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May 27 2015

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on how to make best use of the Service

I am trialing your service. You speak in the daily service about your and David's favourite views. Could you tell me where I can find these and also could you recommend how I can get the best understanding of value from your site. Many thanks.

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for taking the time to trial our service. FullerTreacyMoney is content rich so we understand that it may be overwhelming for new subscribers to figure out how best to use what we offer.

Every day we post a number of articles in Comment of the Day which we believe are of interest either in themselves or because they related to major issues or investment themes. We record a daily audio commentary to put what happened that day in context and to point our short-term movements in the market. As someone just getting acquainted with the Service I would suggest listening to one of the Friday Audios. This is when we put forward our longer-term outlook for the various different asset classes and would be the most accessible way of figuring out where we stand on various topics.   

I would also suggest playing around with the Chart Library. Add instruments you are interested in to your Favourites so you can monitor your portfolio and watch list. Our comprehensive globally oriented Chart Library is updated daily with close to 15000 stocks, bonds, indices, funds, currencies and commodities.

We also tell you exactly what we are doing with our own money both from a trading and investment perspective as it happens.

We spend a great deal of time identifying investment themes and have a strong record of being early. If you click on the Investment themes tab in the main menu (located in the middle of the black bar) you will be presented with two different category searches. Every article we write is categorised by whether it falls into one of our major themes (Energy, Technology, Precious Metals/Commodities, Autonomies, China, India, Japan etc.) as well as into individual “Tags”.

For example if you are interested in the broad China sector. The vast majority of the articles we write relating to the topic can be found under the China tab. If you are interested in an individual subject or company such as Citic Securities you can search the Tags for the name of the company or subject. You can also browse the Tags by clicking on one of the letters on the Investment Themes page.

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