About the Chart Library

David Fuller has been producing charts for his own independent research and of course for subscribers, since leaving Wall Street for London in late 1969.

As the most challenging project, the Chart Library has been designed, developed and maintained by Eoin Treacy. Initially, it contained global coverage of stock market indices, government bonds, currencies and commodities. These could be viewed on Candlestick Charts (daily, weekly & monthly) and Point & Figure.

The next phase was to include Funds, Investment Trusts and ETFs, selected on the following criteria: a history of above average performance, relevance in terms of Fuller Treacy Money’s major investment themes, plus subscriber’s recommendations and requests. In a subsequent evolutionary stage, Eoin added the following sections: Subscriber’s Favourites, Relative Charts, Commodities & Indices in other Currencies, Spreads & Overlay Charts, Sector Indices, Backwardation/Contango & Inventory Data, Inflation-Adjusted Charts, Forex Interest Rate Differentials and Monetary Measures.

In November 2006 the Subscriber’s Chart Library was significantly upgraded and expanded. The key features are a very flexible Customisation facility enabling subscribers to create charts to their own specifications. Some of the key features available are Semi-Logarithmic scales, Relative comparisons such as shares against an index, Volume, Moving Averages, RSI, Stochastics and MACD. Lastly and not least, an International Equity Library was added containing over 10,000 shares from the world’s stock markets.

Obviously no individual Fuller Treacy Money subscriber uses all of these chart features. But they are there to provide a comprehensive amount of information and flexibility, which anyone can use. And some subscribers join the Fuller Treacy Money community with little prior knowledge or experience in using charts. However they soon discover that factual chart reading is the best way to monitor the world’s markets, scan for opportunities, and then drill down to specific instruments of investment or trading interest. Price charts don’t lie, which makes them our reality check.

The Subscriber’s Chart Library receives rave reviews from Subscribers which you will find among the emails posted in Comment of the Day. However the Library will always be regarded by David Fuller and Eoin Treacy as a work in progress. Eoin continues to increase coverage, often guided in this respect by subscribers. And the next evolutionary stage will be intelligent scanning software, providing alerts and filters, enabling you to monitor and select instruments based on customised criteria. No wonder many subscribers say that the Library alone is worth the price of a subscription to Fuller Treacy Money.

The Fuller Treacy Money Chart Library has a vast array of instruments and ratios which we use continually as the primary vehicle of our research.