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January 06 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

Emails of the day (1)

On ETFs for shorting Treasuries:
"A very happy new year to your both, may it be a peaceful and prosperous one.

"With regard to shorting US Treasuries I thought I would mention the TBF, which is a proshares etf that does the same as the TBT but without the 'ultra' ie 2 times exposure. The TBF may be more suitable for some of the collective."

David Fuller's view Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We agree.

ProShares Short 20+ Yr Treasury (Non Leveraged) (TBF US) (weekly & daily) is now in the Chart Library. Please note that there is a large data error in May 2009, which flattens the chart. This will be corrected in our Library as soon as Bloomberg corrects it in their system.

Eoin also points out the ProFunds Rising Rates Opportunities Fund (RRPIX US) (weekly & daily) which is 1.25 times leveraged.

T-Bond bears are spoiled for choice.

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