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May 24 2010

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

On using Fullermoney charts in publications
"My question involves the use charts from your Chart Library. I subscribe to and can use them for most charts, but you guys have a variety of interesting charts that would be nice to tap into from time to time.

"I have read the disclaimer, but I am not quite sure what your policy is. If you have a moment, possibly you could let me know. The intention is for individual charts that might help me make a point, not copying a whole group of charts. I doubt if I would use more than one chart a week, if that."

David Fuller's view There is no disclaimer applicable to Fullermoney charts. You and all other subscribers are welcome to email, post on a website or reproduce in publications as many or our charts as you like, in any format. We are proud of our charts and get a nice little buzz every time we see them somewhere else.

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