Browning Newsletter on Climate: How Big? How Strong?
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November 15 2010

Commentary by David Fuller

Browning Newsletter on Climate: How Big? How Strong?

My thanks to Alex Seagle for the November issue of this fascinating letter on Climate, Behavior and Commodities, by Evelyn Browning Garriss, published by Fraser Management Associates. Here is the opening in which she uses sporting analogies:
What season is it? I'm a climatologist, so at this time of year I automatically think about autumn and the onset of winter. However, if you have testosterone and are American, the odds are that a lot of you think of this time of year as FOOTBALL SEASON. (If you are Canadian and polishing a hockey stick, please bear with me.)

One of the pleasures of viewing the sport is watching the teamwork of the defensive unit. Some player on the offense is holding the ball and the entire defense rallies to crush him. Sometimes a sole player takes the runner down, but frequently it's a gang tackle. One by one, giant tacklers pile on the runner, leaving the flattened player buried in behemoths.


I think about weather, not sports - but I'm watching a potential pileup. Three enormous weather patterns are surrounding North America. All three cause cold winter weather. Expect to be flattened.

David Fuller's view OK, Evelyn, but you may wish to know that your many UK and Australian readers are currently thinking about rugby and especially cricket! Staying with the analogy, someone can expect to be hit for six, and preferably by an English bat.

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