08-09-2016 20:36 Read
Email of the day on bitcoin prices 08-09-2016 20:34 Read
GW Pharmaceuticals Jumps on Report It May Be Acquisition Target 08-09-2016 20:32 Read
Apple Introduces iPhone 7: Water Resistant, Faster, New Camera 07-09-2016 23:58 Read
EU Fiscal Stimulus Is Just a Rule Change Away 07-09-2016 23:55 Read
Japan Demand for Seamless Brexit is a Timely Warning Against Hubris 07-09-2016 23:46 Read
Why London will be an economic powerhouse after Brexit 07-09-2016 23:43 Read
Email of the day 07-09-2016 23:40 Read
Flows vs. Fundamentals the upside risk to EM EPS 07-09-2016 20:58 Read
Enbridge May Have Just Touched Off a 'Supermajor' Race for Pipes 07-09-2016 20:53 Read
Bond Traders Pare Fed Wagers as Goldman Reverses September Shift 07-09-2016 20:51 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: commodity positions opened 07-09-2016 20:47 Read
Japan Threat to Cut Investments in the UK Would Hurt but is Unlikely to Come True 06-09-2016 23:05 Read
Quantum Computers Are Coming. The World Might Not Be Ready. 06-09-2016 22:56 Read
Can More Bad Times Be Ahead for EM? 06-09-2016 22:46 Read
China's Productivity Growth is the Worst Since the Asia Crisis 06-09-2016 20:44 Read
Rupee Jumps to 4-Month High as Patel Begins Innings as RBI Chief 06-09-2016 20:42 Read
Brent Oil Declines as Saudi-Russia Deal Falls Short of a Freeze 06-09-2016 20:39 Read
As the EU Undermines Ireland Over Apple and Tax, Britain is in the Right Place to Benefit 05-09-2016 23:34 Read
Summer Holidays Are Over. It is Time to reassess the World Economy 05-09-2016 23:27 Read
Britain Can Leave EU and Still Thrive, Says Stiglitz 05-09-2016 23:15 Read
Email of the day 05-09-2016 23:04 Read
My personal portfolio 05-09-2016 23:01 Read
AEP: Dollar Hegemony Endures as Share of Global transactions Keeps Rising 02-09-2016 23:57 Read
It Is Time to Repeal the New EU Corn Laws 02-09-2016 23:55 Read
Email of the day 02-09-2016 23:48 Read
Clive Hale: Market Commentary 02-09-2016 23:45 Read
The Credit Strategist 02-09-2016 20:17 Read
Mosquitoes Are Deadly, So Why Not Kill Them All? 02-09-2016 20:15 Read
Solid Hiring Without Wage Jump Tests Fed Hopes for Inflation 02-09-2016 20:12 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: commodity longs initiated 02-09-2016 20:10 Read
Apple Travesty is a Reminder Why Britain Must Leave the Lawless EU 01-09-2016 23:17 Read
A New Low Tax Economy Can Both Liberate US and be Socially Just 01-09-2016 23:09 Read
My personal portfolio 01-09-2016 23:02 Read
Gold shares 01-09-2016 21:33 Read
Zinc, Lead, Tin Reach Highest Since 2015 on China Factory Data 01-09-2016 21:30 Read
IBM's Watson supercomputer creates a movie trailer 01-09-2016 21:26 Read

August 2016

Title Release date Read
Brexit Britain Could Be New Sweetheart After EU-US Relations Soured by Apple Tax Ruling 31-08-2016 23:59 Read
We Should Seize the Benefits of Brexit Sooner Rather Than Later 31-08-2016 23:53 Read
This Is Your Company on Blockchain 31-08-2016 23:33 Read
Gold's rate-risk, enhanced 31-08-2016 21:14 Read
D.E. Shaw Considering Major Stake in TerraForm 31-08-2016 21:12 Read
SWIFT discloses more cyber thefts, pressures banks on security 31-08-2016 21:10 Read
The City Will Win Again In Brexit Bang 30-08-2016 23:35 Read
Apple Ordered to Pay Up to $14.5 Billion in EU Tax Clampdown 30-08-2016 23:28 Read
British Sovereignty Depends on Leaving the EU and the Single Market 30-08-2016 23:21 Read
How the European Commission calculated 13bn tax bill 30-08-2016 21:22 Read
Ports, a Sign of Altered Supply Chains 30-08-2016 21:19 Read
The Frozen Concentrated Orange-Juice Market Has Virtually Disappeared 30-08-2016 21:16 Read
Macro Morsels 29-08-2016 20:14 Read
Has Colombia achieved peace? 5 things you should know 29-08-2016 20:11 Read
Yuan Bears Emerge From Hibernation as Fed Threatens G-20 Calm 29-08-2016 20:09 Read
Stock Rally Fizzles After Hawkish Remarks From Fischer; Bonds Fall 26-08-2016 23:57 Read
French Support for the EU Project is Crumbling on the Left and Right 26-08-2016 23:55 Read
Apple and the Transatlantic Squabble Over Taxes 26-08-2016 23:49 Read
Email of the day 26-08-2016 23:40 Read
Mylan CEO Blamed Obamacare for EpiPen Sticker Shock 26-08-2016 21:03 Read
The Fed is now hostage to Wall Street 26-08-2016 20:59 Read
Dollar Rises as Yellen, Fischer Spur Bets for Fed Rate-Increase 26-08-2016 20:56 Read
Mobius Says Helicopter Money Will Be Next Big Experiment By Japan 25-08-2016 23:26 Read
Email of the day 25-08-2016 23:19 Read
My personal portfolio 25-08-2016 23:07 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch August 24th 2016 25-08-2016 21:15 Read
If Not Normal, Where Are We in the Cycle? Late 25-08-2016 21:13 Read
South Africa President Zuma Says He Can't Stop Gordhan Probe 25-08-2016 20:49 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: commodity long closed 25-08-2016 20:45 Read
Hedge Funds Suffer Biggest Redemptions Since 2009 as Returns Lag 24-08-2016 23:40 Read
Scotland Must Live Within Its Means Instead of Relying On English Taxpayers 24-08-2016 23:37 Read
The Weekly View: Factors Driving Emerging Markets 24-08-2016 23:28 Read
Prince William Helps Celebrate 70 Years of North Rhine Westphalia 24-08-2016 23:20 Read
Email of the day 24-08-2016 23:19 Read
UK Industrial Revolution 2.0 24-08-2016 21:04 Read
A Grim Outlook for the Economy, Stocks 24-08-2016 21:02 Read
Delphi, Mobileye Join Forces to Develop Self-Drive System 24-08-2016 20:21 Read
Email of the day - on moving averages for economic data 24-08-2016 20:19 Read
China Caught In Dead Money trap as Central Bank Pleads for Fiscal Stimulus 23-08-2016 23:32 Read
Clive Hale: View from the Bridge: When? 23-08-2016 23:24 Read
On Target: Is This Bull Market Sustainable? 23-08-2016 23:03 Read
Carbon Capture Can Drive a 21st Century Revival of British Industry 22-08-2016 23:58 Read
Why the UK is Using Less Energy, but Importing More, and Why It Matters 22-08-2016 23:56 Read
India Appoints a New Central Bank Governor 22-08-2016 23:50 Read
Europe Seeks Life After Brexit as Merkel Meets Allies at Sea 22-08-2016 23:43 Read
European Sneers Take Shine Off GB Medal Haul 22-08-2016 23:37 Read
Email of the day 22-08-2016 22:54 Read
Why Economists Are Hopeless When it comes to Brexit 19-08-2016 23:44 Read
Brexit Boom: Five Charts Which Show Britain Has Escaped an Economic Apocalypse 19-08-2016 23:38 Read
How to Survive a Melt-Up 19-08-2016 23:31 Read
Britain Should Leap-Frog Hinkley and Lead 21st Century Nuclear Revolution 18-08-2016 23:57 Read
Oil Prices Break Back Above $50 a Barrel 18-08-2016 23:55 Read
Labour Force: We Are Moving Part-Time as the Jobs Market Hollows Out 18-08-2016 23:52 Read
Italy Wants the EU to Change Tack on Growth and Security 18-08-2016 23:49 Read
Fed Officials Split in July on Whether Rate Hike Needed Soon 17-08-2016 23:26 Read
Modi Sends Warning Shot to China, Pakistan on Territory Spat 17-08-2016 23:20 Read
Sinking Coast In Louisiana Is a $100 Billion Nightmare for Big Oil 17-08-2016 23:12 Read
Email of the day 17-08-2016 23:08 Read
Theresa May Tells China She Wants Stronger Trade Ties, Amid Hinkley Dispute 16-08-2016 23:59 Read
The Equity View: Growth Is Where the Value Is 16-08-2016 23:54 Read
After Brexit, Can the UK Build Its Trade Ties With Latin America? 16-08-2016 23:50 Read
Dudley Says September Hike Is Possible, Markets Too Complacent 16-08-2016 20:54 Read
Gas Glut Upends Global Trade Flows as Buyers Find Leverage 16-08-2016 20:50 Read
Tackling the fungi that could wipe out the world's banana supply within a decade 16-08-2016 20:47 Read
Vast National Gamble on Wind Power by Britain May Yet Pay Off 15-08-2016 23:36 Read
Is the Wild Ride In Commodities Over? 15-08-2016 23:31 Read
My personal portfolio 15-08-2016 23:22 Read
Emerging Markets Are Hot, Except for China 15-08-2016 20:08 Read
Give us EU visa freedom in October or abandon migrant deal, Turkey says 15-08-2016 20:04 Read
China's Latest Leap Forward Isn't Just Great It's Quantum 15-08-2016 20:00 Read
Email of the day on bonds versus equities 15-08-2016 19:57 Read
Global Equity Strategy Who sells where in 2016 12-08-2016 21:04 Read
Theresa May may become one of the most radical western leaders of the century 12-08-2016 21:02 Read
Macy's is closing another 100 stores 12-08-2016 21:00 Read
Dow, S&P500, Nasdaq Close at Records on Same Day for First Time Since 1999 11-08-2016 23:31 Read
Holy Grail of Energy Policy in Sight as Battery Technology Smashes the Older Order 11-08-2016 23:20 Read
The Strategic View: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold 11-08-2016 23:12 Read
My personal portfolio 11-08-2016 23:07 Read
Investment demand for gold jumps to all-time high 11-08-2016 21:03 Read
"Speedfactories" to the US 11-08-2016 21:00 Read
Won Drops From 14-Month High as BOK Signals Room for More Easing 11-08-2016 20:58 Read
Alibaba's revenue beats estimates; mobile revenue soars 11-08-2016 20:50 Read
Rare Brexit Optimist Calls for Pound to Climb Back Toward $1.50 10-08-2016 23:58 Read
Even London Green Spaces Are Not Safe From Air Pollution 10-08-2016 23:54 Read
Email of the day 10-08-2016 23:48 Read
My personal portfolio 10-08-2016 23:44 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch August 9th 2016 10-08-2016 20:53 Read
Palladium at Year High, Driving Precious Metals on Chinese Cars 10-08-2016 20:51 Read
Brazil's Messy Impeachment Drama Almost Over. Markets Can't Wait 10-08-2016 20:49 Read
Negative Interest Rates Will End Badly 09-08-2016 22:23 Read
These Are the Red Lines Europe Will Not Cross in Brexit Talks 09-08-2016 22:14 Read
Britain Faces a Nasty Shock When the Global Energy Cycle Turns 09-08-2016 22:09 Read
Email of the day on cybersecurity threats 09-08-2016 21:41 Read
You're About to Find Out How Much Sugar is Added to Your Food 09-08-2016 21:34 Read
Email of the day on how to find the list of Autonomies 09-08-2016 21:31 Read
Email of the day- on financial repression 09-08-2016 21:29 Read
To Save US All Time and Money, We [the UK] Should Walk Away From the EU Now 08-08-2016 23:39 Read
Is Now the Time to Switch British Mix of Economic Policies? 08-08-2016 23:28 Read
My personal portfolio 08-08-2016 23:23 Read
Britain Must Seize the Benefits of Fracking 08-08-2016 23:17 Read
The surplus cash will go to shareholders 08-08-2016 20:18 Read
Bond Market's Big Illusion Revealed as U.S. Yields Turn Negative 08-08-2016 19:56 Read
Biotechnology update 08-08-2016 19:54 Read
Today's interesting charts 08-08-2016 19:51 Read
Payrolls Surge as U.S. Hiring Broad-Based for Second Month 05-08-2016 21:40 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: profit taken in commodity long and stock market long 05-08-2016 21:31 Read
Companies Routinely Steer Analysts to Deliver Earnings Surprises 05-08-2016 21:30 Read
Bristol-Myers Plummets as Drug Misses Key Lung-Cancer Goal 05-08-2016 21:28 Read
Bank of England's 'Exceptional' Stimulus: Winners and Losers 04-08-2016 20:39 Read
This Time, 3D Printer Makers Think They Found a Sweet Spot 04-08-2016 20:29 Read
Brazil Real Rises to One-Year High as High Yields Lure Investors 04-08-2016 20:25 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: commodity long opened 04-08-2016 20:22 Read
India Passes Landmark Tax Reform in Modi's Biggest Win Yet 03-08-2016 20:42 Read
HSBC Climbs Most Since April on $2.5 Billion Stock Buyback Plan 03-08-2016 20:38 Read
Bitcoin worth $72 million stolen from Bitfinex exchange in Hong Kong 03-08-2016 20:37 Read
China's 'mosquito factory' aims to wipe out Zika, other diseases 03-08-2016 20:35 Read
It's Called Financial Repression, and Governments Around the World Are Doing It 02-08-2016 21:20 Read
Email of the day on gold share benchmarks 02-08-2016 21:18 Read
Carney Quantifies Gloom With BOE Stimulus Debate at Crunch Point 02-08-2016 21:14 Read
From Brexit to CANZUK A call from Britain to team up with Canada, Australia and New Zealand 02-08-2016 21:11 Read
Interesting charts August 2nd 2016 02-08-2016 21:10 Read
Amazon Takes on Alibaba With Japan Portal for Chinese Shoppers 01-08-2016 20:39 Read
Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Price to Asia as Iran Battle Heats Up 01-08-2016 20:26 Read
South Korean Stocks Could Break Free From Bargain Hunters 01-08-2016 20:22 Read

July 2016

Title Release date Read
Platinum takes limelight from gold with best month in four years 29-07-2016 20:56 Read
Email of the day on the investment outlook for the Eurozone 29-07-2016 20:55 Read
Kuroda Leads BOJ to a Policy Crossroads as Pressures Intensify 29-07-2016 20:53 Read
Colombia Is Charting a New Path Forward After a Brutal Civil War 29-07-2016 20:49 Read
Biotechnology 28-07-2016 20:42 Read
3 Trends in Wastewater Treatment 28-07-2016 20:38 Read
Macau's Chief Sees 2017 Economy Returning to Growth on Casinos 28-07-2016 20:36 Read
PM Abe's plan for $265 billion stimulus puts pressure on BOJ to ease 27-07-2016 20:51 Read
Email of the day on the importance of a global perspective 27-07-2016 20:49 Read
Musings From the Oil Patch July 26th 2016 27-07-2016 20:48 Read
Security Landscape Continues to Evolve 27-07-2016 20:46 Read
Gold miners back in the game 26-07-2016 21:13 Read
US to create nationwide network of EV charging stations 26-07-2016 21:11 Read
Pension Returns Slump, Squeezing States and Cities 26-07-2016 21:02 Read
Brexit is already proving to be a huge victory for global free trade 25-07-2016 20:48 Read
Thought Leadership 25-07-2016 20:30 Read
Macro Morsels 25-07-2016 20:28 Read
Hong Kong Bears Pile Record Short Bets on China Consumer Stocks 22-07-2016 20:48 Read
Apple Watch Sales Fall 55% in Second Quarter, IDC Report Says 22-07-2016 20:46 Read
Fracklog in the Biggest U.S. Oil Field May All But Disappear 22-07-2016 20:44 Read
Speech by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on Receiving the 2016 Templeton Prize 22-07-2016 20:41 Read
Draghi Signals ECB May Boost Stimulus Later This Year 21-07-2016 21:17 Read
My personal portfolio 21-07-2016 21:14 Read
Can Republic of Turkey Survive Erdogan Purge? 21-07-2016 21:08 Read
Email of the day 21-07-2016 21:06 Read
Email of the day on Chinese international acquisitions 21-07-2016 20:13 Read
Komatsu Signals Mining Optimism in $2.9 Billion Joy Takeover 21-07-2016 20:08 Read
Started from the Bottom Now We're Here 21-07-2016 20:05 Read
The Future of Big Oil? At Shell, It Is Not Oil 20-07-2016 23:24 Read
Email of the day 1 20-07-2016 23:16 Read
Email of the day 2 20-07-2016 23:14 Read
Britain Needs A Can-Do Attitude revolution, With Solutions Rather Than Whining 20-07-2016 23:12 Read
Brazil Real's Volatility Falls to One-Year Low on Temer Optimism 20-07-2016 20:46 Read
TerraForm Global Rises amid Talks with SunEdison to Sell Stake 20-07-2016 20:42 Read
Email of the day on the Dollar and Yen 20-07-2016 20:39 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stop triggered in precious metal position 20-07-2016 20:37 Read
Email of the day on acronyms 20-07-2016 20:36 Read
IMF Slashes UK Growth Forecasts After Brexit but Britain Will Still Outstrip Germany, France and Italy 19-07-2016 23:30 Read
Email of the day 1 19-07-2016 23:13 Read
Email of the day 2 19-07-2016 23:10 Read
Email of the day 3 19-07-2016 23:05 Read
Ireland Hits Brexit Alarm in Biggest Foreign Crisis in 50 Years 19-07-2016 21:25 Read
The Singapore Fix 19-07-2016 21:22 Read
Poorer than their parents? A new perspective on income inequality 19-07-2016 21:20 Read
ARM Sale Shows the Limits of British Patriotism 18-07-2016 23:54 Read
Email of the day 1 18-07-2016 23:43 Read
Email of the day 2 18-07-2016 23:40 Read
Will Osborne Success Remain Clouded By His Obsession With Cutting the Deficit? 18-07-2016 23:38 Read
US shale is lowest cost oil prospect 18-07-2016 18:48 Read
Erdogan's real opportunity after the failed coup in Turkey 18-07-2016 18:46 Read
Email of the day on the Autonomies 18-07-2016 18:43 Read
Email of the day on a transcript of the last portion of my Friday audio: 18-07-2016 18:42 Read
Did Lenovo and Google Tango just hit an AR jackpot with this Pokemon Go phenomenon? 18-07-2016 18:41 Read
Italy Slowly Moves Toward Comprehensive Bank Rescue 15-07-2016 20:39 Read
Samsung in Talks With BYD to Buy Stake in Electric-Car Maker 15-07-2016 20:27 Read
Supermarkets 15-07-2016 20:26 Read
Theresa May Has Proved She Is Serious About Brexit. Here Is What She Must Do to Deliver 14-07-2016 23:59 Read
Enemies of Boris Johnson Will be Furious but Foreign Secretary is the Perfect Job for This Cosmopolitan Liberal 14-07-2016 23:57 Read
Why Is the Gold Price Rising? Five Forces Driving the Precious Metal 14-07-2016 23:55 Read
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The Markets Now Follow-Up 14-07-2016 23:49 Read
Email of the day on the UK and FTSE-100 14-07-2016 21:35 Read
Nest's new outdoor camera is smarter at spotting people 14-07-2016 21:33 Read
Taiwan Dollar Climbs to 11-Month High as Equity Inflows Quicken 14-07-2016 21:24 Read
May Draws Line Under Cameron Era as Johnson Named to Brexit Team 13-07-2016 23:59 Read
How Theresa May Will Face Down the European Union 13-07-2016 23:58 Read
Email of the day 1 13-07-2016 23:56 Read
Email of the day 2 13-07-2016 23:50 Read
The Markets Now Follow-Up 13-07-2016 23:46 Read
Jeffrey Gundlach on Stocks, Trump, and Gold 13-07-2016 21:00 Read
Email of the day on what is helicopter money 13-07-2016 20:56 Read
Oil Tumbles After U.S. Fuel Stockpiles Unexpectedly Increase 13-07-2016 20:55 Read
China Has No Historic Rights in South China Sea, Rules Hague Tribunal 12-07-2016 23:59 Read
What is the Correct Fiscal Policy Now We Want Out? 12-07-2016 23:55 Read
U.S. Presses China to Be Responsible Power After Maritime Ruling 12-07-2016 23:50 Read
The Solid Ground 12-07-2016 21:57 Read
Game Makers Everywhere Salivate Over Pokemon Go Phenomenon 12-07-2016 21:44 Read
Losing AAA Matters for $1.2 Trillion Australian Mortgage Holders 12-07-2016 21:42 Read
The Chart Seminar 2016 12-07-2016 15:06 Read
Email of the day on the decision to go long 11-07-2016 21:23 Read
South Africa girding for another platinum strike 11-07-2016 21:22 Read
Google Plans to Train 2 Million Indian Developers on Android 11-07-2016 21:19 Read
Allister Heath: My 10-Point Plan to Kick-Start the Economy After the Referendum 08-07-2016 23:40 Read
UK Startups Can Shine In a Post-Brexit World 08-07-2016 23:34 Read
U.K. to Add 300 Staff to Negotiate Post-Brexit Trade Ties 08-07-2016 23:29 Read
S&P 500 Nears Record as Rally With Bonds Rewrites History 08-07-2016 23:26 Read
The Markets Now 08-07-2016 23:16 Read
Insights 08-07-2016 21:07 Read
Nvidia's GTX 1060 is VR-ready and affordable 08-07-2016 21:03 Read
Barrick Says Becoming Debt-Free Within a Decade Is in Reach 08-07-2016 21:02 Read
Ignore the Prophets of Doom. Brexit Will Be Good For Britain 07-07-2016 23:08 Read
Post-Brexit, the Real Risk Is Europe Could Fail 07-07-2016 22:56 Read
Artificial Intelligence: Charlie Rose Show 07-07-2016 22:54 Read
Sterling Slide Is Painful But What We Need In a Global Deflation Crisis 07-07-2016 22:52 Read
The Markets Now 07-07-2016 22:47 Read
Global bond burn from Brexit may now force fiscal response 07-07-2016 20:31 Read
Putin's Military Buildup in the Baltic Stokes Invasion Fears 07-07-2016 20:28 Read
Danone To Acquire WhiteWave Foods In $10 Billion Milk Merger 07-07-2016 20:25 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: profits taken in precious metals 07-07-2016 20:22 Read
Government Must Start Talking Up the UK Economy 06-07-2016 23:25 Read
The Weekly View: Tactically Cautious 06-07-2016 23:18 Read
French Plot to Topple City of London is Foolish Bluster 06-07-2016 23:09 Read
The Markets Now 06-07-2016 23:01 Read
UK listed gold miners 06-07-2016 20:42 Read
First Solar Quits TetraSun in Shift to All Thin-Film Panels 06-07-2016 20:40 Read
U.S. Stocks Advance Amid Drug Maker Rally as Caution Subsides 06-07-2016 20:37 Read
What Really Drives White Metals Prices 05-07-2016 21:33 Read
A Prime Minister, a Referendum and Italy's Turn to Get Worried 05-07-2016 21:29 Read
Blackstone Tenants Get a Shot at Buying Their Rental Houses 05-07-2016 21:25 Read
Businesses Bemoaning Brexit Welcome Osborne Tax-Cut Proposal 04-07-2016 23:58 Read
S&P Scoffs at Armageddon Warnings for Britain 04-07-2016 23:54 Read
Email of the day 1 04-07-2016 23:50 Read
Roger Bootle: Britain Needs a Singapore Sling Into the Post-EU Era 04-07-2016 23:49 Read
Email of the day 2 04-07-2016 23:47 Read
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Stocks Climb With Bonds, Gold on Policy Bets After Brexit Storm 01-07-2016 22:44 Read
China to tolerate weaker yuan, wary of trade partners' reaction 01-07-2016 21:55 Read
ASEAN Perspectives, Politics to set the tone 01-07-2016 20:58 Read

June 2016

Title Release date Read
Was Brexit Fear a Giant Hoax Or Is This the Calm Before the Next Storm? 30-06-2016 23:38 Read
Three Hours That Turned Boris Johnson From Winner to Also-Ran 30-06-2016 23:33 Read
Email of the day 1 30-06-2016 23:29 Read
Email of the day 2 30-06-2016 23:27 Read
Email of the day 3 30-06-2016 23:25 Read
The Markets Now 30-06-2016 23:23 Read
In Gold we Trust 2016 30-06-2016 21:04 Read
Email of the day on oil prices and their effect on commodity prices more generally 30-06-2016 20:59 Read
Brexit wins: British stocks will prove winners, too 30-06-2016 20:51 Read
Allister Heath: Radical Change Is Never Without Risk. But I Truly Believe That History Will Thank US for Brexit 29-06-2016 23:58 Read
2016 star sectors: commodity shares and commodities, remain all but bullet proof 29-06-2016 23:55 Read
Janet Daley: Voters Today Are Crying Out for Sincere Opinions and Authentic Personalities 29-06-2016 23:51 Read
My personal portfolio 29-06-2016 23:40 Read
The Markets Now 29-06-2016 23:34 Read
Now the Vote Is Over, Let Us Move On With Six Steps to a Bright Future 28-06-2016 23:37 Read
Parliament Must Decide What Brexit Means in the Interests of the Whole Kingdom 28-06-2016 23:33 Read
The European Elite Forgot That Democracy Is the One Thing Britain Holds Most Dear 28-06-2016 23:27 Read
Email of the day 28-06-2016 23:11 Read
The Markets Now 28-06-2016 23:07 Read
A Not So Cheery Cheerio as the UK Votes to Leave the EU, Yet the Outcome a Marked Positive for our Precious Metal Co's 28-06-2016 21:15 Read
UK homebuilders 28-06-2016 21:13 Read
Everything Just Changed 28-06-2016 21:11 Read
Boris Johnson: I Cannot Stress Too Much That Britain is Part of Europe, and Always Will Be 27-06-2016 23:58 Read
Roger Bootle: We Have Our Independence, Now Let the Pound Fall and Boost Exports 27-06-2016 23:57 Read
My personal portfolio 27-06-2016 23:55 Read
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Brexit Shock May Have Silver Lining for Bruised Asian Investors 27-06-2016 21:24 Read
Email of the day two different perspectives on Brexit 27-06-2016 21:21 Read
Musing from the Oil Patch June 27th 2016 27-06-2016 21:07 Read
Interesting charts June 27th 2016 27-06-2016 21:04 Read
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Email of the day on big UK listed international companies with attractive dividends 24-06-2016 20:19 Read
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Additional Audio recorded in response to the UK vote to leave the EU 23-06-2016 18:51 Read
Solar Power to Grow Sixfold as Sun Becoming Cheapest Resource 23-06-2016 14:10 Read
The Weekly View: Positioning Portfolios Ahead of UK Referendum on Europe 23-06-2016 14:04 Read
The Brexit Contagion: How France, Italy and the Netherlands Now Want Their Referendum Too 23-06-2016 13:58 Read
Pound Reaches 2016 Peak as Traders Await U.K. Referendum Result 23-06-2016 13:33 Read
The Brexit hoopla has diverted our attention from the real problem 23-06-2016 13:30 Read
Rebel 'Romance' Means Gold and Cocaine to Flow After Peace Deal 23-06-2016 13:27 Read
IBM to deliver 200-petaflop supercomputer by early 2018 23-06-2016 13:22 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: commodity long rolled forward at a loss 23-06-2016 13:20 Read
UK and Europe Face Mutual Assured Destruction if They Botch Brexit 22-06-2016 23:41 Read
Email of the day 22-06-2016 23:21 Read
India Loses Its Vital Central Banker 22-06-2016 23:14 Read
Rajan Says India Should Finish Banking Cleanup in Policy Defense 22-06-2016 23:09 Read
The Markets Now 22-06-2016 23:07 Read
California's Last Nuclear Plant Is Closing, Edged Out by Renewables 22-06-2016 20:43 Read
Musk's Solar Lifestyle Idea Has One Big Flaw 22-06-2016 20:31 Read
Panama Canal ushers in new era of international trade and megaships 22-06-2016 20:27 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: profit taken in Bitcoin long 22-06-2016 20:02 Read
Remain Models Are Built On Poor Foundations 21-06-2016 23:58 Read
The Markets Now 21-06-2016 23:57 Read
AEP: Rockstar Central Banker of India Defeated as Modi Revolution Stalls 21-06-2016 23:57 Read
Robots on Track to Bump Humans From Call-Center Jobs 21-06-2016 21:03 Read
RBA Sees Positive Economic Data Outweighing CPI for Now 21-06-2016 20:59 Read
Japan Won't Intervene in FX Lightly, Finance Minister Aso Says 21-06-2016 20:57 Read
Why Wall Street Is Worried About the End of Rajan Reign 20-06-2016 23:34 Read
Clive Hale: The View from the Bridge 20-06-2016 23:24 Read
OPEC Chasm of Doom 20-06-2016 23:18 Read
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Email of the day on Brexit and a federal Europe 20-06-2016 18:20 Read
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U.S. Gasoline Demand Is Likely to Slide 20-06-2016 18:17 Read
IEX Sees Winning Enough Volume to Muscle Into Top Exchange Ranks 20-06-2016 18:09 Read
Rajan Defends Inflation Fight, Says India Should Stay Course 20-06-2016 17:56 Read
Expect Much Higher Oil Prices As the Cycle Comes To an End 17-06-2016 23:17 Read
Email of the day 17-06-2016 23:11 Read
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Chart Library Updates 17-06-2016 22:03 Read
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP Speaks on Brexit 17-06-2016 21:41 Read
Email of the day on Bremain 17-06-2016 21:37 Read
Email of the day on the reasons for bitcoin's rally 17-06-2016 21:36 Read
Oil Pares Biggest Weekly Drop Since April as Dollar Declines 17-06-2016 21:33 Read
BASF Joins Chemical Deal Rush in $3.2 Billion Albemarle Deal 17-06-2016 21:32 Read
How Europe Pushed Britain Towards the Door 16-06-2016 23:59 Read
U.S. Stocks Recover, Pound Erases Drop as Odds on Brexit Decline 16-06-2016 23:56 Read
Royal Dutch Shell: Largest Ship in the World Floated for the First Time 16-06-2016 23:51 Read
My personal portfolio 16-06-2016 23:50 Read
The Markets Now 16-06-2016 23:39 Read
Negative bond yields 16-06-2016 17:48 Read
Yen Surges to Strongest Since August 2014 as BOJ Holds Fire 16-06-2016 17:44 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: profits taken in commodity positions and stop loss hit in another positio 16-06-2016 17:42 Read
China's Wealthy Switch to Nike and Adidas for Inconspicuous Consumption 16-06-2016 17:40 Read
U.S. Stocks Retreat Amid Tepid Growth Outlook, Brexit Concerns 15-06-2016 23:59 Read
Watch These Synthetic Leaves Suck CO2 Out of the Sky 15-06-2016 23:56 Read
My personal portfolio 15-06-2016 23:53 Read
Islamic State Is Just an Umbrella Brand for Hate 15-06-2016 23:48 Read
The Markets Now 15-06-2016 23:43 Read
The Changing Investment Climate: Higher Correlation Risks as QE Benefits Fade 15-06-2016 21:06 Read
A Circular Reference: Ushering In A New Era For Natural Gas 15-06-2016 20:51 Read
MSCI Rebuffs Chinese Equities for Third Time in Blow to Xi 15-06-2016 20:47 Read
Sir James Dyson: So if we leave the EU no one will trade with us? Cobblers 14-06-2016 23:58 Read
In the Event of Brexit, First 100 Days Promise Chaos, Fear, Damage Limitation 14-06-2016 23:55 Read
Cameron Slammed in Sweden as EU Rancor Over Brexit Vote Mounts 14-06-2016 23:50 Read
My personal portfolio 14-06-2016 23:06 Read
Email of the day on the outlook for stock markets 14-06-2016 21:24 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch June 14th 2016 14-06-2016 21:22 Read
Roaring demand for pigs in China fires up rally in Chicago hog futures market 14-06-2016 21:20 Read
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Brexit Vote Is About the Supremacy of Parliament and Nothing Else: Why I Am Voting to Leave the EU 13-06-2016 23:58 Read
My personal portfolio 13-06-2016 23:57 Read
The Markets Now 13-06-2016 23:56 Read
Bitcoin Surges to Two-Year High as Supply Seen Shrinking in July 13-06-2016 21:26 Read
Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn in Deal Valued at $26.2 Billion 13-06-2016 21:16 Read
Batteries Storing Power Seen as Big as Rooftop Solar in 12 Years 13-06-2016 21:13 Read
Currency Outlook 10-06-2016 22:07 Read
Energy in 2015: A year of plenty 10-06-2016 22:04 Read
A Guide to Helicopter Money 10-06-2016 22:02 Read
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Are the Robots Taking Over? The Emergence of Automated Digital Wealth Management Solutions 09-06-2016 20:34 Read
Email of the day on viruses representing a greater risk than bacteria 09-06-2016 20:32 Read
Brazil Frost Risk Highest in South Parana Cane Area, MDA Says 09-06-2016 20:24 Read
ECB "Monetary Amphetamine" Propels Gold to Best Start Since '79 08-06-2016 20:43 Read
Unconventional future: man vs. machine 08-06-2016 20:40 Read
Email of the day on antibiotic resistance 08-06-2016 20:38 Read
Oil Climbs to 10-Month High as U.S. Crude Stockpiles Decline 08-06-2016 20:34 Read
Asean economies to outperform rest of Asia 07-06-2016 21:29 Read
New antimicrobial material joins fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria 07-06-2016 21:25 Read
Sushi Robots and Vending-Machine Pizza Will Reinvent the Automat 07-06-2016 21:22 Read
World's Workshop Goes Dark as Robots Take Over 06-06-2016 19:13 Read
Megacaps Are Now S&P 500's Curse as Smart Beta Gets Payback 06-06-2016 19:10 Read
Could Blockchain Have Prevented Bangladesh's Central Bank Hack? 06-06-2016 19:08 Read
Gold Surges Most in 11 Weeks as Payrolls Data Quashes Fed Bets 03-06-2016 21:07 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: profit taken on currency trade and a number of orders to open triggered in commodities 03-06-2016 21:03 Read
Email of the day on corn 03-06-2016 21:00 Read
Banks Bear Brunt of U.S. Stock Reversal in Tumble Few Saw Coming 03-06-2016 20:58 Read
A Cautionary Tale from the '80s for Today's Loan Participations 02-06-2016 21:36 Read
The Deepening Deficit That Makes Zinc One of 2016�s Top Bets 02-06-2016 21:33 Read
Mobius Bets on India's Small-Cap Stocks to Tap Growing Economy 02-06-2016 21:30 Read
Email of the day on autonomous rail 02-06-2016 21:19 Read
'What Makes A Financial Bubble?' 02-06-2016 21:17 Read
OPEC Meeting Preview 01-06-2016 20:58 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch June 1st 2016 01-06-2016 20:55 Read
China Buying Sparks Bitcoin Surge 01-06-2016 20:52 Read

May 2016

Title Release date Read
MSCI Optimism Revives China Stocks With Biggest Gain Since March 31-05-2016 22:21 Read
Consumer Spending in U.S. Rises Most in Almost Seven Years 31-05-2016 22:17 Read
Pound Drops as New Brexit Poll Shows "Leave" Camp Taking Lead 31-05-2016 22:15 Read
Pleasa note US and UK public holidays on May 30th 27-05-2016 23:33 Read
Strategy and Timing 27-05-2016 21:04 Read
Indonesia Sailing Toward Upgrade as Last Major Asian Junk Debt 27-05-2016 20:53 Read
Argentina Offers Tax Amnesty on Missing $500 Billion 27-05-2016 20:51 Read
Europe Short-Term Visas Target the Wrong Countries 26-05-2016 22:48 Read
Germany and the U.S. Have Different Ideas About Energy 26-05-2016 22:44 Read
Saudi Arabia Has a Plan B to Try to Stop Iran Economic Rise 26-05-2016 22:38 Read
Everything You Wanted to Know About Brexit but Were Afraid to Ask 26-05-2016 22:32 Read
The Markets Now 26-05-2016 22:27 Read
The Little-Known Alibaba Unit That Prompted an SEC Probe 26-05-2016 20:47 Read
Email of the day on the value of the Subscriber's Audio 26-05-2016 20:45 Read
Oil Erases Gains After Exceeding $50 for First Time This Year 26-05-2016 20:44 Read
Miner Sees Silver Price Surging Ninefold as Global Gadgets Boom 26-05-2016 20:41 Read
Stocks Gain With Emerging Markets as Fed Seen Pulling Off Hike 25-05-2016 22:20 Read
Hold On a Moment: the European Corpse May be Rising From the Slab 25-05-2016 22:10 Read
Email of the day 1 25-05-2016 21:59 Read
Email of the day 2 25-05-2016 21:57 Read
My personal portfolio 25-05-2016 21:36 Read
The Markets Now 25-05-2016 21:27 Read
ECB credit buying to start small, betting on issue boom 25-05-2016 19:26 Read
U.K.'s Undecideds Moving Against Brexit 25-05-2016 19:23 Read
U.S. new homes sales hit eight-year high, point to firming economy 25-05-2016 19:21 Read
Saudi Arabian New Oil Plan Makes OPEC Redundant 24-05-2016 23:29 Read
Massive Bailout Needed in China, Banking Analyst Chu Says 24-05-2016 23:25 Read
Monsanto Rejects $62 Billion Bayer Offer, Open to Further Talks 24-05-2016 23:19 Read
The Markets Now 24-05-2016 23:09 Read
Email of the day on secular bull markets 24-05-2016 21:13 Read
Hedge funds are betting big against Australian banks 24-05-2016 21:05 Read
European Shares Rise as Euro Falls, Investors Weigh Fed Talk 24-05-2016 21:02 Read
Why China Is Having So Many Problems Ramping Up Wind Power 23-05-2016 23:28 Read
Bernard Tan: Was Draghi Correct After All? 23-05-2016 23:23 Read
Bayer Beware: Monsanto Bid Is Not the First Big Risk the Company Has Taken 23-05-2016 23:19 Read
The Markets Now 23-05-2016 23:04 Read
China and the world: New Frontiers, Fresh Connections 23-05-2016 20:56 Read
Email of the day on the Subscriber's Audio 23-05-2016 20:53 Read
Email of the day on governance and South Africa 23-05-2016 20:52 Read
Monsanto Trading Below Bayer Bid Shows Regulatory Risk Concerns 23-05-2016 20:50 Read
The Endgame 20-05-2016 18:41 Read
Mapping the World's Prices 2016 20-05-2016 18:39 Read
What you should know about China's new energy vehicle (NEV) market 20-05-2016 18:36 Read
China Communist Party Goes Way of Qing Dynasty as Debt Hits Limit 19-05-2016 21:17 Read
Freakish Diamond Pulled From Sub-Arctic Ice Is About to Go on Sale 19-05-2016 21:04 Read
Leaving Europe Is a Risk the U.K. Should Not Take 19-05-2016 21:01 Read
My personal portfolio 19-05-2016 20:58 Read
Genetically Modified Salmon Approved for Sale as Food in Canada 19-05-2016 20:50 Read
The Markets Now 19-05-2016 20:45 Read
Conviction themes for a fat and flat market; equities to N over 12m 19-05-2016 20:13 Read
Email of the day on Vietnam: 19-05-2016 20:11 Read
Email of the day on the Philippines 19-05-2016 20:09 Read
Buy Robot. Silicon Valley Misses a Trick as China Nabs Kuka 19-05-2016 20:07 Read
Most Fed Officials Saw June Hike Likely If Economy Warrants 18-05-2016 23:53 Read
Interesting Charts of the Day 18-05-2016 23:47 Read
Earth Relentless Warming Just Hit a Terrible New Threshold 18-05-2016 23:37 Read
The Markets Now 18-05-2016 23:29 Read
Email of the day on the Philippines and Duterte 18-05-2016 21:23 Read
Email of the day on cannabis/marijuana companies 18-05-2016 21:19 Read
Death of the Gold Market 18-05-2016 21:18 Read
Obama Administration Extends Overtime Pay to Millions 18-05-2016 21:15 Read
Make America Gold Again: Calls for A Favourite [Controversial] Standard Are Back 17-05-2016 23:45 Read
Yes, the IMF and 200-Plus Economists Can Be Wrong 17-05-2016 23:28 Read
The Markets Now 17-05-2016 23:24 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch May 17th 2016 17-05-2016 21:23 Read
Global Lenders on Edge as Cyber Attacks Embroil More Banks 17-05-2016 21:19 Read
El Nino-Hit Brazil Doubles Cocoa Imports as Harvest Tumbles 17-05-2016 21:17 Read
California is poised to become the center of cannabis culture 16-05-2016 21:38 Read
Email of the day on China and governance 16-05-2016 21:34 Read
Bull Market Losing Big Ally as Buybacks Fall Most Since 2009 16-05-2016 21:28 Read
Euro-Area Growth Revised Down Slightly Despite Germany 13-05-2016 19:20 Read
Email of the day on intermarket correlations 13-05-2016 19:17 Read
Yield Grab Pushes Treasuries Curve Near the Flattest Since 2007 13-05-2016 19:14 Read
Italy Must Choose Between the Euro and Its Own Economic Survival 12-05-2016 23:31 Read
Asian Crisis-Again and Again 12-05-2016 23:30 Read
Email of the day 12-05-2016 23:15 Read
What Are The Odds Of Finding Earth 2.0? 12-05-2016 23:14 Read
GMO Quarterly Letter 12-05-2016 21:13 Read
Why structural reforms are EM's last stand 12-05-2016 21:11 Read
Aussie as King of Real Yields Seen Halting World's Steepest Drop 12-05-2016 21:09 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio currency short increased 12-05-2016 21:06 Read
Dimmer Outlook from Macy Sends Retail, Apparel Stocks Tumbling 11-05-2016 23:28 Read
Devastating MORI Poll Shows European People Share British Rage Over EU 11-05-2016 23:21 Read
What Vegetarian Lions Say About Erdogan Plans for Turkey 11-05-2016 23:15 Read
The Markets Now 11-05-2016 23:12 Read
Brazil Impeachment Vote May Spell Rousseff's Last Day on Job 11-05-2016 20:06 Read
Email of the day on Chinese commodity trading 11-05-2016 20:04 Read
Crop Prices Rally as Report Points to Easing of Glut 11-05-2016 20:02 Read
Follow Living Wage with a Curb on Pay at the Very Top 10-05-2016 22:42 Read
The Most Extreme Speculative Mania Unravels in China 10-05-2016 22:32 Read
Email of the day 10-05-2016 22:26 Read
My personal portfolio 10-05-2016 22:23 Read
The Markets Now 10-05-2016 22:20 Read
Asked the general trend of the first quarter start 10-05-2016 21:55 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market index short profits taken 10-05-2016 21:48 Read
Oil Rises From Two-Week Low Amid Libya, Nigeria Supply Fears 10-05-2016 21:46 Read
Hedge Funds Bullish on the Philippines as Duterte Wins Election 10-05-2016 21:43 Read
After 20 Years, OPEC Bids Farewell to Saudi Arabia Oil Chief 09-05-2016 22:46 Read
Email of the day 09-05-2016 22:43 Read
Small Is Beautiful 09-05-2016 22:35 Read
My personal portfolio 09-05-2016 22:24 Read
Lithium 101 09-05-2016 20:57 Read
The Cold, Hard Facts Raining on China's Commodity Parade 09-05-2016 20:55 Read
Dollar Extends Best Streak Since March on Fed Speculation, China 09-05-2016 20:53 Read
Investment Surge Gives US the Early Lead In Rise of the Robots 06-05-2016 23:59 Read
Ruth Davidson Urges Nicola Sturgeon to Rule out Second Independent Referendum 06-05-2016 23:54 Read
The Weekly View: Eurozone: Ugly Headlines, Resilient Data 06-05-2016 23:48 Read
My personal portfolio 06-05-2016 23:41 Read
IBM brings quantum computing to the masses 06-05-2016 21:24 Read
Email of the day on possible stock market scenarios 06-05-2016 21:19 Read
CLSA Sees China Bad-Loan Epidemic With $1 Trillion of Losses 06-05-2016 21:16 Read
Let Us Say It All Together: Nobody Knows Anything 05-05-2016 23:59 Read
Paranoia or Justified Concerns Over Potential Social Unrest In Russia? 05-05-2016 23:54 Read
Turkey: Last Shreds of Balance Are Disappearing 05-05-2016 23:50 Read
Negative Interest Rates: A Tax in Sheep's Clothing 05-05-2016 21:11 Read
Negative interest rates are the dumbest idea ever 05-05-2016 21:09 Read
The Value of Gold 05-05-2016 21:06 Read
Health Insurers Struggle to Offset New Costs 05-05-2016 21:04 Read
Here Is What Usually Happens to Stocks In Years Like 2016 04-05-2016 23:23 Read
Mobius Says Buy Commodity Stocks as Rebound Is Just Beginning 04-05-2016 23:14 Read
Email of the day 04-05-2016 23:06 Read
China Rolls Up Welcome Mat 04-05-2016 21:51 Read
Turkish Crisis Deepens as Premier Said to Demand Autonomy 04-05-2016 21:49 Read
Gasoline Demand Is A Red Herring For The Oil Market 04-05-2016 21:47 Read
Put Buffett Advice Into Action With These Two ETFs 03-05-2016 23:36 Read
Why Robots Are Coming For US Service Jobs 03-05-2016 23:32 Read
My personal portfolio 03-05-2016 23:29 Read
A Vote to Stay in the EU Is Not a Vote for Europe 03-05-2016 23:24 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch May 3rd 2016 03-05-2016 21:38 Read
Dollar Rises From 1-Year Low as Lockhart Says June Meeting Live 03-05-2016 21:35 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio currency position opened 03-05-2016 21:32 Read
Email of the day on how best to utilise the trend mean (200-day MA) 03-05-2016 21:31 Read
Echoes of 1999: The Tech Bubble and the "Asian Flu" 02-05-2016 22:04 Read
The Real Story Behind the U.S. Dollar's Decline 02-05-2016 21:59 Read
The Science of Fat: After The Biggest Loser, Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight 02-05-2016 21:56 Read

April 2016

Title Release date Read
U.S. Corporate Profits on Pace for Third Straight Decline 29-04-2016 20:18 Read
Commodities Overtake Stocks, Bonds With Best Rally Since 2010 29-04-2016 20:15 Read
Goldman Sachs Calls Bonds Expensive as Morgan Stanley Is Bullish 29-04-2016 20:12 Read
U.S. Stocks Drop as Dollar Plunge Boosts Commodities to Bonds 28-04-2016 23:58 Read
The Biggest Windmills Now Make Jumbo Jets Look Tiny 28-04-2016 23:55 Read
The Markets Now Presentations 28-04-2016 23:50 Read
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: The European Union Always Was a CIA Project, as Brexiteers Discover 28-04-2016 23:46 Read
Japan Stocks Tumble After BOJ Holds Off on Adding to Stimulus 28-04-2016 20:37 Read
Monetary Policy in Wonderland 28-04-2016 20:32 Read
Bond Traders Focus on Uptick in Inflation as Treasuries Decline 28-04-2016 20:20 Read
Email of the day on using options in lieu of stops 28-04-2016 20:16 Read
Federal Reserve Leaves Door Open for June Rate Increase 27-04-2016 23:58 Read
Confused by Brexit? Here is Why Voting Remain is the Sensible Option, for Now 27-04-2016 23:46 Read
One Regulation Is Painless. A Million of Them Hurt. 27-04-2016 23:39 Read
Email of the day 27-04-2016 23:34 Read
How Argentina Settled a Billion-Dollar Debt Dispute With Hedge Funds 27-04-2016 20:42 Read
Email of the day on inflation expectations and rates 27-04-2016 20:40 Read
The forgotten but enduring emerging markets opportunity 27-04-2016 20:29 Read
Saudi Prince Vows Thatcherite Revolution and Escape From Oil 26-04-2016 23:59 Read
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The Weekly View: A Letter to the Post-Boomer Generation 26-04-2016 23:38 Read
Roger Bootle: The Things Economists Know and Do Not Know About Brexit 26-04-2016 23:33 Read
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Genetic Superheroes? 26-04-2016 20:51 Read
Bob Diamond Confirms the Rumors: He Wants Barclays Africa Back 26-04-2016 20:46 Read
Cloudy with a chance of monetization 25-04-2016 19:45 Read
For Counterfeit Fighters on Social Media, Fake Profiles Are a Real Ally 25-04-2016 19:42 Read
Email of the day on Tesla's Model-3 25-04-2016 19:40 Read
The $2 Trillion Project to Get Saudi Arabian Economy Off Oil 22-04-2016 23:20 Read
San Francisco Passes Law Requiring New Buildings to be Topped With Solar Panels 22-04-2016 23:15 Read
A Personal View From Peter Bennett: Spring Strategy 22-04-2016 23:08 Read
The Markets Now 22-04-2016 23:03 Read
Record VIX Bets Keep Surging Amid Wall Street Mixed Signals 22-04-2016 20:08 Read
Yen Falls Most in 17 Months as BOJ Considers More Negative Rates 22-04-2016 20:03 Read
TerraForm Power Believes It Has Sufficient Liquidity to Operate 22-04-2016 20:00 Read
Brexit May Change Europe Forever But Not In the Way Mr Gove Thinks 21-04-2016 22:53 Read
American Wealth Effect from Rising Home Prices Has Been Cut in Half 21-04-2016 22:48 Read
Interesting Charts of the Day 21-04-2016 22:44 Read
The Markets Now 21-04-2016 22:37 Read
The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans 21-04-2016 21:00 Read
Email of the day on India 21-04-2016 20:56 Read
As prices surge, Vale joins iron ore production guidance cuts 21-04-2016 20:55 Read
Berlin Set To Insist On Home-Grown ECB President 20-04-2016 23:56 Read
Email of the day 20-04-2016 23:53 Read
Juncker Admits Europeans Have Lost Faith in the EU 20-04-2016 23:41 Read
The Markets Now 20-04-2016 23:38 Read
Mining the balance sheets 20-04-2016 22:03 Read
Email of the day on reasons for the market to move higher 20-04-2016 22:02 Read
Email of the day on unconventional monetary policy 20-04-2016 22:01 Read
China's Stocks Tumble Most in Seven Weeks to Break Trading Calm 20-04-2016 21:59 Read
Saudis Are Going for the Kill But the Oil Market Is Turning Anyway. 19-04-2016 23:59 Read
The Weekly View: Better News Globally: Oil Prices and China Stabilize 19-04-2016 23:55 Read
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Helicopters 101: your guide to monetary financing 19-04-2016 21:54 Read
Australia's Stevens Posits Whether Policy Has Reached Its Limits 19-04-2016 21:51 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market index shorts opened 19-04-2016 21:47 Read
Musings From the Oil Patch April 19th 2016 19-04-2016 21:46 Read
Aiming at Iran, Saudi Arabia Mixes Oil Policy With Politics 18-04-2016 23:38 Read
What Could Save the EU Now? The Answer Might Lie In the Shockwaves From Brexit 18-04-2016 23:32 Read
My personal portfolio 18-04-2016 23:26 Read
The Markets Now 18-04-2016 23:22 Read
Email of the day on a difficult environment 18-04-2016 20:09 Read
Treasuries Decline as Fed's Dudley Cites Growth in U.S., Europe 18-04-2016 19:54 Read
Morgan Stanley Quarterly Profit Beats Estimates on Cost Cuts 18-04-2016 19:52 Read
Brazil Is Throwing a Big Impeachment Party 15-04-2016 21:19 Read
Has Dr Copper gone on sabbatical? 15-04-2016 21:17 Read
Sugar Surges Most in 7 Weeks as Bulls Return on Deficit Outlook 15-04-2016 21:16 Read
Email of the day on futures for resources indices 15-04-2016 21:13 Read
Email of the day on redenominating an Australian Dollar quoted Index into Malaysian Ringgit: 15-04-2016 21:09 Read
Exxon Says `$25 Billion Rule' Will Sink Deepwater Oil Drilling 14-04-2016 20:28 Read
Email of the day on hedged exposure to Japan: 14-04-2016 20:26 Read
Deutsche Bank Confirms Silver Market Manipulation In Legal Settlement, Agrees To Expose Other Banks 14-04-2016 20:23 Read
Email of the day on shipping and tanker companies 14-04-2016 20:20 Read
A capital constraint 13-04-2016 21:43 Read
About 40,000 Verizon unionized workers walk off the job 13-04-2016 21:41 Read
Fitbit Rises; Citi Raises 1Q Ests. on 'Encouraging' Device Sales 13-04-2016 21:25 Read
Oil Surge Fuel Stocks to Metals as Demand for Haven Assets Ebbs 12-04-2016 23:57 Read
Central Bank Policy: The Implications of Negative Interest Rates 12-04-2016 23:54 Read
Email of the day 12-04-2016 23:45 Read
Why I Will Be Voting For Brexit 12-04-2016 23:42 Read
The Markets Now 12-04-2016 23:41 Read
Email of the day on precious metals ratios 12-04-2016 21:37 Read
Email of the day on ETFs that track the gold miners' index 12-04-2016 21:33 Read
Soybeans Extend Rally to 8-Month High as Demand Seen Recovering 12-04-2016 21:31 Read
Rajan Builds Record Reserves to Strengthen Asia's Worst Currency 12-04-2016 21:27 Read
Interesting charts on April 12th 2016 12-04-2016 21:23 Read
U.S. Stocks Drop as Earnings Start; Dollar Slump Buoys Oil, Gold 11-04-2016 23:29 Read
The Markets Now 11-04-2016 23:11 Read
Staying in the EU is a Leap in the Dark With Both Leg Shackled 11-04-2016 22:17 Read
How retail stores are using virtual reality to make shopping more fun 11-04-2016 22:09 Read
Email of the day on precious metals 11-04-2016 22:06 Read
Interesting charts April 11th 2016 11-04-2016 22:05 Read
Email of the day on defence spending versus commitments to future liabilities 11-04-2016 22:03 Read
Oil Market `Fooled' by Freeze Talks Seen Better Off Gauging U.S. 08-04-2016 21:21 Read
Gold and gold shares 08-04-2016 21:19 Read
The World Has Started Spending More on Weapons 08-04-2016 21:16 Read
Are the Russians actually behind the Panama Papers? 08-04-2016 21:13 Read
Time to Stop Dancing With Equities on a Live Volcano 07-04-2016 23:31 Read
Panama Papers: British Virgin Islands is Largest Source of Foreign Ownership of UK Property 07-04-2016 23:12 Read
The Markets Now 07-04-2016 23:08 Read
Jamie Dimon's Rate-Spike Nightmare 07-04-2016 20:54 Read
The World Is Getting Fatter and No One Knows How to Stop It 07-04-2016 20:51 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch April 5th 2016 07-04-2016 20:49 Read
The Coming Default Wave Is Shaping Up to Be Among Most Painful 06-04-2016 23:47 Read
How Laundered Money Shapes London Property Market 06-04-2016 23:43 Read
Email of the day 06-04-2016 23:40 Read
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Bridgewater Daily Observations 06-04-2016 21:36 Read
The currency war is over, says HSBC 06-04-2016 21:34 Read
The bin-Salman Interview What Does It Mean? 06-04-2016 21:31 Read
Brexit Debate Is No. 1 Euro Threat for Top Currency Forecaster 05-04-2016 23:33 Read
The Weekly View: Housing Recovery-The Next Generation Joins In 05-04-2016 23:29 Read
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Email of day on the long-term outlook for energy resources 05-04-2016 22:19 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: profit taken in stock market and commodity longs 05-04-2016 22:15 Read
Panama Papers probes opened, China limits access to news on leaks 05-04-2016 22:13 Read
Revive Your Old Laptop Without Spending a Dime 05-04-2016 22:10 Read
Why Your Utility Bill Is Still Rising Even When Power Is So Cheap 04-04-2016 23:22 Read
Putin Is a Pauper; His Friends Are Rich 04-04-2016 23:16 Read
The Right Dream for Saudi Arabia 04-04-2016 23:11 Read
Urban World: The Global Consumers to Watch 04-04-2016 20:45 Read
Amcu to launch strike at Sibanye Gold on Wednesday 04-04-2016 20:42 Read
We interrupt this rally to bring you...fundamentals 04-04-2016 20:39 Read
Saudi Arabia Plans $2 Trillion Megafund for Post-Oil Era: Deputy Crown Prince 01-04-2016 23:03 Read
Jobs Report Gives Yellen Only Half of What Fed Chair Wants 01-04-2016 22:59 Read
Email of the day 01-04-2016 22:49 Read
My personal portfolio 01-04-2016 22:31 Read
Lithium Story is (Quietly) Taking Off 01-04-2016 20:38 Read
Japan Stocks Start New Quarter With Biggest Loss in Seven Weeks 01-04-2016 20:36 Read
3-d printing 01-04-2016 20:33 Read
Weekend Reading April 1st 2016 01-04-2016 20:29 Read
Taxation and the US Presidential Election 01-04-2016 19:40 Read

March 2016

Title Release date Read
The End of an Era at Walmart 31-03-2016 23:33 Read
Great Leap Upward: Behind China $100 Billion Shopping Spree 31-03-2016 23:28 Read
Five Ways Republican Bloodbath Could End 31-03-2016 23:24 Read
Erdogan Attempt to Suppress German Satire Has the Opposite Effect 31-03-2016 23:18 Read
Thomas L Friedman: When the Necessary Is Impossible 31-03-2016 23:13 Read
This Chart Shows Just How Worried Janet Yellen Is About the Global Economy 30-03-2016 23:48 Read
Global Longest Bull Run Endures Tumult as Foreigners Return 30-03-2016 23:44 Read
Eight Things Chinese Money Is Buying in America Right Now 30-03-2016 23:34 Read
Climate Model Predicts West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Melt Rapidly 30-03-2016 23:30 Read
BlackRock Joins Pimco Warning Investors to Seek Inflation Hedge 29-03-2016 23:28 Read
Decline of the U.S. Middle Class 29-03-2016 23:21 Read
Investors Are in Denial About China 29-03-2016 23:16 Read
My personal portfolio 29-03-2016 23:13 Read
Americans Think the Stock Market Would Soar Under President Trump 24-03-2016 23:59 Read
Email of the day 1 24-03-2016 23:58 Read
Email of the day 2 24-03-2016 23:54 Read
Europe Is Now Drowning Under the Cost of Welfare Bills 24-03-2016 23:39 Read
My personal portfolio 24-03-2016 23:34 Read
Email of the day 3 24-03-2016 23:30 Read
Belgium, My Country, Is in Denial 23-03-2016 23:44 Read
The Big Question for This Election: What Makes America Great? 23-03-2016 23:38 Read
My personal portfolio 23-03-2016 23:33 Read
Gold Slides As Fed Officials Sound More Hawkish Than a Week Ago 23-03-2016 23:30 Read
Nike Dominance Cannot Last Forever 22-03-2016 23:29 Read
The Weekly View: A Letter to Investors, Volatility Versus Value 22-03-2016 23:20 Read
My personal portfolio 22-03-2016 23:10 Read
One of the richest countries in the world now has one of the cheapest stock markets 22-03-2016 20:12 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch March 22nd 2016 22-03-2016 20:07 Read
Email of the day on the Autonomies fund factsheet 22-03-2016 20:02 Read
New York Fed Had `Major Lapse' in Theft, Bangladesh Says 22-03-2016 20:01 Read
Is QE a Saviour, Necessary Evil or the Road to Perdition? 21-03-2016 23:59 Read
Browning World Climate Bulletin: Shifting into Spring and Summer 21-03-2016 23:58 Read
My personal portfolio 21-03-2016 23:56 Read
The EU Sells Its Soul To Strike A Deal With Turkey 21-03-2016 23:54 Read
When Older People Do Better Than Those of Working Age 21-03-2016 20:05 Read
Wall Street's Pile of Unwanted Treasuries Exposes Market Cracks 21-03-2016 20:03 Read
South-east Asia stocks poised for bull market as global funds pile in 21-03-2016 20:01 Read
On perceived deficits in the lithium market 18-03-2016 19:08 Read
Email of the day on the need for Eurozone fiscal reform 18-03-2016 19:05 Read
Brazil Impeachment Picks Up Amid Protests and Legal Battles 18-03-2016 19:02 Read
Google Puts Boston Dynamics Up for Sale in Robotics Retreat 17-03-2016 23:16 Read
Saudi Aramco, Shell Break Up 18-Year U.S. Refining Marriage 17-03-2016 23:10 Read
How GE Exorcised the Ghost of Jack Welch to Become a 124-Year-Old Startup 17-03-2016 23:05 Read
My personal portfolio 17-03-2016 23:01 Read
4Q15 review Large-cap Gold Equities 17-03-2016 19:20 Read
Medical Devices 17-03-2016 19:18 Read
Coca-Cola the Dairy Farmer Happy Cows, High-Protein, Fat Prices 17-03-2016 19:16 Read
U.S. Stocks Advance Amid Fed Outlook, Reduced Rate Forecasts 16-03-2016 23:31 Read
US Inflation Rears Its Ugly Head as Global Cycle Nears Danger Zone 16-03-2016 23:15 Read
Email of the day 16-03-2016 23:06 Read
Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6s: Real-world speed test leaves one phone shamed 16-03-2016 20:37 Read
Lumber Jumps as Trudeau-Obama Meeting Fuels Hopes for Trade Pact 16-03-2016 20:34 Read
Aussie Surge Takes Sting Out of Bond Losses for Global Investors 16-03-2016 20:32 Read
Global Recession Risk Rises to 30pc This Year, Warn Morgan Stanley 15-03-2016 23:50 Read
The Weekly View: Why We Believe Negative Interest Rates Will Drive Growth 15-03-2016 23:46 Read
My personal portfolio 15-03-2016 23:42 Read
Valeant Plunges Most Ever on Forecast Cut, Warning Over Debt 15-03-2016 20:33 Read
Email of the day on coffee: 15-03-2016 20:32 Read
Email of the day on next generation batteries 15-03-2016 20:21 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: profit taken in commodity share 15-03-2016 20:16 Read
There Is Only One Buyer Keeping S&P 500 Bull Market Alive 14-03-2016 23:46 Read
Boris Johnson: Americans Would Never Accept EU Restrictions-So Why Should We? 14-03-2016 23:37 Read
Email of the day 14-03-2016 23:32 Read
My personal portfolio 14-03-2016 23:25 Read
Cracks in the market: Is New York's real estate boom over? 14-03-2016 20:00 Read
World Sugar Market Seen in Deficit for Few Years, Archer Says 14-03-2016 19:56 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: white sugar long sold 14-03-2016 19:52 Read
Copper A Pause for breath 14-03-2016 19:49 Read
Too Much Information, Mr. Draghi 11-03-2016 23:52 Read
Wall Street Oldie But Goodie 11-03-2016 23:47 Read
My personal portfolio 11-03-2016 23:30 Read
Draghi Defines His Era as ECB Stimulus Locked Into the 2020s 11-03-2016 20:19 Read
MLP Investors Face Tax Hit On Top of Big Losses 11-03-2016 20:09 Read
India loses its lustre 11-03-2016 20:07 Read
Draghi: ECB Done for Now on Rates 10-03-2016 23:58 Read
How a Brexit Could Save Europe From Itself 10-03-2016 23:53 Read
Draghi Offers Bank Sweetener to Encourage Lending 10-03-2016 23:48 Read
Segregating the resilience of EM banks to trying global macro outlook 10-03-2016 20:28 Read
Irish Economy Expanded 7.8% in 2015, Fastest Pace Since 2000 10-03-2016 20:22 Read
Franco-Nevada Chair: Gold in a bull market, see gold at $8,000 10-03-2016 20:10 Read
Best Junk Bond Manager of Decade Says Recession Fears Overdone 09-03-2016 23:46 Read
Email of the day 1 09-03-2016 23:33 Read
Email of the day 2 09-03-2016 23:26 Read
What Does Not Kill Bull Market in Stocks May Make It Stronger 09-03-2016 23:24 Read
Fed rate hikes coming 09-03-2016 20:54 Read
Has VR Finally Arrived? 09-03-2016 20:51 Read
US agency reaches 'holy grail' of battery storage sought by Elon Musk and Gates 09-03-2016 20:49 Read
Xi Handwriting Betrays Paradox at the Core of China Policy 08-03-2016 23:00 Read
Email of the day 08-03-2016 22:41 Read
The Risk I Will Not Take 08-03-2016 22:39 Read
Honest and Trustworthy Numbers Are Lower Than Ever for Hillary Clinton but It Might Not Matter 08-03-2016 22:34 Read
Musings From The Oil Patch March 8th 2016 08-03-2016 21:41 Read
Caffeine Addicts, Beware the Shrinking Coffee Supplies 08-03-2016 21:37 Read
Carney's `Brexit' Stance Under Fire as BOE Accused of Bias 08-03-2016 21:36 Read
Upcoming speaking engagement 08-03-2016 19:36 Read
Iron Ore Jumps Most on Record as Market Goes Berserk 07-03-2016 23:24 Read
Roger Bootle: Exactly Why is Big Business So In Favour of the EU? 07-03-2016 23:13 Read
HSBC Says Cash Is King 07-03-2016 22:58 Read
Has This Commodity Rally Got Legs? 07-03-2016 22:53 Read
Email of the day on Treasuries, Wall Street and Australia 07-03-2016 19:44 Read
China Plans Income-Tax Overhaul to Bolster Consumption 07-03-2016 19:41 Read
In JPMorgan Fintech Bunker, Coders Are Too Focused for Foosball 07-03-2016 19:39 Read
Apple users targeted in first known Mac ransomware campaign 07-03-2016 19:37 Read
Payrolls in U.S. Surge While Wages Drop in Mixed Jobs Report 04-03-2016 23:54 Read
Oil Companies Turn to Solar 04-03-2016 23:49 Read
Oil Market Storm Clears as Prices Stabilize on Output Deal 04-03-2016 23:40 Read
Why Iconic Steakhouses on Wall Street Are Empty 04-03-2016 23:36 Read
My personal portfolio 04-03-2016 23:33 Read
Brazilian Real, Stocks Rally as Traders Root for Impeachment 04-03-2016 19:47 Read
Don't panic about high-yield defaults 04-03-2016 19:45 Read
Tesla's Getting More Rivals as VW Scandal Clouds Diesel Outlook 04-03-2016 19:43 Read
Wall Street Faces an Interesting Technical Challenge 03-03-2016 23:17 Read
Europe Is Horrified by Trump, but He Would Fit Right In 03-03-2016 23:04 Read
My personal portfolio 03-03-2016 23:02 Read
Iron-Ore and Steel 03-03-2016 20:23 Read
Extreme automation and connectivity: The global, regional, and investment implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 03-03-2016 20:21 Read
ECB Studies Stimulus Options That Won't End Up Hurting Banks 03-03-2016 20:19 Read
U.S. Economy Expands With Wide Range of Wage Growth, Fed Says 02-03-2016 22:15 Read
Shale Oil Is Not the Only Nemesis for Saudi Arabia 02-03-2016 22:10 Read
The Bloomberg Carbon Clock 02-03-2016 22:06 Read
Harvard Researchers Discovered the One Thing Everyone Needs for Happier, Healthier Lives 02-03-2016 22:03 Read
China's Real Estate Frenzy Is Back as Shenzhen Prices Surge 50% 02-03-2016 20:02 Read
Indonesia Lifts Tsunami Warning Issued After Powerful Quake 02-03-2016 20:00 Read
Interesting charts March 2nd 2016 02-03-2016 19:57 Read
The Silver Institute 02-03-2016 19:50 Read
U.S. Stocks Rally With Emerging Assets on Data, China Stimulus 01-03-2016 23:59 Read
Euro-Twaddle or Tolstoy? You Choose Your Poison 01-03-2016 23:57 Read
It Is Risky to Bash Trump on Talk Radio 01-03-2016 23:54 Read
Experts predict robots will take over 30% of our jobs by 2025 01-03-2016 21:20 Read
Delhi JAL Board website 01-03-2016 21:17 Read
Copper Bargains Scant With Best Assets Hoarded, Antofagasta Says 01-03-2016 21:15 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio another commodity long initiated 01-03-2016 21:13 Read

February 2016

Title Release date Read
Electric car war sends lithium prices sky high 29-02-2016 23:06 Read
Three reasons why we still forecast EUR/USD parity and beyond 29-02-2016 23:03 Read
It's expensive, but you need some insurance 29-02-2016 23:02 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio commodity long initiated 29-02-2016 23:00 Read
Email of the day on the influence of search rankings 29-02-2016 22:59 Read
Energy Price War Spreads to Gas as US Shale Storms Global Market, Stalks Russia 26-02-2016 23:39 Read
U.S. Consumer Spending Rose in January by Most in Eight Months 26-02-2016 23:33 Read
My personal portfolio 26-02-2016 23:26 Read
New JPMorgan Flash-Rally Theory Sends Message on Today's Market 26-02-2016 21:05 Read
A step change for Sibanye 26-02-2016 21:02 Read
Climate change, fertility and girls' education 26-02-2016 21:01 Read
Email of the day on the bounce from Wednesday's low 26-02-2016 20:59 Read
Here is How Electric Cars Will Cause the Next Oil Crisis 25-02-2016 23:28 Read
Modi and Rajan: Unlikely Allies Battling Indian Oligarchy 25-02-2016 23:20 Read
My personal portfolio 25-02-2016 23:19 Read
JPMorgan Quietly Tests Blockchain With 2,200 Clients 25-02-2016 20:28 Read
Lloyds Soars on Dividend Bump as Bank Signals End for PPI 25-02-2016 20:24 Read
Email of the day on cyanobacteria and biofuel 25-02-2016 20:17 Read
China's Shadow Banking Evolves to Dodge Crackdown 25-02-2016 20:15 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch February 23rd 2016 24-02-2016 22:08 Read
Trends & Inflection Points 24-02-2016 22:03 Read
Boston Dynamics' Atlas The Next Generation 24-02-2016 22:00 Read
OPEC Has Failed to Stop US Shale Revolution Admits Energy Watchdog 23-02-2016 23:31 Read
Saudi Arabia to U.S. Oilmen: Cut Costs or Get Out of Business 23-02-2016 23:21 Read
Sea Levels Are Rising Faster Than They Have in 2,800 Years 23-02-2016 23:17 Read
Email of the day on negative interest rates 23-02-2016 21:03 Read
The Fed: No longer to the rescue 23-02-2016 21:00 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: profit taken in US Long Bond short, loss taken on oats position and update on sugar position 23-02-2016 20:49 Read
Inside the New Microsoft, Where Lie Detection Is a Killer App 23-02-2016 20:42 Read
Sovereign Wealth Funds May Sell £404 Billion of Equities 22-02-2016 23:14 Read
Cameron: His Most Worthy Campaign Yet 22-02-2016 23:09 Read
How Technology Could Unwind a Decade-Long Trend in Global Trade 22-02-2016 23:04 Read
Here is why the Fed not the market might be right about a recession 22-02-2016 21:08 Read
For Silicon Valley, the Hangover Begins 22-02-2016 20:58 Read
Email of the day on charts for CDS 22-02-2016 20:55 Read
China Stocks Rise to Highest in Month Amid Regulator Reshuffle 22-02-2016 20:53 Read
The multi-asset essay: Why commodities will recover 19-02-2016 20:21 Read
NYSE Embarks on High-Stakes Technology Shift for its Exchanges 19-02-2016 20:19 Read
Yen Set for Longest Winning Streak Since September on Haven Bid 19-02-2016 20:16 Read
Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water 19-02-2016 20:14 Read
Negative Interest Rates Are a Calamitous Misadventure 18-02-2016 22:11 Read
Cameron Faces Off With 27 EU Leaders in Battle for Britain 18-02-2016 22:06 Read
Inside High Frequency Trading: Algorithms, Not Markets, Lead to Wall Street Riches 18-02-2016 22:03 Read
Merkel Throws Political Muscle Behind Deal to Avoid Brexit 17-02-2016 23:47 Read
The Weekly View: Rationally Irrational: Why We Remain Positive 17-02-2016 23:42 Read
Bernard Tan: A Recession Is Unavoidable 17-02-2016 23:38 Read
My personal portfolio 17-02-2016 23:31 Read
Bottom Fishing? 17-02-2016 20:56 Read
Berkshire Expands Energy Investments With Kinder Morgan Stake 17-02-2016 20:54 Read
Roger Bootle: Why I Am Not Gripped by Irrational Despair Over World Stock Markets 16-02-2016 23:57 Read
Saudi Arabia, Russia to Freeze Oil Output Near Record Levels 16-02-2016 23:52 Read
My personal portfolio 16-02-2016 23:47 Read
My presentation: The Market is a Mob 16-02-2016 23:41 Read
Email of the day on the impact of financial regulation 16-02-2016 21:45 Read
Pound Falls as Drop in Core Inflation Adds to Brexit Concerns 16-02-2016 21:29 Read
Rajan Plays Long Game by Building Reserves Chest as Rupee Slumps 16-02-2016 21:27 Read
Chance discovery puts graphene electronics closer to mass production 16-02-2016 21:24 Read
Downside risk remains 15-02-2016 21:01 Read
Early Morning Reid 15-02-2016 20:58 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio profits taken as stops triggered 15-02-2016 20:56 Read
Black-Market Dollars at 136% Mark-Up Show True Pain of the Pegs 15-02-2016 20:54 Read
Jamie Dimon Just Spent His Salary to Buy Shares in JPMorgan Chase & Co 12-02-2016 23:31 Read
Best Bank Rally Since 2012 Lifts Europe Stocks From Two-Year Low 12-02-2016 23:23 Read
East European Economies Boom as Region Bucks Global GDP Slowdown 12-02-2016 23:15 Read
Crude Oil Futures Surge After Closing at Lowest in 12 Years 12-02-2016 21:01 Read
Elephant Book 12-02-2016 20:59 Read
China Could Have a Meltdown-Proof Nuclear Reactor Next Year 12-02-2016 20:57 Read
Global Stocks Slide Into Bear Market 11-02-2016 23:23 Read
David Kerly: Gold-Silver-Shares-Markets 11-02-2016 23:20 Read
On Target: What Is Going to Happen to Shares 11-02-2016 23:15 Read
A Dangerous Shift 11-02-2016 20:37 Read
Eoin personal portfolio short opened 11-02-2016 20:36 Read
Tesla Boosts Shares By Putting BMW-Fighting Model 3 on Calendar 11-02-2016 20:34 Read
Diapers for 40-Year-Olds Have Suddenly Become Hot Growth Market 11-02-2016 20:33 Read
Yellen Signals Rate Path Hinges on Whether Turmoil Persists 10-02-2016 22:16 Read
Musings From the Oil Patch February 10th 2016 10-02-2016 22:06 Read
Powering the EV growth 10-02-2016 22:02 Read
Goldman Sachs Sees Near-Zero Risk of UK Recession Despite Market Tantrum 09-02-2016 23:59 Read
Deflation? It is Behind You! 09-02-2016 23:52 Read
Email of the day 1 09-02-2016 23:50 Read
Shiseido Wants Robots to Boost Factory Output by 50% 09-02-2016 23:48 Read
Email of the day 2 09-02-2016 23:43 Read
Another Sign of Rough Sledding Ahead: Dividend Cuts Surpass 2008 09-02-2016 21:53 Read
Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound 09-02-2016 21:50 Read
Crowd Money now in Mandarin 09-02-2016 21:48 Read
Email of the day on units of scale for commodities 09-02-2016 21:47 Read
Let There Be Light in U.S. Markets 08-02-2016 23:51 Read
Michael Bloomberg Considering Presidential Run: Current Discourse an Outrage and an Insult to the Voters 08-02-2016 23:47 Read
What Executives Say About the Possibility of a U.S. Recession 08-02-2016 23:43 Read
My personal portfolio 08-02-2016 23:40 Read
Credit Market Risk Surges to Four-Year High Amid Global Selloff 08-02-2016 21:39 Read
Alphabet becomes the world's largest listed company 08-02-2016 21:22 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio commodity profit taken 08-02-2016 21:20 Read
This man wants to upend the world of high-frequency trading 08-02-2016 21:19 Read
Tech Rout Caps Week of Reversals as Economy, Earnings Hit Stocks 05-02-2016 23:51 Read
The Rich Are Already Using Robo-Advisers, and That Scares Banks 05-02-2016 23:45 Read
Robot Drones Could Print Buildings and Disaster Shelters, Says Researcher 05-02-2016 23:41 Read
My personal portfolio 05-02-2016 23:37 Read
Bond Markets Are Underestimating the Fed, Goldman and Pimco Warn 04-02-2016 23:45 Read
Browning World Climate Bulletin 04-02-2016 23:23 Read
Privatisations? Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Putin? 04-02-2016 23:16 Read
My personal portfolio 04-02-2016 23:14 Read
U.S. Stocks Erase Loss on Oil as Dollar Plunges Most in 7 Years 03-02-2016 23:59 Read
Clive Hale: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 03-02-2016 23:51 Read
FANG Is So 2015 - BARF In 2016 - Extract Capital 03-02-2016 23:48 Read
Miners Go Gangbusters as Metals Rally Sparks Rebound: Chart 03-02-2016 23:44 Read
This Man Wants to Upend the World of High-Frequency Trading 03-02-2016 23:39 Read
Cameron to Campaign Against Brexit as Welfare Deal Offered 02-02-2016 23:48 Read
The Weekly View: Investor Challenge: Volatility = Emotion 02-02-2016 23:42 Read
Email of the day 1 02-02-2016 23:34 Read
Email of the day 2 02-02-2016 23:30 Read
My personal portfolio 02-02-2016 23:24 Read
Email of the day 3 02-02-2016 23:17 Read
We Should Not Be Swayed By Soundbites and Slogans about Europe 01-02-2016 23:41 Read
Email of the day 1 01-02-2016 23:32 Read
China in Crisis? Another Credit Crunch in the West Is Far More Likely 01-02-2016 23:31 Read
Big Biotech is Still Compellingly Valued 01-02-2016 23:28 Read
My personal portfolio 01-02-2016 23:16 Read

January 2016

Title Release date Read
Decision On Oil Cut Only Possible If All Exporters Agree, Russian Energy Minister Says 29-01-2016 23:06 Read
Fed Hike This Year Seen as Practically a Coin Flip on BOJ Move 29-01-2016 23:02 Read
Reasons for the Fearful to Be Fearful of Gold 29-01-2016 22:57 Read
Japan Adopts Negative-Rate Strategy to Aid Weakening Economy 29-01-2016 21:40 Read
ETF Holdings of Gold 29-01-2016 21:35 Read
Email of the day on the Autonomies 29-01-2016 21:32 Read
Microsoft Cloud-Fueled Revival Persists as Azure Sales Jump 29-01-2016 21:31 Read
Best Policy for the Fed: Wait and See 28-01-2016 23:58 Read
Email of the day 1 28-01-2016 23:56 Read
Email of the day 2 28-01-2016 23:55 Read
My personal portfolio 28-01-2016 23:54 Read
Russian Math Geniuses Work Mainly in the West 28-01-2016 23:48 Read
The Agony & The Ecstasy 28-01-2016 20:13 Read
The Bigger Picture A Global & Australian Economic Perspective 28-01-2016 20:11 Read
Who owns the sun 28-01-2016 20:08 Read
Fed Nod to Global Risks Lowers Chance of March Rate Increase 27-01-2016 23:21 Read
The Strategic View: The Correlation Between Oil & Equities Is Not a Sign of Recession: Time To Start Buying 27-01-2016 23:17 Read
Shell Wins Investor Approval to Buy BG, Sealing Biggest Deal 27-01-2016 23:10 Read
Apple Growth Threatened by China Economic Slowdown 27-01-2016 21:38 Read
Webinar Presentation 27-01-2016 21:29 Read
Are Exchange-Traded Funds Dumbing Down the Markets? 27-01-2016 21:23 Read
Consumer Confidence in U.S. Increases to a Three-Month High 26-01-2016 23:30 Read
Email of the day 26-01-2016 23:27 Read
My personal portfolio 26-01-2016 23:23 Read
One Salmon Costs More Than Barrel of Oil as Slump Deepens: Chart 26-01-2016 23:20 Read
European Civilisation Is In Danger of Succumbing to the EU Empire 26-01-2016 23:09 Read
Mansion Prices Are Falling Across America 26-01-2016 21:42 Read
Musings From the Oil Patch January 26th 2016 26-01-2016 21:40 Read
Wider China-Hong Kong Discrepancy Revives Fake Trade Doubts 26-01-2016 21:37 Read
Roger Bootle: EU Monetary Policy Failure Offers a Lesson On Migration 25-01-2016 23:58 Read
Email of the day 25-01-2016 23:40 Read
Corrections, Bear Markets, Recessions and Crashes 25-01-2016 23:37 Read
Email of the day on the Autonomies and the big picture: 25-01-2016 21:13 Read
Bill Gates - GMO's Will End Starvation in Africa 25-01-2016 21:10 Read
Plumbing the depths... 25-01-2016 21:07 Read
Oil Rises in Biggest Rally in Seven Years Amid Volatility Surge 22-01-2016 23:41 Read
Why Much Cheaper Oil Is Not All Good News 22-01-2016 23:36 Read
My personal portfolio 22-01-2016 23:27 Read
Opening up the RMB bond market 22-01-2016 22:49 Read
Point & Figure 22-01-2016 22:46 Read
Mean reversion and the Autonomies 22-01-2016 22:44 Read
Quarantine Alert as China Infects Singapore's Banks 22-01-2016 22:39 Read
China: Why the Economy is Facing Tough Times 21-01-2016 23:47 Read
The World Has Discovered a $1 Trillion Ocean 21-01-2016 23:39 Read
My personal portfolio 21-01-2016 23:36 Read
The Markets Now: Iain Little presentation on Monday 21-01-2016 23:30 Read
Even the ECB's Cash Can't Stop Investors Worrying About Portugal 21-01-2016 20:10 Read
Japanese Stocks Plunge Deeper Into Bear Market Amid Global Rout 21-01-2016 20:05 Read
Pound Recovers From 2009 Low as HSBC, BlackRock Argue Bull Case 21-01-2016 20:04 Read
What Is Behind the Market Plunge? 20-01-2016 23:52 Read
The Weekly View: Why Are Stocks Falling? 20-01-2016 23:46 Read
The Markets Now: Dr David Brown: two presentations shown last Monday 20-01-2016 23:39 Read
Emails of the day 20-01-2016 23:29 Read
A New Dawn for Taiwan and China 20-01-2016 23:23 Read
Hong Kong Dollar Forwards Sink to Weakest Since 1999 on Peg Bets 20-01-2016 21:09 Read
Gold and Safe Haven Status 20-01-2016 21:07 Read
Email of the day on lithium prices and speculation 20-01-2016 21:04 Read
Email of the day on new nuclear 20-01-2016 21:02 Read
Roger Bootle: Why Worries About Public Borrowing May be Misplaced 19-01-2016 23:23 Read
Davos Boss Warns Refugee Crisis Could Be Precursor to Something Much Bigger 19-01-2016 23:16 Read
Better Living Through Robots 19-01-2016 23:11 Read
The Markets Now Session on 18th January 19-01-2016 23:06 Read
Barron's 2016 Roundtable, Part 1: A World of Opportunities 19-01-2016 21:33 Read
Email of the day on lithium and miners 19-01-2016 21:29 Read
Top Forecaster Sees Aussie Demons Capping Gains as Bottom Near 19-01-2016 21:24 Read
Brent Trades Near 12-Year Low as Iran Comeback to Swell Glut 18-01-2016 20:12 Read
China's Mixed Signals Have Eichengreen Questioning 'Competence' 18-01-2016 20:09 Read
Today's interesting charts January 18th 2016 18-01-2016 20:07 Read
Is Bitcoin Breaking Up? 18-01-2016 20:04 Read
On the Couch 15-01-2016 22:11 Read
Citigroup Shares Fall as Bank's Revenue Gains Are Seen as 'Soft' 15-01-2016 22:08 Read
Meltdown But oil prices have fallen enough 15-01-2016 21:59 Read
U.S. Stocks Rally From 3-Month Lows as Energy, Health-Care Lead 14-01-2016 23:24 Read
The Real Price of Oil Is Far Lower Than You May Realize 14-01-2016 23:12 Read
Glimmers of Hope for Oil as Russia Poised to Slash Output 14-01-2016 23:04 Read
Inflation will return, and the Fed will speed up rate hikes, top forecaster says 14-01-2016 21:05 Read
Email of the day on my personal trades 14-01-2016 21:02 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio: stock market Index long initiated 14-01-2016 21:00 Read
Gundlach's webcast, "Just Markets." 14-01-2016 20:59 Read
Not Too Big to Fail. Too Expensive to Exist 14-01-2016 20:57 Read
China Is Not the First to Fumble a Stock Panic 13-01-2016 23:58 Read
EU Moves to Discipline Poland for Abridging Democratic Rules 13-01-2016 23:55 Read
The View From The Bridge CHART BOOK; A Technical Update After An Interesting First Week of 2016 13-01-2016 23:54 Read
Saudi Debt Risk on Par With Junk-Rated Portugal as Oil Slides 13-01-2016 23:53 Read
A Fallen Russia Oligarch Sends Warning to Rest of Putin Insiders 13-01-2016 23:50 Read
My personal portfolio 13-01-2016 23:49 Read
Gundlach to Summers Side With Bond Market Against Fed Rate Path 13-01-2016 20:27 Read
Email of the day on robotics 13-01-2016 20:24 Read
Email of the day on Fundamental Valuation Tables 13-01-2016 20:22 Read
Email of the day on sugar companies 13-01-2016 20:20 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio a commodity long opened and one increased 13-01-2016 20:19 Read
Email of the day on chart overlays 13-01-2016 20:17 Read
Email of the day on molten salt nuclear reactors 13-01-2016 20:13 Read
CES 2016 12-01-2016 22:47 Read
Musings From The Oil Patch January 12th 2016 12-01-2016 22:44 Read
European Shares Rebound From Four-Day Rout as Carmakers Rally 12-01-2016 22:42 Read
Pessimism Could Take Us One Over the Eight. Cheers! 11-01-2016 23:39 Read
Oil Seen Heading to $20 by Morgan Stanley on Dollar Strength 11-01-2016 23:29 Read
Mining Read for M&A Revival as Producers Fight for Survival 11-01-2016 23:15 Read
Email of the day 11-01-2016 23:06 Read
Trying to Time the Market 08-01-2016 23:27 Read
For Modi, 2016 is a Year of Possibility 08-01-2016 23:14 Read
The Markets Now 08-01-2016 23:01 Read
Bill Gross Says Tough Time for Bonds If Fed Relies on Jobs 08-01-2016 19:03 Read
Fitbit Blaze vs. Apple Watch Sport 08-01-2016 19:00 Read
Indonesia surpasses Malaysia in 2015 reserves 08-01-2016 18:58 Read
S&P 500 Caps Worst-Ever Start to Year on China Woes, Oil Slump 07-01-2016 23:57 Read
Big Bang for Saudis as They Consider Aramco IPO 07-01-2016 23:50 Read
Beware Biotech Secondary Swarm 07-01-2016 23:49 Read
Email of the day 07-01-2016 23:44 Read
The Markets Now 07-01-2016 23:40 Read
India Has Designs on Toy Manufacturing 07-01-2016 19:06 Read
China Sugar Demand Spurs Sweet Surge in Futures Premium 07-01-2016 19:04 Read
How Low Could Yuan Fall to Restore China Export Growth? 07-01-2016 19:03 Read
Interesting charts January 7th 2016 07-01-2016 19:01 Read
Some FOMC Members Saw December Rate Rise as 'Close Call' 06-01-2016 21:55 Read
Gold Standard Ventures Is Uncovering Bonanza Grade in Nevada's Carlin Trend 06-01-2016 21:52 Read
President Xi Jinping lays down the law to the Chinese army in first 'precept' speech since Mao Zedong 06-01-2016 21:47 Read
Eoin personal portfolio loss taken on two commodity trades 06-01-2016 21:44 Read
Wall Street to Get Graded on How Much Spoofing It is Facilitating 05-01-2016 23:59 Read
This Time Mideast Tensions Are Bad News for Oil 05-01-2016 23:50 Read
El Nino Peak Has Weather Forecaster Warning of La Nina 05-01-2016 23:45 Read
Email of the day 05-01-2016 23:27 Read
My personal portfolio 05-01-2016 23:23 Read
The Markets Now 05-01-2016 23:14 Read
How are traditional Safe Haven assets performing? 05-01-2016 21:32 Read
The Last Innings 05-01-2016 21:25 Read
Gene-Editing Drugmaker Backed by Google, Gates Files for IPO 05-01-2016 21:24 Read
What Lies Ahead for the Global Economy in 2016? 04-01-2016 23:52 Read
Putin Makes His Isolationism Official 04-01-2016 23:38 Read
Fear Not the Bubble, Academic Says 04-01-2016 23:34 Read
My personal portfolio 04-01-2016 23:27 Read
The Markets Now 04-01-2016 23:18 Read
China's Seven-Minute Selling Frenzy Shows Circuit-Breaker Risks 04-01-2016 23:17 Read
Nevada Regulators Eliminate Retail Rate Net Metering for New and Existing Solar Customers 04-01-2016 23:15 Read
8 Tech Breakthroughs of 2015 That Could Help Power the World 04-01-2016 23:12 Read

2015 Comment of the day archive

December 2015

Title Release date Read
The Collapse in the Price of Oil is a Challenge to the Old World Order 31-12-2015 23:01 Read
General Electric to Acquire Metem in a Small, But Significant Transaction 31-12-2015 22:50 Read
The Markets Now 31-12-2015 22:35 Read
Key Events in 2016: The Year Ahead 31-12-2015 22:29 Read
Weight Watchers Soars After Debut of Oprah Winfrey's Ad Campaign 31-12-2015 18:34 Read
Forget El Nini: La Nina Poised to Storm the Markets 31-12-2015 18:32 Read
Interesting charts December 31st 2015 31-12-2015 18:29 Read
The World Political and Economic Order Is Stronger Than It Looks 30-12-2015 23:44 Read
Crude Oil, 1.100-Foot Steel Monsters Rule 30-12-2015 23:38 Read
My personal portfolio 30-12-2015 23:29 Read
German DAX Beats World With More Gains Expected 30-12-2015 23:02 Read
The Markets Now 30-12-2015 23:01 Read
Investment Principles & Checklists 30-12-2015 19:37 Read
Few Computers Are Powerful Enough to Support Virtual Reality 30-12-2015 19:33 Read
China and Clinton Agree: Traders Should Pay for Canceled Orders 30-12-2015 19:31 Read
Eoin's personal portfolio some profits taken 30-12-2015 19:20 Read
Saudi Riyal in Danger as Oil War Escalates 29-12-2015 22:06 Read
Consumer Confidence in U.S. Increases More Than Projected 29-12-2015 21:50 Read
Putin Bailout Bank Needs a Rescue; It Is an $18 Billion Whopper 29-12-2015 21:46 Read
My personal portfolio 29-12-2015 21:41 Read
The Markets Now 29-12-2015 21:36 Read
Musings From The Oil Patch December 29th 2015 29-12-2015 19:19 Read
Email of the day on Bitcoin 29-12-2015 19:13 Read
U.S. Natural Gas Futures Extend Record Year-End Rally on Cold 29-12-2015 19:11 Read
Email of the day on how the risk of a stronger Yen may affect Fanuc 29-12-2015 19:09 Read
A Texan in King Arthur's Court 28-12-2015 06:27 Read
Analyzing the Direction of Economic Policy in a NLD-Governed Myanmar 28-12-2015 06:21 Read
Hon Hai proposes deal to buy Sharp 28-12-2015 06:19 Read
Christmas Holiday Schedule 24-12-2015 16:11 Read
Thin markets 24-12-2015 15:57 Read
Record highs predicted for bitcoin in 2016 as new supply halves 24-12-2015 15:57 Read
JPMorgan Says Japan Inc. Must Prepare for Yen Below 100 a Dollar 24-12-2015 15:55 Read
OPEC Sees Demand for Its Crude Oil Falling for Rest of Decade 23-12-2015 22:47 Read
China Year of Maybe Real 7 Percent Growth 23-12-2015 22:38 Read
The Markets Now 23-12-2015 22:29 Read
Christmas Holiday Schedule 23-12-2015 22:27 Read
Who's on Board? 23-12-2015 19:40 Read
Worst performers of 2015 23-12-2015 19:35 Read
Eoin personal portfolio: commodity long initiated and another position rolled forward 23-12-2015 19:32 Read
U.S. Calls for 256% Tariff on Imports of Steel From China 23-12-2015 19:30 Read
Modi Seeks Russian Crown Jewel in Biggest Defense Deal 22-12-2015 23:50 Read
Finland Should Never Have Joined Euro, Foreign Minister Says 22-12-2015 23:36 Read
Email of the day 22-12-2015 23:31 Read
The Weekly View: 2016 Outlook Highlights: Shifting Gears 22-12-2015 23:27 Read
The Markets Now 22-12-2015 23:01 Read
What the Fed rate hike could mean to mortgage borrowers 22-12-2015 20:43 Read
Soaring Debt Yields Suggest Oil M&A Could Happen in 2016 22-12-2015 20:40 Read
New compound triggers immune response to range of RNA viruses, including Ebola and hep C 22-12-2015 20:36 Read
2015: The Year in Money 21-12-2015 23:27 Read
Roger Bootle: Weak China and Cheap Oil Do Not a Happy Forecaster Make 21-12-2015 23:24 Read
Putin 2015 Foreign Policy Score Card 21-12-2015 23:20 Read
My personal portfolio 21-12-2015 23:15 Read
The Markets Now 21-12-2015 23:08 Read
Incrementum AG Investors Letter 21-12-2015 19:59 Read
SolarWindow Technologies call 21-12-2015 19:56 Read
Spanish Yield Rises to 5-Week High on Instability After Election 21-12-2015 19:54 Read
Eoin Personal Portfolio: profit taken on stock market long 21-12-2015 19:52 Read
Email of the day on Amazon and its marketplace partners 21-12-2015 19:50 Read
Fed Will Have to Reverse Gears Fast if Anything Goes Wrong 18-12-2015 23:57 Read
Scientists Ponder How to Create Artificial Intelligence That Will Not Destroy Us 18-12-2015 23:55 Read
The Markets Now 18-12-2015 23:51 Read
Japanese Stocks Whipsaw After BOJ Unveils New ETF Buying Program 18-12-2015 21:45 Read
Wheat Set for Third Weekly Gain on Signs of Higher World Demand 18-12-2015 21:38 Read
Amazon Seeks More Control After Clicks Hit the Bricks 18-12-2015 21:36 Read
Beijing Warms to Climate Change 17-12-2015 23:32 Read
Putin Threatens Turkish Jets in Syria as Spat Escalates 17-12-2015 23:27 Read
Martin Spring: On Target: Planning How to Outperform the Experts 17-12-2015 23:22 Read
The Markets Now 17-12-2015 23:14 Read
The Big Long: Bank Trade Gets Liftoff in Stocks as Fed Tightens 17-12-2015 20:41 Read
Shale Drillers Are Now Free to Export U.S. Oil Into Global Glut 17-12-2015 20:38 Read
What Just Happened in Solar Is a Bigger Deal Than Oil Exports 17-12-2015 20:36 Read
Interesting charts December 17th 17-12-2015 20:33 Read
Fed Ends Zero-Rate Era; Signals 4 Quarter-Point 2016 Increases 16-12-2015 23:33 Read
Kick OPEC While It Is Down 16-12-2015 23:25 Read
My personal portfolio 16-12-2015 23:20 Read
Email of the day 16-12-2015 23:15 Read
The Markets Now 16-12-2015 23:12 Read
Email of the day on the impact of currency market volatility on returns 16-12-2015 20:11 Read
Eoin personal portfolio: two commodity positions opened, one increased 16-12-2015 20:09 Read
Email of the day on lithium and Tesla 16-12-2015 20:03 Read
Global Metals Playbook: 1Q 2016 16-12-2015 20:00 Read
Roger Bootle: US Interest Rates Will Rise and Hit 3.5% By the End of 2017 15-12-2015 23:48 Read
Five Lessons On Leadership From Sam Walsh of Rio Tinto 15-12-2015 23:34 Read
The Weekly View: Eurozone: Policy and Earnings Are Key 15-12-2015 23:25 Read
The Markets Now 15-12-2015 23:20 Read
Email of the day on bond fund risk: 15-12-2015 19:53 Read
Summers: Most Plausible Bubbles No Longer Plausible 15-12-2015 19:52 Read
Have iPhone Sales Peaked? Analysts Predict a Slump Ahead 15-12-2015 19:51 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch December 15th 2015 15-12-2015 19:49 Read
Eoin personal portfolio stock market index long initiated 15-12-2015 19:47 Read
Never Mind $35, Cheapest Oil Globally Is Already Close to $20 14-12-2015 23:47 Read
Email of the day 1 14-12-2015 23:40 Read
Email of the day 2 14-12-2015 23:28 Read
The Markets Now 14-12-2015 23:20 Read
Junk-Bond Fund's Demise Mars Vulture Investor's Storied Career 14-12-2015 20:42 Read
The Great China Supply-Side Revolution? Communists Change Tack 14-12-2015 20:40 Read
Interesting charts December 14th 2015 14-12-2015 20:37 Read
U.S. Gas Slumps to 13-Year Low as Forecasts Keep Getting Warmer 14-12-2015 20:36 Read
Stocks Tumble in Worst Week Since August as Fed Anxiety Spreads 11-12-2015 23:59 Read
EU Powerless to Stop Nationalist Ascendancy as Terror Fears Rise 11-12-2015 23:57 Read
Is Singapore Really Ahead of Japan? 11-12-2015 23:56 Read
Nasdaq leadership #2 11-12-2015 19:32 Read
High Yield and Energy 11-12-2015 19:30 Read
commodity profit taken and one position increased 11-12-2015 19:28 Read
Lira Falls to 2-Month Low as Zuma Shakeup Roils Emerging Assets 11-12-2015 19:26 Read
Fear Grips Market As Oil Leads Commodity Crash 10-12-2015 23:56 Read
Merkel Denied Time to Bask in Praise as Refugee Rebels Loom 10-12-2015 23:50 Read
Tokyo Real Estate Prices Plummet as Ghost Homes on Outskirts of City Lie Abandoned and Unsold 10-12-2015 23:48 Read
The Big Issues 2003-2016 10-12-2015 21:04 Read
Zuma Sparks Outrage in South Africa by Axing Finance Chief 10-12-2015 21:02 Read
Lululemon Or Puma Could Be Answer to VF's Deal Drought 10-12-2015 21:00 Read
Mining Slump Overthrows Decade of Investment Wisdom on Dividends 09-12-2015 23:59 Read
Roger Bootle: Interest Rates Will Not Rise This Week But You Will Not Have to Wait Too Long 09-12-2015 23:45 Read
There Is No Place Like Home 09-12-2015 23:34 Read
Who's the Bear Driving Up the Price of U.S. Stock Options? Banks 09-12-2015 20:52 Read
Pipeline Giant Kinder Morgan Rebounds After Cutting Dividend 09-12-2015 20:49 Read
Three things to know about the Venezuelan election results 09-12-2015 20:47 Read
What Paris Talks Have Accomplished So Far 08-12-2015 23:40 Read
When Can Bond Traders Lie to Their Customers? 08-12-2015 23:37 Read
OPEC Provides Economic Stimulus Central Bankers Cannot or Will Not 08-12-2015 23:33 Read
Email of the day 08-12-2015 23:24 Read
JAB Trio Creates Global Coffee Empire for Billionaire Backers 08-12-2015 20:47 Read
Should You Fear the ETF? 08-12-2015 20:44 Read
Interesting charts December 8th 2015 08-12-2015 20:42 Read
Eoin personal portfolio stop triggered in equity position 08-12-2015 20:38 Read
Oaktree's Marks Likens Distressed Conditions to Post-Lehman 08-12-2015 20:37 Read
Rout in Crude Sends U.S. Stocks Lower as Dollar Strengthens 07-12-2015 23:59 Read
Oil Price War Looks a Pyrrhic Victory for Saudi Arabia as the Costs Climb 07-12-2015 23:54 Read
Email of the day 1 07-12-2015 23:33 Read
Email of the day 2 07-12-2015 23:25 Read
Nasdaq-100 leadership 07-12-2015 22:08 Read
Cisco Midyear Security Report 07-12-2015 22:01 Read
Statoil Is Offered Oil Assets Daily as Slump Hits Rivals 07-12-2015 21:56 Read
U.S. Employers Shaking Off Global Risks With Broad-Based Hiring 04-12-2015 18:56 Read
Australia Materials - The Big Golden Book 04-12-2015 18:52 Read
Eoin personal commodity longs opened 04-12-2015 18:47 Read
Email of the day on payment processors 04-12-2015 18:46 Read
Pious California Killer Showed No Outward Signs of Violence 04-12-2015 18:44 Read
Stocks Plunge With Dollar, Bonds as ECB Decisions Disappoint 03-12-2015 23:17 Read
Why Putin, Erdogan Cannot Back Down in Plane Spat 03-12-2015 23:11 Read
Denmark Rejects Closer EU Ties as Skeptics Dominate Referendum 03-12-2015 22:41 Read
Draghi Braves QE Hype With Boost That Leaves ECB Room to Do More 03-12-2015 21:19 Read
Brazil Assets Surge as Impeachment Move Brings Resolution Closer 03-12-2015 20:49 Read
Interesting charts December 3rd 2015 03-12-2015 20:47 Read
A Smart Climate Strategy for India 02-12-2015 23:21 Read
Yellen Signals Confidence in Economy Ahead of Fed Meeting 02-12-2015 23:13 Read
Email of the day 02-12-2015 23:09 Read
Pound Falls Against Dollar Amid Slowdown in Key U.K. Industries 02-12-2015 20:39 Read
European Equity Strategy Outlook for 2016 in 10 charts 02-12-2015 20:36 Read
Who's Who in the New Argentina: Macri's Five Key Ministers 02-12-2015 20:35 Read
COP-21 Climate Deal in Paris Spells End of the Fossil Era 01-12-2015 23:58 Read
Saudi Oil Minister Pledges to Listen to Other OPEC Members 01-12-2015 23:46 Read
The Silicon Valley Idea That Is Driving Solar Use Worldwide 01-12-2015 23:40 Read
Stevens Rate 'Chill Out' Rattled as Australia Easing Case Builds 01-12-2015 20:49 Read
Musings From The Oil Patch December 1st 2015 01-12-2015 20:46 Read
The Silicon Valley Idea That's Driving Solar Use Worldwide 01-12-2015 20:44 Read
Biggest Biotech Fund Expands Bet Amid 'Manic-Depressive' Market 01-12-2015 20:41 Read

November 2015

Title Release date Read
Why Fears of Fiscal Forecasts Are Misleading 30-11-2015 23:44 Read
Boost for UK Car Manufacturing as Nissan Ramps Up In Sunderland 30-11-2015 23:31 Read
Email of the day 30-11-2015 23:23 Read
Japan Pension Funds Should Invest in India Rail, Prabhu Says 30-11-2015 23:17 Read
My personal portfolio 30-11-2015 23:10 Read
A Slow Slog Back 30-11-2015 20:27 Read
Email of the day on The Chart Seminar in London last week 30-11-2015 20:21 Read
Volkswagen Closes In on Fixes for Dirty Diesel Motors in Europe 30-11-2015 20:20 Read
IMF Backs Yuan in Reserve-Currency Club After 2010 Rejection 30-11-2015 20:18 Read
China Calm Shattered as Brokerage Probe Sparks Selloff in Stocks 27-11-2015 23:19 Read
Biggest Oil Buyers Pick Themselves as Winners From OPEC Meeting 27-11-2015 23:14 Read
My personal portfolio 27-11-2015 23:05 Read
Elite Funds Prepare for Reflation and a Bloodbath for Bonds 26-11-2015 23:55 Read
If Putin Plays With Fire, He Will End Up Burned 26-11-2015 23:42 Read
Putin Does Not Mind the Fall in Oil 26-11-2015 23:37 Read
George Osborne Delays the Fiscal Pain but It Will Still Be Ferocious 25-11-2015 23:23 Read
George Osborne: Surprise Twist? There Was No Bloodbath After All 25-11-2015 23:17 Read
Stock Markets Rise Despite Mixed Economic Data and ISIS Threat 25-11-2015 23:14 Read
Putin Says Turkish Stab in Back Caused Russian Warplane Crash 24-11-2015 23:59 Read
Email of the day 24-11-2015 23:55 Read
Putin Has Misjudged Turkey Leader Erdogan 24-11-2015 23:50 Read
Email of the day on an uptick in geopolitical risk: 24-11-2015 19:02 Read
Global Insight: Stability opens a window of opportunity 24-11-2015 19:02 Read
E-coli bacteria, found in some China farms and patients, cannot be killed with antibiotic drug of last resort 24-11-2015 19:01 Read
Please note I will be away until November 30th 24-11-2015 19:00 Read
Argentina Elects Pro-Business President; Big Change Expected 23-11-2015 23:21 Read
Cut Oil Supply or Drop Riyal Peg? Saudis Face Critical Choice 23-11-2015 23:14 Read
Email of the day 23-11-2015 23:07 Read
Pfizer and Allergan to Combine With Joint Value of $160 Billion 23-11-2015 21:02 Read
Argentina Macri Said to Consider Suspending Soybean Tax 23-11-2015 21:00 Read
Email of the day on emerging market currencies and governance 23-11-2015 20:57 Read
Email of the day on GoPro 23-11-2015 20:53 Read
The Chart Seminar 2015 23-11-2015 13:46 Read
Draghi Says ECB Will Do What It Must to Spur Price Gains 20-11-2015 20:17 Read
Is there hidden treasure in the mining industry? 20-11-2015 20:16 Read
Goldman Says the Years of Emerging-Markets Doldrums Are Over 20-11-2015 20:13 Read
Eoin personal portfolio stock market long initiated 20-11-2015 20:06 Read
Finland Depression Is the Final Indictment of European Monetary Union 19-11-2015 23:59 Read
Biggest Diamond in More Than a Century Unearthed on Botswana 19-11-2015 23:57 Read
Martin Spring: Why You Can Outperform the Experts 19-11-2015 23:56 Read
Time to add wind developers 19-11-2015 22:10 Read
The Euro-Dollar's Most Important 24 Hours This Year 19-11-2015 20:43 Read
Eoin personal portfolio 3 commodity trades opened 19-11-2015 20:41 Read
Valeant New Overweight at Citi Research Credit; Fear 'Overdone' 19-11-2015 20:33 Read
Heat Records Shatter as a Monster El Nino Gathers Strength 18-11-2015 23:51 Read
The Doomsday Ideology of Islamic State Leader 18-11-2015 23:44 Read
Email of the day 18-11-2015 23:30 Read
Heads of the Hydra 18-11-2015 23:17 Read
The Cannibalised Company 18-11-2015 21:28 Read
Best fitness trackers of 2015: Buying guide 18-11-2015 21:17 Read
Air Liquide Buys Airgas for $10.3 Billion in U.S. Expansion 18-11-2015 21:13 Read
Paris Terror Unites East Europe Against Merkel Refugee Plan 17-11-2015 23:58 Read
France Swats Aside EU Budget Rules in Rearmament Blitz 17-11-2015 23:55 Read
Musings From the Oil Patch November 17th 2015 17-11-2015 20:44 Read
Copper Tumbles to Six-Year Low as Industrial Metals Extend Slump 17-11-2015 20:42 Read
Liberty Global to Acquire Cable & Wireless in $5.3 Billion Deal 17-11-2015 20:40 Read
Email of the day Chinese selling and negative sway spreads 17-11-2015 20:36 Read
Oil Producers Hungry for Deals Droll Over West Texas Tiramisu 16-11-2015 23:24 Read
Roger Bootle: Migration Is Pushing the EU Towards a New Crisis 16-11-2015 23:20 Read
This Is What Will Happen When Robots Take Over the World 16-11-2015 23:13 Read
My personal portfolio 16-11-2015 23:03 Read
ndian Stocks Rebound From Two-Month Low as Industrials Advance 16-11-2015 20:15 Read
Debt Market Distortions Go Global as Nothing Makes Sense Anymore 16-11-2015 20:13 Read
Foreign Students Pinch University of California Home-State Admissions 16-11-2015 20:11 Read
Experimental drug targeting Alzheimer's disease shows anti-aging effects 16-11-2015 20:08 Read
IEA Says Record 3 Billion-Barrel Oil Stocks May Deepen Rout 13-11-2015 23:24 Read
Nordstrom, Macy's Suffer as Americans Skip Trip to the Mall 13-11-2015 19:55 Read
Autodesk's CEO of today on the machines that will be making things tomorrow 13-11-2015 19:50 Read
China Doubles Margin Requirement for Stocks to Curb Leverage 13-11-2015 19:47 Read
Influx of refugees: An opportunity for Germany 13-11-2015 19:20 Read
Saudi Arabia Risks Destroying OPEC and Feeding the Isil Monster 12-11-2015 23:21 Read
Modi Needs to Think Again 12-11-2015 23:13 Read
Email of the day 12-11-2015 23:09 Read
MSCI index change massive for China markets 12-11-2015 20:55 Read
Which currencies have made new lows? 12-11-2015 20:50 Read
Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, Its Artificial Intelligence Engine 12-11-2015 20:21 Read
BHP, Vale CEOs Committed to Restoring Brazil Iron-Ore Mine 12-11-2015 20:19 Read
Doping Shows Russia Is Rotten, But Not Hopeless 11-11-2015 23:58 Read
GE: Why I Am Planning To Add To My Position With Shares Close To The 52-Week High 11-11-2015 23:50 Read
Email of the day 11-11-2015 23:41 Read
My personal portfolio 11-11-2015 23:36 Read
2016 Oil Market Outlook 11-11-2015 18:17 Read
Hedge Funds Load Up on Sugar 11-11-2015 18:15 Read
Yen Jostles With Inflation as Trigger for More BOJ Stimulus 11-11-2015 18:13 Read
Roger Bootle: Reasons to be Cheerful About Global Economies 10-11-2015 23:41 Read
Email of the day 10-11-2015 23:39 Read
The Markets Now 10-11-2015 23:11 Read
Modi Suffers Setback With Big Loss in India State Election 10-11-2015 23:03 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch November 3rd 2015 10-11-2015 20:55 Read
Oculus-powered consumer VR arrives later this month, as the Gear VR goes up for pre-order 10-11-2015 20:18 Read
Lloyd George Advisory 10-11-2015 20:16 Read
China Trip Report 09-11-2015 21:20 Read
Update on driverless tractor technology 09-11-2015 21:20 Read
Dollar Surges as U.S. Jobs Report Gives Fed Scope to Boost Rates 06-11-2015 23:29 Read
A Bunch of Hedge Funds Got Burned by Valeant 06-11-2015 23:22 Read
Toyota Starts $1 Billion Center to Develop Cars That Do Not Crash 06-11-2015 23:15 Read
The Markets Now 06-11-2015 23:13 Read
AE-P: I Will Eat My Hat If We Are Anywhere Near A Global Recession 05-11-2015 23:45 Read
Rebounding Chinese Shares Enter a Bull Market 05-11-2015 23:30 Read
Interesting charts of the day 05-11-2015 23:22 Read
The Markets Now 05-11-2015 23:15 Read
Facebook Sales Top Estimates, Fuelled by Mobile Advertising 04-11-2015 23:37 Read
Additional interesting chart of the day 04-11-2015 23:33 Read
Exxon Predicted the Present Cheap Solar Boom Back in the 1980s 04-11-2015 23:30 Read
Saudi Wells Running Dry of Water Spell End of Desert Wheat 04-11-2015 23:27 Read
The Markets Now 04-11-2015 23:18 Read
Warren Buffett: Way to Invest for Retirement 04-11-2015 23:17 Read
Global Recession Scare Fades as Stimulus Revives Manufacturing 03-11-2015 23:32 Read
Big Science Faces Big Problems in China 03-11-2015 23:22 Read
My personal portfolio 03-11-2015 23:19 Read
The Markets Now 03-11-2015 23:12 Read
U.S. Stocks Advance Amid Health-Care Deals, Manufacturing Data 02-11-2015 23:53 Read
How Changing Global Demographics Could Destroy One of the Most Popular Ideas in Portfolio Management 02-11-2015 23:45 Read
On Target by Martin Spring: Thinking about Financing Your Retirement 02-11-2015 23:36 Read
Roger Bootle: Three Reasons Why Britain Needs Brexit 02-11-2015 23:30 Read
The Markets Now 02-11-2015 23:15 Read

October 2015

Title Release date Read
Money Managers Go on Offense Against Speed Traders 30-10-2015 23:51 Read
Birinyi Sees Money in Stocks After Best Month Since 2011 30-10-2015 23:45 Read
Beijing Choice in the South China Sea 30-10-2015 23:40 Read
The Markets Now 30-10-2015 23:29 Read
Inventory Correction Masks Resilient Demand in U.S. GDP Report 29-10-2015 23:48 Read
Paris Climate Deal to Ignite a $90 Trillion Energy Revolution 29-10-2015 23:34 Read
Action Replay: The Great Game, Ottomania and The Fatimids - 29-10-2015 23:23 Read
The Markets Now 29-10-2015 23:17 Read
Fed Considers December Rate Rise, Sees Moderate Expansion 28-10-2015 23:58 Read
Email of the day 28-10-2015 23:52 Read
My personal portfolio 28-10-2015 23:39 Read
British Bookmaker Doubles Probability of Exit From EU 28-10-2015 23:32 Read
The Markets Now 28-10-2015 23:27 Read
Apple Sales Forecast Indicates Another Record Holiday Quarter 27-10-2015 23:59 Read
The Weekly View: Stocks Rise To Resistance 27-10-2015 23:53 Read
China Calls U.S. Challenge Over Island Threat to Regional Peace 27-10-2015 23:52 Read
The Markets Now 27-10-2015 23:46 Read
Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines Here 26-10-2015 23:53 Read
Email of the day 26-10-2015 23:46 Read
Wall Street Holds Its Recent Form with Four More Trading Days in October 26-10-2015 23:45 Read
Email of the day 26-10-2015 23:42 Read
The Markets Now 26-10-2015 23:39 Read
Cash-Starved Mines Draw New Money on Bet Metal Slump Ending Soon 26-10-2015 15:25 Read
Africa: The next frontier 26-10-2015 15:22 Read
Email of the day on mass production of graphene 26-10-2015 15:10 Read
China's central bank cuts rates for sixth time since November 23-10-2015 20:05 Read
China Takes 'Riskiest' Step by Ending Deposit-Rate Controls 23-10-2015 19:47 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch October 20th 2015 23-10-2015 19:44 Read
Monster Gas Field Revival Sets Norway Up for Output Record 22-10-2015 22:21 Read
Draghi Signals ECB May Add Stimulus This Year on Weak Growth 22-10-2015 22:12 Read
After Blow to Europe Tax Havens, Some Promise More Staying Power 22-10-2015 21:57 Read
The Markets Now 22-10-2015 21:54 Read
Mario Draghi press conference 22-10-2015 18:55 Read
Email of the day on the Argentina 1st round election on Sunday 22-10-2015 18:53 Read
Greenlight Partner Letter 22-10-2015 18:48 Read
GM Profit Shows Barra Running Smarter Automaker Than in Past 21-10-2015 22:23 Read
OPEC Is About to Crush the U.S. Oil Boom 21-10-2015 22:17 Read
Apple Stakes Raised as EU Orders Starbucks, Fiat Tax Repayments 21-10-2015 22:12 Read
The Markets Now 21-10-2015 22:10 Read
Email of the day on General Electric 21-10-2015 19:00 Read
Brazil Impeachment Papers About to Drop as Crisis Hits New Stage 21-10-2015 18:58 Read
Welcome to the future: Three things Back to the Future got right 21-10-2015 18:56 Read
OPEC Brings Oil Price War Home in Pursuit of Asia Cash 20-10-2015 22:15 Read
British Love Affair with China Comes at a Price 20-10-2015 22:13 Read
Cheap, Simple Technique Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water 20-10-2015 22:08 Read
The Markets Now 20-10-2015 22:03 Read
Email of the day on Total Known ETF Gold Holdings 20-10-2015 18:41 Read
Yum! Brands to Split China Division Into Separate Company 20-10-2015 18:31 Read
Email of the day on the nominal price of the DAX 20-10-2015 18:20 Read
NSA, Apple Chiefs Decode Encryption Views 20-10-2015 18:17 Read
Engineered viruses provide quantum-based enhancement of energy transport 20-10-2015 18:14 Read
Russia Retreats to Autarky as Poverty Looms 19-10-2015 22:49 Read
Staying In an Unreformed EU Is a Major Gamble 19-10-2015 22:38 Read
Email of the day 19-10-2015 22:35 Read
The Markets Now 19-10-2015 22:30 Read
What Is the CBOE Skew Index and How Can It Help Control Risk? 19-10-2015 19:22 Read
Saudi Arabia Said to Delay Contractor Payments as Oil Slumps 19-10-2015 19:20 Read
Sugar Bulls Rewarded With Best Rally Since 2013 on Tight Supply 19-10-2015 19:18 Read
China Economy May Be Even Bigger Than You Think 16-10-2015 20:56 Read
Turkey Downs Drone on Syria Border Amid Russia Tensions 16-10-2015 20:50 Read
BMW Braves Stench to Power South African Plant With Manure 16-10-2015 20:45 Read
The Little Gear That Could Reshape the Jet Engine 16-10-2015 20:39 Read
The Markets Now 16-10-2015 20:35 Read
Virtual Reality 16-10-2015 18:12 Read
Rare Platinum Discount to Gold Inspires Bulls Seeing Slump End 16-10-2015 18:10 Read
China Stocks Cap Best Week Since June on SOE Reform Speculation 16-10-2015 18:09 Read
QE Did Not Quite Cut It, So Now What? 15-10-2015 22:16 Read
World Biggest Leveraged ETF Halts Orders on Liquidity Concern 15-10-2015 22:12 Read
Cameron Vows to Put EU Demands in Writing as Pressure Builds 15-10-2015 22:02 Read
The Markets Now 15-10-2015 22:01 Read
Zinc turning bull? 15-10-2015 18:27 Read
Drivers Ride High on Trucking Boom 15-10-2015 18:21 Read
Gemfields recalibrating supply for a softer market 15-10-2015 18:20 Read
Europe Stocks Drop 3rd Day After China Data Deepens Growth Worry 14-10-2015 22:17 Read
Cyberspace Becomes Second Front in Russia Clash With NATO 14-10-2015 22:14 Read
My personal portfolio 14-10-2015 22:07 Read
The Markets Now 14-10-2015 22:00 Read
Email of the day on overextensions and rotation 14-10-2015 19:05 Read
Toyota Maps Out Decline of Conventionally Fueled Cars 14-10-2015 19:02 Read
Bridgewater: M&A Cycle Not Over, Equities Will Continue To Rise 14-10-2015 19:00 Read
Gold Rises to Three-Month High as Inflation Ebb Fuels Fed Bets 14-10-2015 18:55 Read
Short-Term Overbought Condition for the S&P 500 Index 13-10-2015 22:29 Read
The Ungoverned World 13-10-2015 22:24 Read
Iain Little: Fund Manager Diary 13-10-2015 22:22 Read
The Strategic View: The End Of The China Miracle-Japan Is Where The Action Is Now 13-10-2015 22:18 Read
The Markets Now 13-10-2015 22:12 Read
Cracks Emerge in Bond Market 13-10-2015 18:26 Read
British Inflation Rate Unexpectedly Drops Back Below Zero 13-10-2015 18:24 Read
Weaker USD, Commodity Rally A Mar/Apr Redux? 13-10-2015 18:22 Read
Malaria vaccine for pregnant women reveals promising target for cancer therapy 13-10-2015 18:21 Read
Glencore Versus Goldman in Metals as Miners Cut Production 12-10-2015 22:59 Read
Roger Bootle: How Will This Government Solve Our Economic Ills? 12-10-2015 22:58 Read
China ETFs Jump in U.S. on Stimulus Outlook Before Economic Data 12-10-2015 22:56 Read
The Markets Now 12-10-2015 22:52 Read
Cyberwar Ignites a New Arms Race 12-10-2015 19:40 Read
Myanmar's Quest to (Em)Power its Citizens 12-10-2015 19:37 Read
Bending the third rail: Better investment performance for US pensions 12-10-2015 19:35 Read
Email of the day on introducing studies to shares with short histories 12-10-2015 19:33 Read
Charting the Markets: Watch Out for the Spikes 09-10-2015 22:40 Read
My personal portfolio 09-10-2015 22:32 Read
The Markets Now 09-10-2015 22:24 Read
Macau, Hong Kong See Slowing Golden Week Tourism From China 09-10-2015 19:27 Read
Interesting charts October 9th 2015 09-10-2015 19:24 Read
Indian Drugmakers Engineer Hep C Cocktails Impossible in West 09-10-2015 19:22 Read
3D-printed Adidas running shoe should fit like a glove 09-10-2015 19:19 Read
Ben Bernanke, John Mack Reflect on 2008 Financial Crisis 08-10-2015 22:30 Read
Email of the day 1 08-10-2015 22:27 Read
Wealth Funds From Oslo to Riyadh Raid Coffers to Offset Oil Drop 08-10-2015 22:22 Read
Email of the day 2 08-10-2015 22:19 Read
The Markets Now 08-10-2015 22:15 Read
SolarCity Unveils World's Most Efficient Rooftop Solar Panel, To Be Made in America 08-10-2015 19:05 Read
Email of the day on changing diets 08-10-2015 18:58 Read
Besties? Why Alibaba, Tencent Are Teaming Up in $15 Billion Deal 08-10-2015 18:45 Read
Yuan Gains as China Foreign Reserves Decline Less Than Forecast 07-10-2015 22:32 Read
Email of the day 07-10-2015 22:26 Read
Promise of Turning Pollution Into Cash Spurs Industry in Germany 07-10-2015 22:12 Read
My personal portfolio 07-10-2015 22:08 Read
The Markets Now 07-10-2015 22:04 Read
MSCI Emerging Markets 07-10-2015 18:42 Read
Bank sector Glencore Exposure Is a $100 Billion 'Gorilla', BofA Says 07-10-2015 18:39 Read
Sibanye brisk march 07-10-2015 18:35 Read
DuPont Breaking In Two After CEO Exit Seen Raising Value 31% 07-10-2015 18:31 Read
Shell CEO Pulling Out All the Stops to Safeguard Dividends 06-10-2015 22:47 Read
Templeton Betting on Multi-Decade Emerging Market Opportunity 06-10-2015 22:34 Read
How the Ghost of Stimulus Past in China Haunts Li Keqiang 06-10-2015 22:24 Read
Email of the day on the bond market 06-10-2015 18:15 Read
Are Buybacks an Oasis or a Mirage? 06-10-2015 18:11 Read
Musings From the Oil Patch October 6th 2015 06-10-2015 18:07 Read
What Are We to Make of the Commodity Price Meltdown? 05-10-2015 22:57 Read
Peltz Triggers GE Rally After Trian Takes $2.5 Billion Stake 05-10-2015 22:45 Read
Email of the day 1 05-10-2015 22:43 Read
Email of the day on the Contrary Opinion Forum 05-10-2015 18:32 Read
Email of the day on BBB/Baa spreads 05-10-2015 18:28 Read
U.S. Stocks Rebound as Jobs Data Weakens Dollar; Bonds Rally 02-10-2015 21:55 Read
Email of the day 1 02-10-2015 21:39 Read
Email of the day 2 02-10-2015 21:35 Read
Email of the day 3 02-10-2015 21:31 Read
The World Economy as we know it is About to Be Turned on Its Head 02-10-2015 21:25 Read
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Women in Iran Are Ready to Show They Mean Business 01-10-2015 22:21 Read
Email of the day 1 01-10-2015 22:17 Read
Email of the day 2 01-10-2015 22:15 Read
Global Coffee Shortage Looms as Market Braces for Climate Change 01-10-2015 22:11 Read
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September 2015

Title Release date Read
Turn CO2 Into Cold, Hard Cash 30-09-2015 22:50 Read
Email of the day 1 30-09-2015 22:47 Read
Email of the day 2 30-09-2015 22:45 Read
My personal portfolio 30-09-2015 22:42 Read
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Email of the day 29-09-2015 22:42 Read
The Weekly View: Beginning To Buy Energy Stocks 29-09-2015 22:35 Read
If the Era of Democracy is Over in Europe, It Is Time for Britain to Get Out 29-09-2015 22:29 Read
The Markets Now 29-09-2015 22:22 Read
Luxury goods From growth to brand productivity 29-09-2015 19:04 Read
Commodities Quarterly: Punishing Blows 29-09-2015 19:02 Read
How to Fix the Offshore Drilling Industry 29-09-2015 19:00 Read
Speaking Engagements 29-09-2015 15:28 Read
Algorithmic Group Think 28-09-2015 18:38 Read
Valeant Plummets as Democrats Seek Subpoena on Drug Prices 28-09-2015 18:36 Read
Email of the day on filtering the FTSE-100 28-09-2015 18:33 Read
Biotech Selloff Sinks U.S. Stocks; Dollar Gains, Treasuries Fall 25-09-2015 22:44 Read
France Signals EU Treaty Change to Avert Brexit, Warns On Euro Survival 25-09-2015 22:41 Read
Obama: China, U.S. Have Reached Agreement to Curb Hacking 25-09-2015 22:40 Read
The Markets Now 25-09-2015 22:38 Read
BMW Drops on Report That X3 Diesel Emission Exceeded EU Limit 24-09-2015 22:50 Read
Yellen Says She Still Expects Rate Increase This Year 24-09-2015 22:07 Read
The Strategic View: Dovish Fed, Unhappy Market 24-09-2015 22:03 Read
The Markets Now 24-09-2015 22:01 Read
After Brazil, the Deluge? Watch These Nations for Downgrades 24-09-2015 18:21 Read
Wall Street Said to Win Lucrative Concession in Derivatives Rule 24-09-2015 18:11 Read
Clinton Price Gouging Tweet Sends Drugmaker Hedges Surging 24-09-2015 18:09 Read
Interesting charts September 24th 2015 24-09-2015 18:01 Read
China with Dave 23-09-2015 19:05 Read
VW Chief Winterkorn Steps Down After Emissions Scandal 23-09-2015 19:03 Read
Rupiah Drops Most in Six Weeks After Indonesia Cuts GDP Estimate 23-09-2015 18:55 Read
The Markets Now 23-09-2015 16:28 Read
Putting a Price On Volkswagen Emission-Fraud Mess 22-09-2015 22:50 Read
Email of the day 1 22-09-2015 22:42 Read
Email of the day 2 22-09-2015 22:36 Read
China Slowdown Does Not Look So Bad in Data From Alibaba, Baidu 22-09-2015 22:31 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch September 22nd 2015 22-09-2015 19:31 Read
Asian Currencies Slide After Fed Officials Signal Rate Increase Possible in 2015 22-09-2015 19:28 Read
Eoin personal portfolio commodity breakeven stops triggered 22-09-2015 19:23 Read
Mutual Funds Face New U.S. Rules for Preventing Investor Runs 22-09-2015 19:19 Read
Who Is Left to Sell U.S. Stocks? Mood Darkens Most Since Volcker 21-09-2015 21:22 Read
China Beige Book Says Pessimism Thoroughly Divorced From Facts 21-09-2015 21:19 Read
Putin Faces Growing Exodus as Russia Banking, Tech Pros Flee 21-09-2015 21:14 Read
The Markets Now 21-09-2015 21:10 Read
Thought of the Day: Politicalization of the Fed 21-09-2015 18:59 Read
The New Bond Market: Bigger, Riskier and More Fragile Than Ever 21-09-2015 18:56 Read
How Warner Bros. Battled Its Way to No. 1 in Video Games 21-09-2015 18:50 Read
Volkswagen Drops 23% After Admitting Diesel Emissions Cheat 21-09-2015 18:50 Read
U.S. Stocks Fall as Rate Decision Spurs Global Economic Concerns 18-09-2015 22:33 Read
Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Says Violent Moves in Treasuries Are Possible 18-09-2015 22:28 Read
The Markets Now 18-09-2015 22:24 Read
Premiumization is the ultimate Challenge 18-09-2015 19:10 Read
Quartermain gets it done 18-09-2015 19:05 Read
Fed on Hold Is Mexico Reprieve as Carstens Seeks to Boost Growth 18-09-2015 19:02 Read
Interesting charts September 18th 2015 18-09-2015 18:58 Read
Most Important Two Minutes of the Fed News Conference 17-09-2015 22:18 Read
Browning World Climate Bulletin: Godzilla Weather? 17-09-2015 22:11 Read
The Markets Now 17-09-2015 22:01 Read
Iron Ore Seen at $50 in Last Quarter as Majors Gain Control 17-09-2015 19:11 Read
Pure Energy Minerals drops the next lithium bombshell As Tesla seeks supply for its Gigafactory 17-09-2015 19:07 Read
Email of the day on Tesla 17-09-2015 19:03 Read
Interesting charts September 17th 2015 17-09-2015 19:00 Read
China Stocks Jump in Last Hour of Trading on State Support Signs 16-09-2015 22:59 Read
What does California have in common with a decades-old Saudi Arabian water mystery? 16-09-2015 22:53 Read
More interesting charts of the day 16-09-2015 22:46 Read
Pound in Steepest Gain in a Month as Wages Boost BOE Rate Hawks 16-09-2015 18:45 Read
We are nowhere near peak coal use in India and China 16-09-2015 18:43 Read
AB InBev Approaches SABMiller in Record Industry Combination 16-09-2015 18:38 Read
As the World Gets Fatter, This Pharma Giant Gets Richer 16-09-2015 18:36 Read
Mark Mobius looks to diversify India portfolio; 5 stocks he is positive on 15-09-2015 22:57 Read
Will BMW Suffer From China Slowdown? 15-09-2015 22:51 Read
Japan: An Encouraging Visit 15-09-2015 22:49 Read
Why Jeremy Corbyn and His Team Would Ruin the Economy 15-09-2015 22:44 Read
Kuka AG: Ride the wave of Industry 4.0 15-09-2015 19:24 Read
Email of the day on the upcoming Fed decision 15-09-2015 19:19 Read
China Rice Market to Open Up to U.S. Imports With Trade Accord 15-09-2015 19:15 Read
Audi electric SUV concept quick off the mark, over 300 mile range 15-09-2015 19:11 Read
Eoin personal portfolio commodity longs opened 15-09-2015 19:09 Read
In Japan, the Rise of the Machines Solves Labor and Productivity Here is the opening: 14-09-2015 22:59 Read
What Are We to Think of Jeremy Corbyn and His QE for People? 14-09-2015 22:52 Read
India Inflation Eases, Adding Rate-Cut Pressure on Rajan 14-09-2015 22:44 Read
Brazil Downgrade Leaves Firms With $270 Billion Debt Hangover 14-09-2015 19:19 Read
Email of the day on the US rig count 14-09-2015 19:17 Read
Email of the day on China plans to launch an oil price benchmark 14-09-2015 19:11 Read
Email of the day on LNG exports 14-09-2015 19:07 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch September 8th 2015 11-09-2015 19:07 Read
Investing is not easy 11-09-2015 19:04 Read
Tencents WeChat App to Offer Personal Loans in Minutes 11-09-2015 19:03 Read
The Letter That Stock Exchanges Should Write To Investors 11-09-2015 19:01 Read
The Markets Now 11-09-2015 04:30 Read
The U.S. Economy Is Just Starting to Tap Into a Big Source of Dry Powder 10-09-2015 21:45 Read
Interesting charts September 10th 2015 10-09-2015 21:40 Read
Welcome to Rustenburg, Mr. Froneman 10-09-2015 21:34 Read
Dairy Farmers at the Barricades 10-09-2015 21:32 Read
U.S. Stocks Retreat Following Second-Strongest Rally This Year 09-09-2015 21:18 Read
Nikkei 7.7% surge biggest one-day gain in 7 years 09-09-2015 21:14 Read
China Just Killed the World's Biggest Stock-Index Futures Market 09-09-2015 21:09 Read
Email of the day on how to buy the Hang Seng 09-09-2015 21:04 Read
Email of the day on potential for a change to the Hong Kong Dollar Peg 08-09-2015 19:51 Read
Email of the day on the auto sector 08-09-2015 19:48 Read
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Email of the day on cybersecurity firms 08-09-2015 17:30 Read
Mobius to Beijing: Quit Fighting the Market and Let Stocks Fall 07-09-2015 20:11 Read
Yingli Fights to Survive as Another Solar King Dethroned 07-09-2015 20:09 Read
This Preschool Is for Robots 07-09-2015 20:03 Read
Season of the Glitch 04-09-2015 19:32 Read
Pound's Longest Drop in 3 Years Defies Signs That Foretold Gains 04-09-2015 19:29 Read
Norilsk raises nickel deficit forecast for 2016 as price slumps 04-09-2015 19:27 Read
The Oil-Sands Glut Is About to Get a Lot Bigger 04-09-2015 19:25 Read
Weekend Reading September 4th 2015 04-09-2015 19:23 Read
Draghi Unveils Revamped QE Program as ECB Downgrades 03-09-2015 20:10 Read
Global dollar credit and carry trades: a firm-level analysis 03-09-2015 20:03 Read
Sudden Dry Spell for Bond Sales 03-09-2015 20:02 Read
Interesting charts September 3rd 2015 03-09-2015 17:13 Read
Quantitative Tightening as $12 Trillion Reserves Fall 02-09-2015 19:28 Read
Email of the day on Chinese consumers 02-09-2015 19:24 Read
Brazil's Epic Era of Splurging Is Over 02-09-2015 19:17 Read
Email of the day on Fanuc and robotics 02-09-2015 19:13 Read
Interesting charts September 2nd 2015 02-09-2015 18:51 Read
Australia as China's Canary Means World Watching RBA's Heartbeat 01-09-2015 21:24 Read
Interesting charts September 1st 01-09-2015 20:31 Read
In strategy shift, CalPERS looks to cut financial risk 01-09-2015 20:26 Read
Blythe Masters Tells Banks the Blockchain Changes Everything 01-09-2015 20:24 Read

August 2015

Title Release date Read
30-Minute VIX Frenzy Exposes Obsession With Volatility Hedging 31-08-2015 20:36 Read
Oil Jumps to One-Month High as OPEC Ready to Talk to Producers 31-08-2015 20:34 Read
Email of the day on profiting from extreme volatility 31-08-2015 20:32 Read
Email of the day on short-term versus long-term perspective 31-08-2015 20:30 Read
Email of the day on missed opportunities, ETF volatility and stops? 28-08-2015 19:44 Read
Email of the day the onshore/offshore Renminbi rate 28-08-2015 19:41 Read
A Currency Drop is Inflationary, Right? 28-08-2015 19:38 Read
Email of the day on China and market complexion 27-08-2015 19:01 Read
Email of the day on oil and oil shares 27-08-2015 18:53 Read
European QE 27-08-2015 18:48 Read
Email of the day on what pundits are saying 26-08-2015 19:30 Read
Interesting charts 26-08-2015 19:03 Read
Email of the day on Royal Dutch Shell 26-08-2015 19:02 Read
Email of the day on technological innovation: 26-08-2015 19:01 Read
Email of the day on my personal portfolio August 26th 2015 26-08-2015 19:00 Read
Buy H-shares to position for macro improvement ahead 25-08-2015 18:32 Read
Musings from the Oil Patch August 25th 2015 25-08-2015 18:27 Read
Bonds Avoid the Chaos of Other Markets 25-08-2015 18:19 Read
Buy the dip? 24-08-2015 20:27 Read
China Traders Say Stock Intervention Misguided Amid Slowdown 24-08-2015 20:16 Read
BlackRock Sees Europe Buying Opportunity as Share Rout Overdone 24-08-2015 20:15 Read
Pound Loses to Euro in Longest Run Since April Amid Global Risks 21-08-2015 16:31 Read
Eoin personal portfolio stock market long closed. 21-08-2015 16:26 Read
Email of the day on top formation development 21-08-2015 16:25 Read
What the China bears are missing 21-08-2015 15:34 Read
Heightened fragility in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand 20-08-2015 18:18 Read
Emerging Markets Rout Spreads to U.S. Stocks as Gold Rallies 20-08-2015 18:15 Read
Email of the day on the implications of Yuan devaluation for global companies 20-08-2015 18:11 Read
Gold-gold matters 20-08-2015 18:03 Read
Global Companies Hurt by Slowing China 19-08-2015 22:43 Read
Email of the day 19-08-2015 22:39 Read
Have Conditions for Fed Rate Hike Liftoff Been Met? 19-08-2015 22:37 Read
Germany gained 100bn euros from Greece crisis 19-08-2015 18:44 Read
Gold, Silver Climb as Equity Retreat Spurs Demand for Safe Haven 19-08-2015 18:41 Read
Taiwan Stocks Fall to Two-Year Low on Economic, China Concerns 19-08-2015 18:38 Read
Eoin personal portfolio breakeven stop triggered 19-08-2015 18:31 Read
Fish Farming Becomes Bigger Business Than the Open Sea 18-08-2015 22:39 Read
China Stimulus Is Tough to Take Off in Land of Challenges 18-08-2015 22:34 Read
Email of the day 18-08-2015 22:29 Read
The Markets Now 18-08-2015 22:23 Read
Hedge Funds So Down on U.S. Stocks Gabelli Says Time to Buy 17-08-2015 22:34 Read
Chinese Tourists Splash Cash in the U.K. as Entry Rules Ease 17-08-2015 22:27 Read
China Sets Up First Unmanned Factory; All Processes Are Operated By Robots 17-08-2015 22:24 Read
Email of the day 1 17-08-2015 22:21 Read
Email of the day 2 17-08-2015 22:19 Read
The Markets Now 17-08-2015 22:13 Read
Euro-Area Growth Cools as Germany, France Fall Short 14-08-2015 22:31 Read
History Shows Time to Sell Dollar Is Now With Fed Near Liftoff 14-08-2015 22:23 Read
Email of the day 1 14-08-2015 22:16 Read
Email of the day 2 14-08-2015 22:13 Read
Email of the day 3 14-08-2015 22:09 Read
The Markets Now 14-08-2015 22:06 Read
Tin Prices Rise Despite Metals Rout 14-08-2015 20:14 Read
Eoin personal portfolio break-even stops triggered 14-08-2015 20:00 Read
Audi electric SUV to drive 300+ miles on LG/Samsung battery power 14-08-2015 19:59 Read
India Ministry Pushes for Rate Cut, Says Inflation Under Control 14-08-2015 19:46 Read
Argentina: Scioli Emerges Victorious In Primary Election 14-08-2015 19:39 Read
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China Cannot Risk the Global Chaos of Currency Devaluation 13-08-2015 22:42 Read
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July 2015

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