Gold and subscriptions
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January 11 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Gold and subscriptions

Eoin Treacy's view

I lost a subscriber today. In our business losing a subscriber is not unusual. Every loss is mourned while gaining a subscriber is always celebrated. Hopefully the latter outweighs the former and, more often than not, it does. Above all we have always prized the dedication of the people who stick with us through thick and thin. For that I simply wish to say thank you.

We have an enormous wealth of experience within the Fuller Treacy Money Subscriber collective. If any of our seasoned investors would like to introduce some younger potential subscribers we would be happy to offer them free trials.

Most successful newsletters have calculated how long a subscriber remains a customer. Then they attempt to maximise revenue from that person by upselling into sequentially more expensive products; while they have the person’s attention. Ultimately, they seek to sell a lifetime subscription. We’ve never done that for better or worse. You get everything in one product: video, audio, commentary, my personal trading details for one price.

I had an email today from a soon to be former subscriber expressing frustration at the fact I do not provide enough analysis and provide too much commentary. He also expressed frustration at the sideways trend in gold. I said in yesterday’s copy that the renewed bull trend in gold will be confirmed by a move above $1850. Until then we are still in a range. I am positioned to benefit from a breakout, and based on my original entry points, my breakeven is $1800. Nothing I say or do will cause a breakout to occur sooner than the market is ready to support it.  

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