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July 13 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day (2)

In response to my question regarding the date of the next general election in India and the potential winners:
"The date is 2014 and a flippant cynical emotional answer to your question would be 'not the people of India'. There does not seem to be any national alternative to Congress.

"Right now the Government is reacting not unlike a rabbit caught unexpectedly in the glare of headlights with regard to the dramatic (extra-constitutional?) action by the Supreme Court of India. This highlights the frustration of the Indian people with their government.

"As an Indian I am greatly amused by this sudden activism by a sedate institution like the Supreme Court and the resulting discomfiture of a moribund Government. I wonder if there has ever been a similar precedent anywhere else in the world: perhaps you or any of your subscribers would care to shed some light on this."

David Fuller's view Your wit becomes you.

In response to your last paragraph, plenty of precedent and constructive activism is a healthy sign. In democracies, moaning about our elected representatives is a national pastime. And if sufficient numbers of us do not approve of them, at least we can vote them out. I have always felt privileged to be able to vote, even when I have lacked confidence in either the parties or individual candidates.

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