U.K. to Add 300 Staff to Negotiate Post-Brexit Trade Ties
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July 08 2016

Commentary by David Fuller

U.K. to Add 300 Staff to Negotiate Post-Brexit Trade Ties

The U.K. government plans to add as many as 300 specialist staff to its trade team in an effort to build new relationships outside the European Union, Business Secretary Sajid Javid said.

Javid announced the plans ahead of a trade visit to India Friday. He will meet officials in New Delhi to push for an agreement between the two countries by the time Britain officially leaves the EU. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is due to visit China this month to press his commitment to a “golden era” in relations with the country.

"Following the referendum result, my absolute priority is making sure the U.K. has the tools it needs to continue to compete on the global stage," Javid said in a statement. "Over the coming months, I will be conducting similar meetings with other key trade partners, outlining the government’s vision for what the U.K.’s future trade relationships might look like."

Prime Minister David Cameron is stepping down in September, leaving the task of leading negotiations to take Britain out of the EU to his successor, who will be either Home Secretary Theresa May or Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom. She will have to decide when to trigger the formal start of two years of exit negotiations with the EU, manage the trade-offs involved and lead efforts to establish new commercial relationships with countries around the world.

David Fuller's view

This is a positive move by Sajid Javid who is wasting no time in negotiating Britain’s new trade deals with the world’s growth economies and also former Commonwealth nations. 

Two years to leave the EU sounds very arbitrary and an awfully long time to leave a failing association.   

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